16 Of The Best Storage Ideas For Under The Sink

Under The Sink Storage Ideas

The space beneath a sink often goes to waste. Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, the space beneath the sink will have pipes which often prevent this space from having shelving. With a little bit of planning, you can begin to utilize this space and gain some extra storage space!

We’ve researched and found sixteen ideas that will help you store items beneath the sink and keep organized. We have ideas for every price range, from items you can find at the dollar store all the way up to custom-built cabinetry ideas. 

We are confident that you will find ideas in this list that will work for you. While these items are mostly solutions you can purchase, you can easily turn them into a DIY project if you’re somewhat handy. After reading this article, you will be ready to transform your cluttered space beneath your sink into an organized space for storage.

Our Favorite Storage Solutions For Under The Sink

1. Roll-Out Caddy

roll out caddy
Image source: YouCopia

The YouCopia roll-out caddy organizer has handles and wheels so that you can easily pick up and roll the organizer out from under the sink. There are two adjustable dividers that will help you keep your items tidy. These are designed to fit under standard cabinets and there is no installation required. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

You can choose which size you want because they are available in either a 5” size or an 8” size. The brand also makes a matching turntable for additional storage options. Mix and match between the sizes and styles for the perfect combination!

2. Under Sink Drawers

under sink drawers
Image source: Drawer Space

You can either have custom drawers built for under your sink or build them yourself! The under-sink drawers from Drawer Space will help you make good use of the space beneath your sink so that none of that space goes to waste.

These drawers are built in a u-shape, which makes space for the pipes beneath the sink. Having at least two levels of drawers enables you to keep the space beneath your sink organized and tidy, rather than having all of your essentials cluttering up the bottom of the cabinet. This may be one of our favorite ideas on the list!

3. Tension Rod Bottle Storage

Tension Rod Bottle Storage
Image source: The Organised Housewife

Save space under your sink by installing a tension rod across the width of the cabinet. As The Organised Housewife shows in this example, you can use this tension rod to hang spray bottles on. It’s a great way to make the most of your under cabinet storage space by utilizing the vertical space and not just the horizontal space along the floor.

Just make sure that the tension rod that you choose is narrow enough in circumference to hang the spray bottles on. We also love the idea of storing the rubber gloves on hooks on the inside of the cabinet door.

4. Customizable Shelf Storage

customizable shelf storage
Image source: Dunelm

The area under every sink can be a little bit different. Whether it be to differences in plumbing or the size of the cabinet, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to under-sink storage. That’s why this customizable shelf storage kit from Dunelm is so perfect.

This storage unit features removable shelving that is made out of sturdy plastic. This allows you to arrange the shelves around the plumbing under the sink and helps you make the most of your space beneath the sink. This unit is made up of two storage levels where you can arrange the shelves as you wish.

5. Over the Cabinet Organizer

over the cabinet organizer
Image source: Shop Home Basics

Hanging an over-the-cabinet organizer on the inside of a cupboard door is a great way to utilize the otherwise wasted space. This over-the-cabinet organizer from Shop Home Basics is perfect for under a bathroom sink. The metal basket has space for a blow dryer or other beauty equipment.

The baskets themselves are perfect for storing a hairbrush and other essentials for your hair or body. If you’re short on drawer or closet space, this is the way to go! This storage unit has built-in hooks so that you can keep the cords neat and organized.

6. Cabinet Door Organizer

cabinet door organizer
Image source: Wayfair

This is another example of how you can use the inside of your cabinet door for storage. These cabinet door organizers come in a set of two from Wayfair. These shelves are made of plastic so they will not rust, chip, or leak.

They’re available in either a white finish or an almond finish, so you can match them to your cabinet doors. These are also available in three widths so that you can pick a size that will fit your specific cabinet door size. These can be installed with mounting clips. 

7. Mesh Drawers

Mesh Drawers
Image source: The Container Store

The Elfa cabinet-sized mesh drawer solution is one of the best-selling items at The Container Store. These small mesh drawers are just the right size to fit under the sink. These drawers help you utilize the vertical space beneath the sink so that no area is wasted. There are three sizes available, depending upon your cabinet size.

The mesh is fine enough so that small items cannot fall through, but you also don’t have to worry about dust accumulating on the drawers. These mesh drawers are totally customizable so if you don’t like this particular setup, you can create one that you do like.

8. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan
Image source: Bed Bath & Beyond

There will be no more reaching back into the depths of the cabinet when you use a lazy susan from Bed Bath & Beyond. These turntables are made specifically for the under-the-sink area that can often be so hard to organize.

A non-skid liner helps keep products from tipping over or moving when the turntable is moved. There are also high walls on the edges that keep items from falling off of the lazy susan turntable. You don’t have to worry about the lazy susan scratching your cabinetry or worry about the turntable moving around in the cabinet because it has soft pads on the bottom that prevent this from happening.

9. Slide-Out Caddy

Slide Out Caddy
Image source: Rev-A-Shelf Store

This slide-out caddy is an ideal solution for under-the-sink storage in a kitchen because, not only does the caddy slide out from the cabinet, but you can pick up the caddy and carry your cleaning supplies around the house with you as you clean. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that unless you hire a maid!

This slide-out cabinet is available from the Rev-A-Shelf Store on Amazon. This caddy is made out of durable materials and has an adjustable handle and removable tray. It is also very highly rated on Amazon with 4.5 stars out of 5.

10. Labeled Bins

Labeled Bins
Image source: love.organize

By labeling your storage bins, you won’t have to try to remember where you placed that one item you’re looking for! This idea featured by love.organize uses multi-purpose bins from The Container Store and places labels on the front of each one.

These bins are tall and narrow, which allows for larger bottle storage without taking up tons of space. There are convenient handles located on the front and back of each bin, making it easy to slide out the bin you need. Adding a label to any storage container will work just as well! If you have a Cricut, this will be easy to do!

11. Trash and Recycling Bins

trash recycling bins
Image source: Studio Dearborn

Keep your trash and recycling bins out of a sight by storing the bins under the sink. This idea is featured by Studio Dearborn and shows how you can use this space up by placing the trash and recycling bins on a slide-out style cabinet. This allows you to use the space vertically as much as possible.

Now you won’t have to keep an unsightly trash can or recycling bin out where it can be seen. Plus, this may help keep any pets out of the garbage unless they’ve figured out how to open a cupboard door.

12. Acrylic Storage Bins

Acrylic Storage Bins
Image source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

In this idea by Just a Girl and Her Blog, the writer uses clear acrylic storage boxes for under-the-sink storage. These clear acrylic boxes are stackable, which helps you take advantage of the vertical space. In this example, each box is clearly labeled with what its contents are which helps you stay organized.

We also love how an oil bottle is used for dish soap storage. Even removing products from their original packaging helps create a more organized and cohesive look. Keep dishwasher pods in a clear container too. Being in control of the containers that essentials are stored in helps keep the space clutter-free.

13. Tilt-Out Sponge Drawer

tilt out sponge drawer
Image source: Decor Pad

We love the idea of having a tilt-out sponge drawer beneath the sink area rather than a faux drawer face. It makes the most sense to make use of the space rather than let it go to waste!

In this idea featured by Decor Pad, they use small plastic storage spaces on the inside of the tilt-out drawer to keep sponges, scrapers, and other dish-washing essentials. The plastic containers make it easy to clean the area. You will never lose your sponge or scraper again since you will have a designated space to keep them in! 

14. A Shoe Organizer to Hold Bottles

shoe organizer to hold bottles
Image source: A Thoughtful Place Blog

In this under-sink storage idea, A Thoughtful Place Blog uses a shoe organizer on the inside of the cabinet door to store bottles and other items. In this example, she uses small screws to affix the shoe organizer to the inside of the cabinet door. Previously, she used velcro but it wasn’t strong enough to hold it in place.

This is an inexpensive way to add additional storage space beneath your sink. It’s especially useful in a bathroom but could be used in the kitchen too. Make sure to choose a shoe organizer that can easily be wiped clean.

15. Rolled up Towels on a Shelf

rolled up towels on a shelf
Image source: Sorted Aspirations

Another option for using the space beneath the sink is to roll up towels or cloths and stack them on top of one another. In this example shared by Sorted Aspirations, they store beach towels this way. Even if you don’t have space for a shelf beneath your sink, you can stack the towels up along the bottom of the cabinet.

Plus, if you ever have a water leak out of your sink, you already have towels in place to prevent any damage to your cabinets! It’s a win-win. By rolling the towels, you are able to fit more towels into the space.

16. Dollar Store Storage Bins

dollar store storage bins
Image source: The Crazy Craft Lady

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be an expensive project. In this example from The Crazy Craft Lady, she uses dollar store bins to organize the space underneath the bathroom sink. Dollar stores tend to sell a variety of organizational products for very cheap, even as cheap as $1.

These stacking bins allow for three shelves of storage. You can store taller items, like perfume and lotion bottles on the top shelf, and smaller items like makeup and nail polish on the lower two shelves. It’s always a great idea to have shelving to use the vertical space beneath the sink.