20 Of The Best Pantry Storage Ideas With Pictures

Pantry Storage Ideas

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a large walk-in pantry, it can still be a struggle to keep it organized. If you only have a small pantry area with minimal space for storage, it’s important to make the most of your space and use every inch of storage space.

We have compiled a list of fifty pantry storage ideas that will be useful no matter what size of a pantry you have. We have baskets and bins that we recommend for storing snacks, produce, and cleaning supplies. We also have a number of built-in ideas if you’re in the middle of remodeling your kitchen and pantry or if you’re just beginning to design your space. 

If your home and pantry are clean and organized, you will be much happier. Having an organized space is essential for good mental health. We hope that you can find ways to incorporate these ideas into your pantry storage space!

1. Woven Storage Baskets

Image source: AZ House of Order

When it comes to pantry storage, it’s easy to have a cluttered mess because of the variety of items that are stored in a pantry. AZ House of Order shares this idea which uses woven storage baskets to keep snacks in.

Each basket is clearly labeled with the contents of the basket. This pantry storage idea is especially helpful in homes with children and teenagers, and let’s face it, husbands too.

There’s no way they can look into the pantry and claim they can’t find the snacks when they are clearly labeled! Right?

2. Slide Out Bins

slide out bins
Image source: Closets and Shelving, LLC.

Slide-out bins are also a helpful storage tool for pantries. In this example, Closets and Shelving, LLC. uses woven slide-out bins to store products like oranges, apples, and squash.

Keeping these healthy items front and center make it much more likely that the family will choose a healthy snack. There are also wire slide-out bins to hold additional items in this pantry. The slide-out function of this storage method makes it much easier to reach the items also.

Whenever items can be sorted and stored efficiently, it makes any space look much more organized and put together.

3. Clear OXO Good Grips Containers

clear oxo good grips containers
Image source: The Sunny Side Up Blog

Clear OXO Good Grips Containers seem to be a popular choice amongst those who have an organized and clutter-free pantry area. As you can see in this photo featured on The Sunny Side Up Blog, the clear containers make it easy to see the contents.

Rather than having numerous packages in different sizes and shapes, storing all of the pantry items in Clear OXO Good Grips Containers makes the space look organized and cohesive.

You’ll always know exactly how much flour or sugar you have left when they’re stored in clear containers. No more finding out you’re out of flour while you’re in the middle of mixing ingredients for your recipe!

4. Pantry Labels

Pantry Labels
Image source: Neat Method

As we’ve seen on previous ideas, pantry labels are a must! Make your life a lot easier with this pantry label set available from the Neat Method website.

Each pantry label set includes 84 of the most commonly used words for the pantry. The set also includes 12 blank labels and 33 expiration date labels. All of the labels can easily be removed and repositioned.

We are loving the look of the matte black labels with the white text. These would look great with a farmhouse-themed kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter!

5. Wine Bottle Storage

wine bottle storage
Image source: Organized Living

If you’re a wine drinker, you will want to include built-in wine bottle storage in your pantry like what is shown here by Organized Living.

Each space is perfectly sized to fit a wine bottle when it is laid on its side. This helps keep the wine safe and secure to avoid dropping and breaking the bottles.

This space looks much more organized than it would if the wine bottles were simply set on a shelf. If wine isn’t your thing, you could store any similar-sized bottle in this space.

6. Vintage Crates

vintage crates
Image source: Alison Kandler Interior Design

Depending on your kitchen decor and style, you could also use vintage crates to help organize your pantry. By keeping items in a crate, you can drastically reduce the cluttered look of your pantry.

In this pantry design by Alison Kandler Interior Design, various vintage crates are used to store food and cleaning products. We love the style of the white shelves that the crates are sitting on. Plus, how beautiful is the green door that leads to the pantry?

There is also a vintage bread box used to store items too. You can mix and match a variety of vintage crates or other items to help organize the pantry.

7. Wall-Mounted Food Storage

wall mounted food storage
Image source: Cozy and Chill Official

If you want to save space on the shelves in your pantry, then you can make use of wall-mounted food storage options like these cereal dispensers featured by the Cozy and Chill Official Etsy store.

These wall-mounted dispensers can also be used for storing dried beans or legumes, candy, or other snacks. At the push of a button, you can receive a portion-controlled amount of whatever you have stored in the container.

Kids love these dispensers and it makes it much easier for them to prepare their own bowl of cereal. No more spilled cereal all over the floor!

8. Built-in Produce Crates

Built in Produce Crates
Image source: Juniper Creek Farmhouse

We are loving these built-in produce crates featured by Juniper Creek Farmhouse on Instagram. With these product crates, you no longer have to store your produce in bowls on the counter which means you can free up countertop space too.

These would be perfect for storing potatoes, onions, or squash. In this example, the crates are installed near the sink so that the produce can easily be picked out of the crate and then washed in the sink.

Talk about convenience! These crates were made with a standard drawer box with inset slats used as the drawer front.

9. Glass Storage Containers

glass storage containers
Image source: IKEA

As previously mentioned, clear storage containers are ideal for pantry storage. In this example, IKEA glass storage containers are used to store pantry essentials and snacks.

These glass storage containers with lids can be stacked and are ideal for storage. The glass does not absorb odors and will not become discolored like plastic can over time. Plus, glass is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The glass is a special type that is impact and scratch-resistant and if they do break, they break into large pieces so there is less of a chance for someone to get hurt. These products come in a variety of shapes and sizes from rectangle, to square, to circular. 

10. Can Organizer

Simple Trending Store
Image source: Simple Trending Store

Cans of food often take up a lot of storage space, especially if they are larger cans that you cannot stack one on top of the other. A can organizer is a must for any pantry.

This can organizer is available at the Simple Trending Store on Amazon. This can organizer allows you to make use of the vertical space in the pantry to get the most out of every inch of your pantry.

This specific rack can hold up to 36 cans. You can install multiple racks to increase your storage capacity in the pantry.

11. Door Mounted Spice Rack

door mounted spice rack
Image source: Interior Storage and Declutter

Using the inside surface of your pantry door or cabinet is a great way to use space that would otherwise be wasted space. This door-mounted spice rack featured by the Interior Storage and Declutter Instagram is the perfect example.

This method allows you to keep your spices and other essentials clutter-free so that you can see exactly what you have available to use in your recipes. There is plenty of storage space for multiple jars and canisters which frees up space on your pantry shelves.

This is especially beneficial if you don’t have a lot of pantry space to begin with!

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12. Lazy Susan for Cleaning Supplies

lazy susan for cleaning supplies
Image source: The Container Store

A lazy susan is a great way to store cleaning supplies in your pantry. Being able to spin the shelf allows you to quickly access each cleaning product.

This clear plastic lazy susan is available at The Container Store. It has divisions throughout the lazy susan so that you can easily sort and organize your cleaning products. However, these lazy susans can be used to store anything! You could also fill the lazy susan with jars or cans of food.

This product would also work great for spice storage. The lazy susan is easy to wipe clean.

13. Water Bottle Storage

water bottle storage
Image source: The Home Depot

While it’s great to be environmentally friendly and carry a reusable water bottle, they can be a pain to store! This water bottle storage rack is the perfect solution to this problem.

Now you have three tiers of water bottle storage where each bottle can be stored on its side. In this example, you could fit up to nine water bottles on this one rack. This particular water bottle storage rack is available at The Home Depot.

Say goodbye to frustrating water bottle storage problems and feel better about your choice to be environmentally friendly!

14. Multi-Level Lazy Susan

multi level lazy susan
Image source: Closet Works Inc.

We saw how helpful a lazy susan with a single level can be, now imagine a lazy susan with multiple levels of storage! You’ll never have to reach deep into a cupboard or shelf to find what you need again.

This particular lazy susan has six tiers and is featured by Closet Works Inc. A lazy susan of this size allows you to store a variety of items in an easy-to-reach space.

This would be a great place to store baking supplies. Using a lazy susan is an ideal way to make sure the space in the corner of your pantry is used efficiently.

15. Built In K-Cup Storage

built in k cup storage
Image source: Durasupreme Cabinetry

If you’re a coffee drinker who uses K-Cups, you’ll want to have built-in K-Cup storage in your pantry area. This specific K-Cup storage built-in cabinetry was featured by Durasupreme Cabinetry.

If you’re building a home, this is definitely the way to go! You could also add something similar to your existing kitchen with a few modifications. This is a much better idea than storing K-Cups on a rack on top of your counter and taking up precious countertop space.

We also love the idea of having a narrow space available for tea bags and other beverage accessories.

16. Kids Snack Wagon

kids snack wagon
Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

Kiddos often like to ravage the snack cabinet. If they’re going to be digging through the snacks, you may as well keep their healthy snacks easily accessible so that you can rest assured they will be snacking on something that’s nutritious.

In this idea, Brian Patrick Flynn uses a wooden wagon to store snacks. This keeps the snacks at a child’s height so they’re easy to reach. You can let your kiddos know that they can choose from any of the snacks in their designated snack storage area.

This allows the child to make a choice from acceptable snack items.

17. Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf
Image source: Pottery Barn

A hanging shelf can be added to a coat rack for extra storage space if you don’t have enough shelving in your pantry, or if you don’t have a pantry at all!

These hanging shelves from Pottery Barn are perfect for creating additional storage in your kitchen. These units can be configured with other components to create the perfect storage solutions. Each shelf hangs from two pegs.

However, the rail with the pegs is sold separately as is the wicker basket. This is a great way to make the most use of the vertical spaces in your pantry or home.

18. Clear Plastic Bins

clear plastic bins
Image source: Williams-Sonoma

We love the look of clear plastic bins when it comes to organization and storage. Being able to see exactly what the contents are is convenient and prevents clutter.

These specific clear plastic bins are available at Williams-Sonoma and are available in three different sizes. Each bin has silicone feet on the outside to prevent them from sliding around in your pantry.

There are handles on each end of the bin so that you can easily lift and carry them. You will want to get numerous clear plastic bins in a variety of sizes to fill up your pantry.

19. Cookie Cutter Jar

cookie cutter jar
Image source: Making Lemonade Blog

If you store cookies in a cookie jar, doesn’t it make sense to store the cookie cutters in a cookie jar too? This is a great idea that allows you to store your cookie cutters and make them easy to find.

This glass cookie jar featured by the Making Lemonade Blog is simple yet effective in keeping your pantry clutter-free. Plus, no one wants to dig through a deep, dark drawer to try to find that one heart-shaped cookie cutter that you’re looking for.

With a clear glass cookie jar, you will be able to see each and every cookie cutter that you own.

20. Built-in Cutting Board and Cookie Sheet Shelf

built in cutting board and cookie sheet shelf
Image source: Nina Hendrick

A built-in cutting board and cookie sheet shelf is a must in any kitchen or pantry. If you don’t have built-in shelving for these items, it’s difficult to find a good storage space for them that isn’t awkward and a waste of space.

With a divided area for cookie sheets and cutting boards, like Nina Hendrick shows in this photo, you no longer have to completely unload your cupboard just to get to the cookie sheet that you need.

It’s much easier just to slide the one cookie sheet out that you need. Who wouldn’t want to make their life easier?