21 Of The Best Christmas Bathroom Décor Ideas

Christmas Bathroom Décor Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means it’s time to get your Christmas decorations out, but don’t forget to add Christmas decorations to your bathroom! Whether that’s something like a mini Christmas tree, a wreath, figurines, or even something as simple as a bright red ribbon wrapped around something already in your bathroom. There are so many ways to add Christmas decor to your bathroom.

We have collected 21 Christmas bathroom decor ideas to inspire your decorating. These ideas are all simple and easy to recreate. Decorating for Christmas can be as simple as placing red or green items in the bathroom. You can also focus on winter-themed items if you want to be able to leave the decorations up longer. 

Take a look at these unique ideas and then decide which ones you’d like to incorporate into your bathroom Christmas décor. The possibilities are endless! We wish you luck on your decorating project and, of course, a very Merry Christmas!

1. Pops of Red

Pops of Red
Image source: goldenboysandme

The color red may be one of the most festive colors out there! That’s why we love this bathroom with all of its pops of red. This bathroom is beautifully decorated for Christmas with festive towels, including red ones, a bath rug with mittens of all colors, and a canvas featuring a painting of a red barn with snow-covered trees.

You can also see various Christmas accents on the shelf near the bathtub. There are a pair of red ice skates, a red cottage, and more. This Christmas bathroom idea was shared by goldenboysandme.

2. Toilet Lid Cover Set

toilet lid cover set
Image source: VCNY Home Store

While most people don’t keep a toilet lid cover on their toilet anymore, we have to admit that we might be willing to do it just to show this adorable reindeer set! The toilet lid cover features a reindeer with a red nose on a gray background with white snowflakes.

There is also a rug around the toilet with a sweater on it, so it looks like you are looking down at a reindeer wearing a sweater. This same image is featured on a single bath mat too. You can get this set on Amazon at the VCNY Home Store.

3. Red Christmas Truck

Red Christmas Truck
Image source: Folk and Funky

We love the look of a vintage red pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the bed of the truck. This shower curtain featuring such a truck is super cute! Plus, the background is a print of gray and white stripes, which will fit the décor of pretty much any modern style bathroom.

You can purchase the shower curtain by itself, or purchase multiple items as a set including a bath mat, two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. These are available at the Folk and Funky Etsy shop.

4. Pine Tree Towels

pine tree towels
Image source: Pottery Barn

The great thing about these pine tree towels from Pottery Barn is that, while they definitely have a Christmas vibe, they don’t feature anything on them that directly makes them Christmas towels. Therefore, you can use these towels all year long!

These bath towels would look great in a rustic style bathroom all year long, or in any bathroom style during the Christmas and winter seasons. These towels are ultra-plush with a 600-gram weight and are made out of 100% organic cotton in a terry cloth weave. You can get them monogrammed for an additional charge.

5. Twinkle Lights

twinkle lights
Image source: Luna and Sea

Who wouldn’t love to relax in this beautiful bathroom on a cold and snowy day? The twinkle lights and tea light candles transform this rustic bathroom into a magical place. Twinkle lights can completely change the vibe of a room and are a great addition to any room!

We are envying the beautiful view through the large windows in this bathroom. The green and red blanket or towel lying by the tub helps make this bathroom look even more Christmasy. This gorgeous bathroom design with Christmas decor was featured by Luna and Sea.

6. Sprigs of Spruce and Pine

sprigs of spruce
Image source: Home Bunch

A simple way to make your bathroom appear more festive is to add sprigs of spruce or pine throughout the bathroom. Not only does the greenery make the room more beautiful, but they also have a nice and fresh fragrance that you can enjoy each time you visit the bathroom.

In this bathroom design, Home Bunch puts a sprig of greenery above the mirror and places a small potted pine tree on the vanity sink area. There are also sprigs of greenery in a vase next to the faucet. These additions help to brighten up this black bathroom design.

7. Farmhouse Christmas

farmhouse christmas
Image source: 1920farmhousereno

This farmhouse Christmas bathroom is adorable! 1920farmhousereno uses numerous accents to decorate the bathroom and give it that Christmas cheer. As we shared in the last idea, she uses sprigs of spruce or pine throughout the bathroom. The mini Christmas tree is so cute!

Don’t miss the little presents beneath the tree and the bag of coal! The floating shelves give the opportunity to display Christmas decor like the wooden framed “be merry” art and red and white striped wooden Christmas tree. The Santa Claus face on the wall gives this bathroom design a classic look.

8. Mini Christmas Tree

mini christmas tree
Image source: Styling Harvard

Here is another idea for using a mini Christmas tree in the bathroom. This mini tree is white and features royal blue and white ornaments and a silver star on the top of the tree. The twinkle lights make it extra magical in this bathroom design by Styling Harvard.

There is also a sparkly tinsel silver wreath above the window. This color scheme works especially well in this bathroom because it is wallpapered with a silver metallic printed wallpaper. We also love the wire basket in the corner that’s used to store toilet paper. What a great idea!

9. Ornaments

Image source: Dimples and Tangles

Ornaments don’t just have to go on a Christmas tree, they look great as décor in a variety of ways! In this bathroom décor example by Dimples and Tangles, she uses ornaments attached with a sprig of pine and wraps it around a wall-mounted sconce light.

This idea is super cute and adds a touch of festive color to this bathroom. You can also add ornaments in a glass jar or vase. You could also just hang ornaments by ribbon, string, or twine from towel hooks or from the shower curtain rod.

10. Candy Canes

candy canes
Image source: City Farmhouse

Candy canes are an inexpensive way to decorate. Simply add a few candy canes and some greenery to a cup or in a toothbrush holder to add some Christmas spirit to your bathroom. It doesn’t get much easier than that! This idea was shared by the City Farmhouse blog.

You can also use fake candy canes so that you can reuse them year after year. On the other hand, you could also use peppermint candies in a glass dish or vase to achieve a similar look. You can pick up these items at the dollar store to make them extra cheap!

11. Red Berry Wreath

Red Berry Wreath
Image source: Beneath My Heart

How beautiful is this red berry wreath that the writer at Beneath My Heart has hung up above the toilet? The vivid red color brightens up this bathroom and gives the room a wintertime vibe. It looks especially beautiful paired with the wooden sign that reads “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” in red.

You can also see the small Santa figurine and a green candle with a golden candle holder on the bathroom vanity. This bathroom is very cute with its gray shiplap behind the vanity and toilet. We’re also loving the farmhouse-style sconce that’s located above the mirror.

12. Hang Wreaths on Mirrors

hang wreaths on mirrors
Image source: Golden Boys and Me

You often see Christmas wreaths hanging from windows and this same idea works just as well with mirrors. These gorgeous beveled and arched bathroom mirrors look stunning with the Christmas wreaths hanging from the tops of the mirrors by a red ribbon. The bright red towel with the white ice skate on the towel hook makes the red ribbons stand out even more.

This idea was featured by Golden Boys and Me. The very first idea that we shared, about using pops of red, is also in this same bathroom. What a great Christmas decorating idea for a bathroom!

13. Snow Covered Trees

snow covered trees
Image source: A Stroll Thru Life

This is a decor idea that you could leave up all winter long! Snow-covered pine trees are a beautiful addition to your home decor. Bring the winter wonderland inside by displaying these trees in your bathroom.

Accents of metallic gold and silver are great additions to Christmas decor also. They look wonderful paired with the snow-covered trees. In this design by A Stroll Thru Life, she places the snow-covered trees and gold and silver metallic elements near perfumes that feature the same elements. It works well and is a sophisticated touch!

14. Add a Ceramic Deer Head

Add a deer head
Image source: Studio Steidley

Here is another idea that you could potentially leave up all year round. This white ceramic deer head is a great decor item to display during winter or during Christmastime. If you want to add some more festivity to the room, you could hang small ornaments by ribbon or twine from the ceramic deer antlers.

If you can find a wreath that would fit around the neck of the deer, this would also be a Christmasy addition to the ceramic deer head. This idea was featured by Studio Steidley and we love the classic take on the black and white decor style. The black shiplap is strikingly beautiful!

15. Christmas Themed Shower Curtain Hooks

christmas themed shower curtain hooks
Image source: T Longhorns

Whether you change out your shower curtain to a Christmas-themed shower curtain for the season or not, why not add some Christmas-themed shower curtain hooks?

These red and white shower curtain hooks feature the silhouette of a reindeer and they are super cute and festive. You can find a set of these shower hooks and additional designs on the T Longhorns website.

These particular shower curtain hooks have a rust-resistant coating with an oil-rubbed finish to make them extra durable. There are twelve shower hooks per set, enough to fit a standard-sized shower curtain.

16. Trendy Christmas Shower Curtain

trendy christmas shower curtain
Image source: JAWO Store

If you like to keep your decor on-trend and stylish, you will like this shower curtain available at the JAWO Store on Amazon. The background looks like a white shiplap and there is black text which reads “Merry Christmas!” There is a retro-style camper with a string of lights across it along with five pine trees behind it. Each pine tree features a fun and trendy print of either red or green plaid and leopard print.

This trendy shower curtain would look great in a farmhouse-style bathroom. You could add additional elements throughout the bathroom that feature the green or red plaid or the leopard prints.

17. DIY Christmas Soap Bottle

DIY Christmas Soap Bottle
Image source: Smart School House

These DIY Christmas soap bottles will not only look great in your own bathroom, but while you’re at it you can make extras to give as gifts. Smart School House shares detailed instructions on how to make these cute soap bottles that cost less than $3 to make.

The process involves buying new soap bottles and using Goo Gone to remove the labels. You can use fabric, paper, or stickers to add Christmas decor to the bottle. You will then cover these items with Mod Podge to add a protective coat. Tie a red and white ribbon and add a small ornament or bell and you’re good to go!

18. TP Christmas Tree

TP Christmas Tree
Image source: Freepik

If you have at least five extra rolls of toilet paper, you can make a toilet paper Christmas tree like this one! If you have the space in your bathroom to make a large one like the one in the photo, then go for it!

You will stack the toilet paper rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree and then add ornaments, ribbon, and even a star on top. It’s a super cute idea to add some Christmas charm to your bathroom.

While this idea uses all red decor, you could choose to make it colorful or stick to any one color that you wish. This idea was featured by Freepik.

19. Toilet Tank Decor

toilet tank decor
Image source: Our Thrifty Ideas

The toilet tank is a great place to display Christmas decor pieces. In this idea shared by Our Thrifty Ideas, there is a vintage-style Santa Claus along with a potted red plant and basket with a flannel blanket in Christmas colors.

There are many options for decor items that you could display on a toilet tank, whether it’s a snowman, mini Christmas tree, or a wooden sign. We also love the mini red berry wreath that is placed above the extra toilet paper in the corner. It’s a nice added touch!

20. Christmas Snow Sleigh Shelf

christmas snow sleigh shelf
Image source: Funky Junk Interiors

This Christmas snow sleigh shelf is simply adorable! What a great way to add some winter decor to your bathroom. You can use this shelf to store extra rolls of toilet paper, some battery-powered candles, or any other Christmas decor items that you can think of. The sprig of pine with the red ornament is a nice touch!

We also like how twine is used to hold the toilet paper rolls in place on the shelf. This idea was shared by Funky Junk Interiors, who actually built this little sleigh out of wood from a pallet.  

21. Toilet Paper Basket with a Festive Ribbon

toilet paper basket
Image source: Southern Mom Loves

An easy way to add some Christmas cheer to your bathroom is by simply placing a basket in the bathroom to store toilet paper in and then wrapping a festive ribbon around it. The red and white ribbon around this chicken wire basket gives off candy cane vibes.

The little red sleigh is extra cute! These red and white items look great paired with the red and white shower curtain. You could also wrap a red ribbon around the rolls of toilet paper to give it a similar candy cane or peppermint effect! This idea was featured by Southern Mom Loves.