24 Of The Best Mermaid Bathroom Décor Ideas

Mermaid Bathroom Decor

Channel your inner mermaid by decorating your bathroom with a mermaid-inspired design theme. You can choose the style of your mermaid bathroom, it can be elegant and glamorous, colorful, Moroccan, fit for a child or even for an adult! There are so many different options.

When you think of mermaid decor, you may think of The Little Mermaid. While you could decorate your bathroom with The Little Mermaid theme, there are a lot of other ideas that can fit your style. Your bathroom doesn’t have to look like it’s straight out of a cartoon.

We’ve compiled a list of 24 ideas to decorate your mermaid-themed bathroom. You will find a variety of styles, design ideas, and decor options. We even feature a DIY project that you can do. We think you will love all of these mermaid ideas. Incorporate them all in some way, or just pick and choose your favorites.

1. Blue Ombre Bathroom Set

blue ombre bathroom set
Image source: Mason Creations Etc

Support a small business by adding this blue ombre mermaid set to your mermaid-themed bathroom. This set includes three mason jars, including a pump that can be used for lotions or soap and two mason jars that are open and perfect for storing makeup brushes, cotton balls, or q-tips.

Each jar features a mermaid tail, seashells, and blue gems that resemble bubbles in the water. A sheer ribbon is tied around the top of each mason jar. If the blue ombre look isn’t your style, the Mason Creations Etc Etsy shop can create custom sets by request.

2. Three Sign Set

three sign set
Image source: Target

This set of three mermaid signs is made specifically for a bathroom. Each sign features a rule for the bathroom, which makes these signs perfect for a child’s bathroom. The first sign has a glittery mermaid tail with the words “wash”, the second has a shell with a pearl that says “brush”, and the third has a glittery mermaid silhouette with the word “flush”.

Each sign measures 7.5” x 10”.  and includes all-purpose mounts to make them easy to hang and reposition as needed. These cute mermaid bathroom rules signs are available as a set of three at Target.

3. Lilly Pulitzer Mermaid Cove Shower Curtain

lilly pulitzer mermaid cover shower curtain
Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

If you prefer a style that includes mermaids but doesn’t look like a child’s cartoon character, you will like this Lily Pulitzer mermaid shower curtain. The bright colors are absolutely beautiful and it will make any bathroom a cheerful environment.

At first glance, you hardly notice that the shower curtain pattern actually includes mermaid tails. This Pottery Barn Kids shower curtain is made out of 100% cotton that is Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified, which assures that the cotton is grown in an environmentally friendly way. The great news is that it’s machine washable!

4. Mermaid Tail Shelf

mermaid tail shelf
Image source: Crafted Pine Co.

How adorable is this mermaid tail shelf from the Crafted Pine Co. Etsy shop? The pastel-painted mermaid tail shelf is available in any color that you want. You can display your beloved mermaid decor on this shelf, or use it for storing lotions, perfumes, or soaps. It’s even cute enough to hang just as it is and use in a mermaid inspired bedroom!

This shelf is highly rated on Etsy, with 5 stars out of 5 with over 370 reviews! That’s impressive. It has glitter accents that make it even more beautiful. This beauty is made out of Scottish pine and is finished with varnish to help protect it, which is perfect for being installed in the bathroom where there is a lot of humidity.

5. Wash Your Tail Towel Hooks

wash your tail towel hooks
Image source: Sonoran Cottage Design

There are so many amazing mermaid decor items and ideas available on Etsy, including this “wash your tail” sign with towel hooks from the Sonoran Cottage Design Etsy shop. This sign with hooks is available in two sizes, 12” x 7” or 16” x 9”. You can choose two or three double hooks. 

This item is handmade and hand distressed. The metallic accents to the mermaid tail and the starfish make this item stand out. If you want your bathroom to have a rustic and coastal vibe, this is the way to go!

6. Mermaid Tail Rug

Mermaid Tail Rug
Image source: Target

If you’re going to have a bathroom with mermaid decor, then you most certainly need a mermaid-tail-shaped bath rug to go with it! You can step out of the shower or bath onto this plush bath rug for a luxurious experience. Plus, this mermaid tail rug from Target is machine washable.

The rug has a fish-scale pattern in white over a mint green background. It’s simply adorable!  You can find a variety of bathroom decor items at Target that will coordinate wonderfully with this rug, including shower curtains, soap dispensers, and more.

7. Mermaid Wall Tile

mermaid wall tile
Image source: Whidbey South Woodworks

Whidbey South Woodworks uses a beautiful jade green mermaid fish-scale wall tile in this Moroccan-themed mermaid bathroom. It’s classy, elegant, and super stylish. This mermaid fish-scale wall tile serves as a backsplash behind the basin sink as well as on a wall in the shower. Overall, this bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!

The slightly weathered gray wood vanity is the perfect coastal addition. The golden mirror above the vanity gives off more of the Moroccan vibe in this bathroom. We love this bathroom design because it’s unique, colorful, and fun without being completely over-the-top, all-out, mermaid-style.

8. Mermaid Wallpaper

mermaid wallpaper
Image source: Graham & Brown

This mermaid print wallpaper is a fun way to decorate your bathroom in a mermaid theme. It’s a beautiful blue color with a print that is subtle. The ombre blue mermaid tail gives off the effect of being swirls in water. It’s a beautiful printed wallpaper design!

This mermaid print wallpaper is classy and would be perfect for any adults who love mermaids and want to decorate their bathroom with a mermaid theme without it looking childish. This mermaid print wallpaper was featured by Graham & Brown who describe this wallpaper as “a shoal of beautiful mermaids laugh and dance their way around the walls on this mystical shimmering wallpaper”.

9. Mermaid Silhouettes

Mermaid silhouettes
Image source: Tide and Tales Store

Mermaid silhouettes in three different colors are placed on white, framed, wooden canvases in this set of three decor items. The mermaid silhouettes are pink, aqua, and purple. Each shows the mermaid in a different position, one holding a starfish, another a seashell, and another showing her swimming.

These 3D mermaid silhouette shapes will add character to any mermaid bathroom. They’re perfect for a child’s bathroom. Each frame measures 7” square and comes ready to hang with the hardware included. This beautiful set of three decor pieces is available at the Tide and Tales Store on Amazon.

10. Word Art

word art
Image source: Chic Wall Art

This word art décor piece would be perfect for a bathroom that is shared by sisters. This colorful print features aqua, purple, yellow, and pink words which read, “We go together like mermaid & starfish, sister & friend, splish & splash, fresh & clean, bubbles & bath, soap & water, wash & rinse, toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner” and then features aqua wavy lines at the bottom which resemble the waves of the sea.

This print looks amazing in a plain white frame and matt on a painted light aqua-color wall like is shown in this Chic Wall Art Instagram photo. This bathroom is gorgeous!

11. Mermaid Toilet Paper Holder

mermaid toilet paper holder
Image source: Southern Sparkle and Co.

Here is another mermaid-themed décor idea that’s more for an adult bathroom than a child’s bathroom. This mermaid toilet paper holder has a look of classic elegance, despite its use! This piece is manufactured out of poly-resin material.

It measures 8 ½” x 6 ½” and looks amazing on a white shiplap wall like is shown in this photo. It fits wonderfully in coastal or beach bathrooms. If you want to add a little extra color, one customer painted the seashell bra with sparkly pink nail polish. This beautiful item is available at the Southern Sparkle and Co. shop on Etsy.

12. Sea Shells

Image source: Get it Cut

This bathroom features narrow shelves that cover the entirety of the walls in this bathroom. Since they are painted the exact same color as the wall, it gives this room a beautiful character of its own.

We love how various seashells, starfish, and coral all line these shelves giving the room a coastal vibe. When you’re soaking in the bathtub, you’ll feel like a mermaid in the sea! You can collect these items on all of your beach vacations and display them in the bathroom. This idea was featured by Get it Cut.

13. Mermaid Figurine

mermaid figurine
Image source: Rayberro

If you’re going to have a bathroom that’s decorated with a mermaid theme, then you have to feature at least one mermaid figurine like this one from the Rayberro store on Amazon. It measures just over 7” tall and features a mermaid sitting on a piece of coral and looking up at the sky.

There are additional similar mermaids available in various positions and colors if this particular one isn’t your preferred style. You could display these figurines on a shelf, near the sink, or next to the bathtub.

14. Faux Bubbles on the Walls

faux bubbles on the walls
Image source: kelseymichelle85

This idea for a mermaid bathroom is perfect for a child’s bathroom. You can use clear plastic ornaments, the kind that you can take apart and fill, to simulate the look of bubbles in the water. Kelseymichelle85 takes each half of the ornament and nails them to the aqua blue wall, and the result is fun and cute!

If you’re decorating with The Little Mermaid items, you could even create some bubbles in the shape of Mickey Mouse to pay homage to Disney in your décor. This isn’t only unique, but it’s fairly inexpensive to recreate especially if you can pick up some of these ornaments on clearance after Christmas!

15. Decorative Light Switch Covers

decorative light switch covers
Image source: Blue Ridge Vintage Shop

Why settle for a plain old white light switch cover when you can use a decorative light switch cover that matches your overall décor in the room? There are so many mermaid decorative light switch covers out there, but we think these pink mermaid princess light switch covers from the Blue Ridge Vintage Shop on Etsy are super cute!

This style is achieved by covering a standard size switch plate with designer fabric, which will also give your bathroom more texture. It is sealed with a varnish, so you can expect it to hold up over time, even in a bathroom environment.

16. Mermaid Toilet Handle

Mermaid Toilet Handle
Image source: Jennifer Augustine

This mermaid toilet handle is a fun way to add to your mermaid-themed bathroom décor! The mermaid’s tail is used as the handle to flush the toilet and it’s certainly unique. The silver color will go with any color scheme.

I’m sure these mermaid toilet handles could easily be spray-painted in a different color if you wish to do so. This particular mermaid toilet handle was featured by Jennifer Augustine, who is a realtor, and happened across this in a home she was selling. While it might not be for everyone, mermaid lovers will be thrilled!

17. DIY Resin Art Kit

DIY Resin Art Kit
Image source: Sher's Beachy Creations

It’s always fun to create your own art to display in your home. This DIY resin art kit with sea glass is the perfect way to do this, even if you aren’t artistic! Everything that you need to make this gorgeous piece of art is included in the kit from the Sher’s Beachy Creations shop on Etsy.

It comes with instructions, a 10” x 12” white frame, a cup, stir stick, gloves, resin, hardener, crushed mirrored glass, crushed blue glass, and crushed turquoise and aqua shells. This would look super cute hung up on a bathroom with mermaid décor.

18. Magical Mermaid Towel

Magical Mermaid Towel
Image source: Little West Street

These magical mermaid towels are simply sweet! You can display these lovely towels on a towel rack to use them as décor pieces and you can also use them! They are super-soft and feature a whimsical mermaid and seahorse. They are available as individuals or you can purchase them as a set.

The pink and white polka dot border that also matches the mermaid’s top is adorable! When you order these through Little West Street, you can actually personalize them too. What child wouldn’t love a bath towel with her own name printed on it?

19. Fish Scale Flooring

Fish Scale Flooring
Image source: House Beautiful

The colorful mermaid fish-scale flooring in this bathroom is absolutely beautiful! It features teal, mint green, purple, and pink and adds a lot of character and color to this bathroom. You could paint this on your existing bathroom floor or you could even paint this design on a wall.

If this bathroom is too colorful and bright for you, the mermaid fish-scale flooring is busy enough that you could even paint all of the walls in the bathroom white and it would still be absolutely stunning and beautiful. This idea was featured by House Beautiful.

20. Mosaic Soap Dispenser

Mosaic Soap Dispenser
Image source: Whole Housewares

We are big fans of the mosaic look when it comes to mermaid décor. How beautiful are the colors in this set? It features a variety of colors including blue, teal, aqua, pink, and purple. This mosaic soap dispenser is available at the Whole Housewares store on Amazon and you can find a variety of bathroom accessories that match this soap dispenser including a wastebasket, toilet brush holder, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and more.

Customers state that these products are durable and high-quality items. However, the mosaic pieces are made of glass and can break due to the nature of glass.

21. Bubble Light Fixture

Bubble Light Fixture
Image source: Eclectic Home Staging

Add elegance to your mermaid-themed bathroom with a bubble light fixture like this one featured by Eclectic Home Staging. How gorgeous would this light fixture look with a backdrop of aqua blue walls or even some of the jade green mermaid fish-scale tile that we saw earlier on in this list?

This light fixture is unique, glamorous, and fun! When you have a bathroom decorated with coastal and mermaid-inspired décor, then this bubble light fixture will fit right in! It looks great hung up over the bathtub in this example.

22. Mermaid Vessel Sink

mermaid vessel sink
Image source: Overstock

If you want something truly unique in your mermaid-themed bathroom, then go with this mermaid vessel sink. We are confident that you will be the only person you know who has this same sink! The sink is shaped like a fish and has fish-scale detailing, but on the inside of the sink near the head of the fish, a mermaid’s face is painted on.

The blue-green color is beautiful. This piece will have all of your guests commenting on it. This design is from Europe and it’s available at Overstock.

23. Decorative Mermaid Tail Soap

decorative mermaid tail soap
Image source: Margarita Bloom

Margarita Bloom creates beautiful, decorative soaps including this colorful mermaid tail soap. The soap is handmade and hand-painted with a silver sparkle luster and is said to smell “like a heavenly mermaid with notes of the ocean, jasmine, musk, amber, and cedar”.

Each bar features a mermaid tail, shells, and cute sea creatures. You can use the soap as it is intended to be used or simply display it in your bathroom as a décor item like your grandma probably did with pretty soaps. Each bar of this mermaid treasures soap is anywhere from six to seven ounces in size.

24. Mermaid Panel Window Curtains

mermaid panel window curtains
Image source: Walmart

Let’s not forget about the window treatments! You can actually get mermaid panel window curtains from Walmart. These panel window curtains feature a mermaid in a shirt surrounded by fish. It has a cute cartoon-type appeal to it and would be perfect for a child’s or teen’s bathroom décor.

The brand promises that there will be no color fading over time due to the state-of-the-art digital printing technology that they use. These curtains are a fun way to add more style and character to your mermaid-themed bathroom. We think you will love these fun printed curtains!