27 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Try Right Now

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

You can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen design with what you choose for the backsplash. You can choose to go with a neutral color or go with something more vibrant and colorful.

There are a variety of ways that you can finish the backsplash area of your kitchen. A common method is installing tiles. There are numerous types of tile that can be used including clay tile, cement tile, and ceramic tile. Plus, there are innumerable color options to choose from.

However, tile isn’t the only option when it comes to a kitchen backsplash. We’ve compiled a list of 27 kitchen backsplash ideas to highlight these methods. Whether you are designing a new home, remodeling your kitchen, or simply just thinking about the kitchen of your dreams, we are confident that you will find ideas that you will love! 

1. Glossy White Subway Tile

glossy white subway tile
Image source: Flynnside Out

Glossy white subway tile looks great with just about any decor style. This trend has been most prevalent in farmhouse-style kitchens, but it is a versatile style and color so it can be used in a variety of settings.

In this Flynnside Out kitchen design, the designer uses glossy white subway tile paired with weathered gray wood cabinetry and butcher block counters. The contrasting color creates a unique look.

Other features that we love about this kitchen are the hammered brass pendant lighting, the industrial-style bar seating, and the fresh flowers displayed on the counter. This kitchen is small, but it makes up for it with character.

2. White Marble

white marble
Image source: Studio McGee

White marble in a kitchen, or any room, looks elegant and luxurious. This kitchen design by Studio McGee is simply perfect. From the perfectly coordinated hardware finishes to the various wooden element, and the light and airy look to the modern yet traditional style, we love all of it.

The marble backsplash matches the countertops, although the pattern seems to be a little less obvious on the countertops. Without the marble elements, this kitchen wouldn’t have nearly as much class!

Other features that we love about this kitchen are the gold and tan pendant lights that hang above the kitchen island and the iron and wood bar stools.

3. Green and Gold

green and gold
Image source: Annie Schlechter

For a unique look, you could choose a bright and vivid color paired with metallic gold for your kitchen backsplash. If green is a favorite color, you will love this one by Annie Schlechter. The tiles are small in size and seem to be applied in a random pattern, which adds to the uniqueness of the look.

The bright yellow vintage-style kettle on the stove adds to the effect. The open cupboards are black and display plain white dishes and tall glasses. This kitchen definitely has an artistic vibe to it that is whimsical yet refined.

4. Brick

Image source: Frank Ponterio

For a classic, old-world type look, you can opt for a brick backsplash. It is slightly rustic yet classy at the same time. There are various elements within this Frank Ponterio kitchen design that make it more classy than rustic.

The eye is immediately drawn to the elegant, glossy black and gold hood above the vintage-inspired stoves and ovens. The globe-shaped pendant lighting above the kitchen island is unique and adds to the character of the room. 

We are also loving the large arch-shaped windows above the kitchen sink area. There is an abundance of natural light in this kitchen, which is always a good thing!

5. Geometric Design

geometric design
Image source: Crystal Blackshaw

A more eye-catching option for a backsplash is to use wallpaper with geometric shapes, like in this kitchen designed by Crystal Blackshaw. The print has a hint of gold in it which helps tie it in nicely with the cabinet hardware. 

This kitchen design is fun and unexpected. The unique design is creative and colorful. The bright blue cabinets pair nicely with the teal-painted kitchen island. There is pattern mixing going on between the geometric wallpaper and the striped roman shades above the kitchen sink. This contrast always adds character and something special to the design.

6. Trellis Tile

trellis tile
Image source: Fireclay Tile

This kitchen design features Fireclay Tile eclectic trellis tile behind the stove. The rest of the walls are simply white, but this pop of pattern and color is beautiful. 

The trellis tile looks especially beautiful with the stove hood that was chosen for this kitchen. Because of its slim design, you are able to see the tile on each side of the hood. This definitely makes the area seem more spacious.

The small blue vase of flowers on the counter is a sweet accent in this kitchen. We like the clean and modern design.

7. Diamond Shaped Tile

diamond shaped tile
Image source: Neil Kelly Company

The light-blue diamond-shaped tile backsplash adds a lot of texture and character to this kitchen design by Neil Kelly Company. The blue hue of the tile is a beautiful color that is muted and has an ombre effect. 

This white cabinetry and the white marble countertops help this kitchen maintain a light and airy appearance. The large window above the kitchen sink definitely helps brighten up the space.

Wine, grapes, and cheese are ready for a social gathering, which would be perfect in this kitchen!

8. Black and White

black and white
Image source: SuzAnn Kletzien

A black and white color scheme always creates an impressive and eye-catching design. This SuzAnn Kletzien kitchen is no exception! The black and white tile backsplash adds character to this kitchen.

We are also loving the pattern mixing between the black and white tile and the black and white striped dining table chairs. Plus, the additional runner rugs add more color and pattern to the mix. The aqua-colored vintage tea kettle on the stove is simply beautiful against the black and white tile design.

The pendant lighting above the kitchen island pairs nicely with the smaller version of the same light fixture that hangs above the kitchen sink.

9. Marble Bricks

Marble Bricks
Image source: Third Coast Interiors

We’ve seen a gray and white marble backsplash, but this is a new take on the classic look. In this Third Coast Interiors kitchen design, there is gray and white marble but in the form of bricks or tiles. This creates a unique look with more texture than the former.

This kitchen has a clean and bright appearance that we are loving. The gray cabinets match perfectly with the marble backsplash. The plain white dishes and cups are gorgeously displayed on an open shelf.

The overall modern and stylish look is one of our favorites on this list!

10. Mirrored Tile

mirrored tile
Image source: Lucy and Company

If you have a small kitchen, you may choose to use mirrored tiles for your backsplash. Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is.

This kitchen designed by Lucy and Company is the perfect example of this concept. The light reflects off of the mirrored tile to make the kitchen appear brighter too. 

This kitchen is small, but it’s cute! The blue cabinets border between navy blue and royal blue. The gold modern hardware on the cabinetry looks gorgeous against the blue color. The mounted light fixture is a unique touch!

11. White Hexagons

white hexagons
Image source: Adore Magazine

Go for the classic beehive look when you choose hexagon-shaped tiles like these white ones in this kitchen featured by Adore Magazine. The overall white-hued kitchen is bright, light, and airy.

The hexagon-shaped pattern of the white backsplash tile gives this kitchen the texture, pattern, and character that it needs. Without it, the design is fairly plain. Trendy and modern, but plain.

Is there anything more fresh-looking than a bowl of lemons on the counter? It automatically makes the room appear cleaner and brighter. You can’t go wrong with this decor idea! 

12. Marble Herringbone

marble herringbone
Image source: Tierney Conner Architecture

So far we have seen the look of classic marble in slabs and marble in a brick or tile form. Here is another take on marble in a tile form, but in a herringbone format. It’s simply beautiful!

In this Tierney Conner Architecture kitchen design, marble tiles are carefully placed to create the herringbone look that adds pattern and texture to the room. Each of the tiles seem to vary slightly in color, but it comes together for a cohesive look.

We are loving the ombre Le Creuset cookware on the stovetop. The blue color pairs nicely with the gray and white marble both on the backsplash and the countertop.

13. Shiplap

Image source: Heidi Caillier Design

Heidi Caillier Design uses shiplap in a vertical position in this kitchen design. It looks beautiful paired with the olive green cabinetry. Overall, this kitchen has countryside home vibes.

The shiplap is also paired with black marble countertops with a small backsplash attached. The contrast between the black marble and the white shiplap looks great.

One of our favorite parts about this kitchen is how the terracotta floor tile pairs nicely with the brass and copper accents and hardware in the room. The colors and finishes look spectacular together. This definitely looks like a kitchen that we could call home!

14. 3D Lines

Image source: Pine Street Carpenters Inc.

Similar to the wallpaper backsplash with geometric shapes, this kitchen backsplash is designed with 3D lines. As always, the black and white color scheme is always appealing to the eye. Plus, the gold light pendants add to the effect. 

You don’t typically see a mirror in the kitchen, but this one looks great above the kitchen sink. Oftentimes there is a window above the kitchen sink, so the mirror is a similar concept and makes the kitchen seem larger in this Pine Street Carpenters Inc. design. There aren’t any windows directly in the kitchen itself, so the lighted cabinets and the mirror help brighten it up.

15. Black Brick

Image source: Houzz

Matte black is taking the kitchen design industry by storm. It is increasing in popularity, and for good reason! The look is both relaxed and classy at the same time. In this kitchen design featured by Houzz, there is matte black brick used as a backsplash.

The natural wood cabinetry contrasts nicely with the black brick. The barstools feature both colors and help to tie it all together.

The glass globe pendants with retro-style lightbulbs are a beautiful touch to this kitchen. The design is both modern and retro at the same time and we are loving it!

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16. Metal Tiles

Image source: The Home Depot

Metal tiles are another great idea for a kitchen backsplash. They are a popular choice because of how durable they are. These tiles can actually be used on a variety of surfaces from the backsplash, to the flooring, and even on the ceiling.

The metal tiles in this kitchen featured by The Home Depot combine various metallic finishes in a random design. Metal tiles are also available in a peel and stick form. 

The only downside to this type of backsplash is that it can be easily dented or scratched. If your kitchen has a rustic look, this might be ok though.

17. Zellige Tiles

Image source: M. Prevost Designs

Zellige is a trendy tile made of clay that is hand-shaped and kiln-fired. This makes each tile unique. They do tend to be more expensive than traditional tile, which makes them not as common. If you like to have something unlike anyone else has, then zellige tiles may be the best choice for you!

In this kitchen featured by M. Prevost Designs, zellige tiles are used as a backsplash. The tiles are uniquely colored in dark green and gray colors. Zellige tiles are available in other colors also.

The globe light pendant with gold accents is also a beautiful addition to this kitchen.

18. Geometric Pattern Mosaic Tiles

Image source: Westside Tile

The geometric pattern mosaic tiles in this Westside Tile kitchen design are beautiful. The combination of white, light blue, and gray tiles create a calming atmosphere. This look is perfect for a kitchen backsplash.

Depending upon your personal preferences, you can choose whatever colors of tiles that you prefer. You could use a variety of colors, like the ones in this design, or you could choose a single color and stick with that. 

The tiles pair nicely with the gray cabinets in this kitchen. We are also loving the look of the crystal chandelier, which is something that isn’t typically seen in a kitchen setting.

19. Iridescent Zillage Tile

Image source: Aitmanos Morocco

We mentioned that zillage tile comes in a variety of colors, and the iridescent look is one of our favorites. It has a shiny appearance with a rainbow sheen that is simply gorgeous. This particular tile choice is smaller in size than the previous one and has a completely different look. 

The light-colored tile in this kitchen design featured by Aitmanos Morocco would coordinate nicely with a variety of design styles. This would make it easy to change up the decor in the kitchen so you won’t be stuck with one look.

20. Artistic Tile

Image source: Onyx Tile Studio

Go for something completely unique by applying your kitchen backsplash tile in an artistic pattern. In this Onyx Tile Studio kitchen, various colors of penny tile are used in a maze-like pattern. You could truly create a one-of-a-kind backsplash with this method.

In this kitchen, the designer uses neutral-colored tiles in the design. However, you could choose tiles of any color depending upon what your personal preferences are. 

This style would be absolutely beautiful with bright blue and white tile. Another great idea would be creating an ombre effect with various shades of one color.

21. Stainless Steel River Rock

Image source: ezpack

Stainless steel river rock gives you the best of both worlds. While it still has a natural appearance, the metallic look is also modern. It’s a great choice for a kitchen backsplash.

This particular stainless steel river rock has a brushed appearance. It comes in sheets that measure 12”x12” and is available through ezpack

The backsplash in the kitchen shown pairs nicely with the black countertops and stainless steel sink faucet. It would also look great with black cabinetry with stainless steel hardware.

22. Blue and White

Image source: Tile Bar

Blue and white is a color scheme that always looks beautiful in any design. The colors are bright and vibrant and perfect for a kitchen. In this kitchen design featured by Tile Bar, blue and white tiles are arranged in a unique pattern that appears neat and tidy. 

The blue and white tile takes this kitchen from being plain to having a unique flair that is creative and colorful. It certainly adds to the overall character of the room. The farmhouse-style sink is a nice addition to this kitchen also.

23. Cement Tiles

cement tiles
Image source: Decor Pad

Cement tile is another great choice for a kitchen backsplash. There are numerous design options when it comes to cement tile. Some companies even offer a custom design feature for the tiles where you can choose the colors and design.

In this kitchen featured by Decor Pad, the designer uses a gray and white cement tile in this farmhouse-style design. It looks gorgeous with the natural wood floating shelves that hold a variety of vintage decor items. The white bowls look especially gorgeous against the gray and white tile.

24. Modern

modern style
Image source: Old Brand New

You can’t go wrong with a modern style that includes a retro touch. In this kitchen design by Old Brand New, a backsplash with a modern design fits perfectly in the otherwise retro-style kitchen. 

The backsplash is a black and white diamond pattern that would go with a variety of color schemes. The color scheme in this particular kitchen is unique, but it is still beautiful. The salmon-colored wall is separated from the olive-green cabinets by the black and white backsplash.

The floating shelf is also a nice accent in this kitchen. It’s a great place to display various art pieces, potted plants, and special pieces of dinnerware.

25. Custom Design

custom design
Image source: Erin Williamson Design

This kitchen backsplash has a custom design that features white, blue, tan, and black tiles in a triangular or pyramid shape. This Erin Williamson Design kitchen design is modern and whimsical.

If this particular style isn’t something you would prefer, you could either hire an interior designer to create a custom look for you or you could try your hand at creating one yourself.

Since the design is somewhat of a statement piece, it’s a good idea to keep it simple with your cabinetry. In this kitchen, the cabinets are simply white with small black handles.

26. Terrazzo

Image source: The Spruce

This kitchen style by The Spruce is different than anything we’ve ever seen before. The terrazzo backsplash continues onto the countertops and is often featured on the floor. 

The aqua-blue cabinets help bring out the blue in the terrazzo pattern as the lime green kitchen table brings out the greens in the terrazzo also. Plus, the beautiful copper sink brings out the oranges and browns in the print.

This look may not be for everyone, but it’s a fun and whimsical look that would brighten up a home. Why not try something different?

27. Copper Tile

Image source: IKEA

Copper is such a beautiful color for a hardware finish and looks even more beautiful as a kitchen backsplash. The copper tile featured in this IKEA kitchen design has a shiny appearance that has a reflective aspect.

The copper hardware on the white cabinets coordinates nicely with the copper backsplash. The stainless steel kettle adds variety to the kitchen. Combining various types of metal finishes is always a good look. 

We also like how the copper backsplash and the white cabinets are separated by a black countertop. It creates a clean look.