41 Bright Ideas For Dining Room Lighting

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays a key role in the overall design aesthetic of a room. When it comes to choosing just the right light fixtures for your dining room, you’ll want to consider a few things, including the overall style of the room.

Determine what mood you want to set in the dining room. If you want an intimate and romantic vibe, choose a light fixture with smaller bulbs that produce less light. If you want it to be an inviting place where friends and family gather for meals or for game nights, then you’ll want a light fixture that gives off plenty of bright lighting.

Even the type of light bulb that you choose to go with can make a difference. Light bulbs with warmer color temperatures make the room feel cozy, and light bulbs with cooler color temperatures make the space bright and energizing.

Our Favorite Dining Room Lighting Ideas:

1. Mason Jar Lights

mason jar lights
Image source: Walmart

Mason jar lights are the perfect addition to a farmhouse-inspired dining room. The large glass jars and the vintage-style light bulbs add character to the space.

This style, found at Walmart, features iron components that add color and texture to the room. Chances are, you have other black or iron decor in your farmhouse-style dining room, and this light fixture will simply bring it all together!

2. Terra Cotta Pendant

Terra Cotta Pendant
Image source: OreStudios

This terra cotta pendant blends perfectly with the décor in this mid-century home dining room that Ore Studios designed. The terra cotta look is unique and goes well with a dining room styled with natural elements and textures.

Think earth tones, vibrant green plants, natural wood finishes, woven baskets, and wool rugs. This lighting makes the room warm and inviting!

3. Statement Chandelier

statement chandelier
Image source: In Detail Interiors

This statement chandelier has a delicate beauty that is absolutely stunning. The metallic gold elements appear like the branches of a weeping willow tree, with the iridescent clusters like leaves draping downwards.

We love the whimsical look in this turn-of-the-century cottage remodel that was styled by In Detail Interiors. This statement piece will be sure to get compliments from all who visit.

4. Blue Chandelier

blue chandelier
Image source: chango & co.

The blue chandeliers in this Greenwich historical design by chango & co. are creative and unique without being too over the top. Plus, using two chandeliers instead of one offers extra lighting for a brighter and more cheerful dining room area.

The cone-shaped lampshades give it an understated artsy vibe. These chandeliers in combination with the lighter blue buffet create a cohesive look that we love.

5. Carved Wood Chandelier

carved wood chandelier
Image source: Homary

A beautifully designed vintage, distressed, carved wood lantern-style chandelier can transform any French farmhouse-style dining room into a chic and somewhat formal space without losing that farmhouse charm.

Homary refers to this style as “refined rustic”, and that description couldn’t be more accurate for this beauty! The candle lights complement the wood lantern cage fabulously.

6. Raindrop Crystal Chandelier

Raindrop Crystal Chandelier
Image source: Sofary

Simply put, this raindrop crystal chandelier by Sofary is stunning. The light shining on the cascade of crystals twinkles and creates a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere in the dining room.

The juxtaposition of the chrome and crystals is exquisite. Imagine hosting holiday parties with friends and romantic dinners with that special someone beneath this masterpiece.

7. Waterfall Bubble Chandelier

bubble light
Image source: The Light Factory

Who isn’t delighted by bubbles? Enjoy this grown-up version of your favorite childhood pastime. The Light Factory ‘s Etsy store offers bubble chandeliers that are made from a blend of large and small hand-blown glass bubbles arranged in a waterfall effect. This waterfall bubble chandelier is 20-inches tall and brings magic to your table!

8. Vine Chandelier

vine chandelier
Image source: Nina Hendrick

This vine-inspired chandelier used in Nina Hendrick’s dining room refresh is a timeless piece that adds a natural yet sophisticated elegance to the farmhouse décor in the dining room.

The teardrop-shaped crystals artfully placed on the bronze detailing remind us of a frost-covered tree in the wintertime. It’s a gorgeous chandelier that we can’t get enough of!

9. Boho Tassel Chandelier

Boho tassel chandelier
Image source: Anthropologie

A boho tassel chandelier could easily be a DIY project, but we love this one shown at Anthropologie. The tassels add texture to the room and the nature of its design allows for variations from product to product so you truly have a one-of-a-kind light fixture.

We’re loving the ivory-colored fringe, but an artfully selected variety of colors would make this design pop!

10. Multi-Metal Chandelier

multi metal chandelier
Image source: North Carolina Yoga Girl

We love the multi-metal style of this chandelier. Straight, clean lines of the chrome cage next to the copper light bulb holders is a gorgeous combination.

Plus, the retro lightbulb look pairs nicely with the farmhouse-style dining room that so many of us love! North Carolina Yoga Girl got it right with the overall dining room design!

11. Dandelion Chandelier

Dandelion Chandelier
Image source: Flyd Co.

Your dandelion wishes can come true with this stunning modern dandelion chandelier sold by FlydCo on Etsy. We appreciate the intricate detail of this handmade light fixture.

It truly does look like the wispy strands of a dandelion. Bring the magic and charm of dandelion wishes into your dining room with this artistic and modern style chandelier.

12. Moroccan Ceiling Lamps

Moroccan ceiling lamp
Image source: Cairo Bazaar

If you like the look of these brass Moroccan ceiling lamps, you’re going to love how it looks with the lights on! The tiny holes in the Moroccan lampshades allow light to escape as little dots that dance across the room.

These Moroccan ceiling lamps by Cairo Bazaar create a warm and inviting atmosphere full of enchantment and charm.

13. Rectangle Pendant

rectangle pendant
Image source: Sarah Virginia Home

The New Orleans rectangle pendant is Sarah Virginia Home’s best-selling product, and for good reason! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it fits in nicely with a variety of dining room designs, whether that’s farmhouse-chic, rustic, formal, or casual.

The interlocking circles complement the rectangle shape of the overall chandelier. The candle-shaped bulbs can be swapped out with the globe-shaped bulbs for a completely different look.

14. Penelope Pendant Light

Penelope Pendant Light
Image source: Magnolia

The penelope pendant light by Magnolia is made out of bamboo, which pairs nicely with dining rooms that have a natural vibe. We imagine an array of green plants or succulents, pinewood flooring, muted earth tones, and an overall minimalist design.

If your room needs an added element of texture, the penelope pendant light is a great option!

15. Candle Style Wagon Wheel

Candle Style Wagon Wheel
Image source: Wayfair

This may be called a wagon wheel chandelier, but it’s actually an octagon shape. This design gives a modern touch to the rustic style of a wagon wheel.

The candle-style wagon wheel chandelier complements a variety of styles, including the farmhouse-chic style, modern farmhouse, French farmhouse rustic, industrial, and even the Spanish décor style. You can get this at Wayfair.

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16. Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting
Image source: HGTV

While this contemporary chandelier from the HGTV website may not work in dining rooms of every style, we can’t deny that this piece is spectacular.

The circular design juxtaposes nicely with the straight, clean lines in the design elements throughout the kitchen and dining area. It pairs perfectly with this contemporary beach-side home and the blue/green glass matches the sea.

17. Minimal Design

minimal design
Image source: Tami Faulkner Design

The simple elegance of this cage-style chandelier complements the overall style of the dining room perfectly. Straight, clean lines give it a minimalist element but the candle-style lighting gives it a formal elegance as well.

We’re loving this dining room’s light and airy design by Tami Faulkner Design. She recommends hanging the light fixture about 32”-36” above the top of the table, and we’d agree that she is right!

18. Green Metal Industrial Pendants

Green Metal Industrial Pendant
Image source: Veranda

These green metal industrial-style pendants are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and in a good way! Designer Ken Fulk included a mix of vintage and artisan finds in the overall design for this California estate that is featured by Veranda.

These vintage pendants are the type of treasures you would be lucky to find at an auction, so keep your eyes and ears open if you want to snag something similar!

19. Rustic Antler Chandelier

Rustic Deer Antler Chandelier
Image source: The Peak Antler Company

Jeff Musgrave at The Peak Antler Company is an artist and maker who practices sculpting with antlers. He creates beautiful masterpieces like the rustic antler chandelier shown above. An antler chandelier can style nicely with farmhouse décor or in a rustic cabin setting.

Depending upon the size of your dining room, you can get antler chandeliers that are quite large, or you can go with smaller versions. Either way, they’re impressive!

20. Chicken Wire Pendant

Chicken Wire Chandelier
Image source: Birch Lane

When it comes to farmhouse-style, you can’t go wrong with incorporating chicken wire and wood elements. The retro-style light bulb gives this design a rustic character and charm that goes perfectly with the décor in the dining room.

This single light cylinder pendant with chicken wire is available at Birch Lane. For larger rooms or longer tables, install two or three of these for the perfect amount of lighting.

21. Wine Glass Holder Light

Wine Glass Holder Light
Image source: Home Lava

A light fixture that doubles as a wine glass holder? Yes, please! It’s remarkable how this simple idea really does create a beautiful chandelier. We really love that this wine glass chandelier will free up space in the cupboards.

Home Lava recommends installing this in a farmhouse-style dining room, but we think it would pair well with a variety of styles.

22. Textured Glass Pendant

Textured Glass Pendant
Image source: Pottery Barn

The textured glass Bryce pendant by Pottery Barn is so simple, yet so stunning. There’s a blend of both classic and contemporary and would go perfectly in a modern-farmhouse dining room.

We’re loving the straight and clean lines, the vintage-inspired light bulb, and iron accents. Add three of these in a larger dining room area for ample lighting at your next dinner party.

23. Cascade Capiz Chandelier

Cascade Capiz Chandelier
Image source: Young House Love

How gorgeous is this Young House Love cascade capiz chandelier? The metallic gold leaf frame feature combined with the iridescent, natural, white capiz shells creates an elegant yet casual style chandelier that we would love to have in the dining room!

Each capiz shell disc is 3-inches in diameter. This chandelier certainly adds personality to the dining room.

24. White Chandelier

White Chandelier
Image source: The Ginger Home

The simple elegance of this white chandelier in the dining room designed by The Ginger Home is lovely. This chic chandelier is charming when featured in a small dining room and goes with a variety of home décor styles.

It’s a look that can easily be replicated with a coat or two of white paint. Here’s an opportunity to go garage sale hunting for an old chandelier that you can make new again with a coat of paint!

25. Fluted Glass Chandelier

fluted glass chandelier
Image source: Rejuvenation

Fluted glass chandeliers bring sophistication to the dining room. We especially love the Willamette clear fluted glass chandelier by Rejuvenation. It’s an Art-Deco-inspired piece with Italian cast textured glass and oil-rubbed bronze detailing.

The design of the glass makes the light beam in various directions throughout the dining room, creating an enchanting glow.

26. Brass Pendant Lighting

brass pendant lighting
Image source: Style by Emily Henderson

Modern style meets antiquity with this brass three-pendant light. It’s simple, yet functional and makes the dining room styled by Emily Henderson cohesive.

This light fixture is great with a long dining room table and provides ample lighting for the entire length so no one is left eating in the dark. Bonus, this can be used on both flat and pitched ceilings.

27. Floral Pendant

Floral Pendant
Image source: Capitol Lighting

The amount of intricate detail on this floral pendant by Capitol Lighting is incredible. The small white blossoms are set against brass for a stellar contrast.

The beaded crystals at the bottom give this pendant a delicate and chic vibe. Peak through the veil of the little white flowers and you’ll see candle-style bulbs that give off a romantic glow.

28. Willow Chandelier

willow chandelier
Image source: Stray Dog Designs

This light fixture is aptly named the willow chandelier. It is handcrafted by Mexican artisans with forged iron and recycled papier mache and is then painted.

We like how this willow chandelier by Stray Dog Designs creates symmetry with the trees just outside of the dining room windows with the inside, giving it a peaceful and natural vibe. It’s also available in a variety of other colors!

29. Sleek Chrome and Glass

Sleek Chrome and Glass
Image source: KNM Decor

This dining room designed by KNM Decor combines lovely, feminine décor with a sleek, chrome, and glass chandelier. This piece provides bright and generous lighting in the dining room.

The chrome and glass chandelier’s simple and classic style allows it to be used in dining rooms with a variety of styles and atmospheres from contemporary to farmhouse-inspired.

30. Wood and Iron Lighting

Wood and Iron
Image source: Progress Lighting

Wood and iron complement each other nicely in this oval-shaped chandelier designed by Progress Lighting. The vintage-inspired bulbs give off a warm glow to create an inviting atmosphere in the dining room area.

The iron and wood chandelier style goes especially well with a farmhouse-inspired design, including rustic-farmhouse, modern-farmhouse, and French-farmhouse. It’s a great size for a large dining room table.

31. Glass Dome Lighting

Glass Dome Lighting
Image source: Shades of Light

The glass dome light fixture by Shades of Light is a beautiful statement piece for a formal dining room. The straight lines of the chrome create a beautiful contrast against the dome-shaped glass.

A smaller dining room area will be good with just one glass dome light fixture, but two would be ideal for a larger dining room.

32. Equilateral Chandelier

Equilateral Chandelier
Image source: Evolution of Style Blog

Adding geometric-shaped dining room lighting to a dining room creates an artistic flair that can’t be matched. The equilateral chandelier used in the Evolution of Style blog is phenomenal.

There’s something striking about a brushed metallic gold finish on a light fixture. It’s truly a statement piece and focal point of this dining room.

33. Slope Pendant Lamps

slope pendant lamps
Image source: Bello Spazio

A series of slope pendant lights in a variety of sizes and shapes catch the eye. We like the slope pendant lamps by Belllo Spazio. There are a variety of finishes and colors to choose from, including copper. The natural vibe of the ones shown above looks great with the potted green plant and pottery.

These slope pendant lights can be combined in so many ways that you truly can create a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture for your dining room.

34. Simple Black

simple black
Image source: Traci Connell Interiors

Black is a classic color that is always in style. This simple black pendant lamp in the dining room styled by Traci Connell Interiors is classy and casual in all the right ways.

The large round circular lamp works best on circular tables. It’s a modern style with clean lines and a casual yet sophisticated vibe.

35. Formal

Image source: Christine Butt

This beautiful dining room is formal, elegant, and oh-so chic. We love the light and airy vibe of this dining room and the formal chandelier lends itself well to this ambiance.

The rectangle-shaped crystals point upwards as opposed to the traditional chandelier where the crystals point downwards. The light bounces generously off of the crystals in this dining room designed by Christine Butt.

36. Beaded Chandelier

beaded chandelier
Image source: Worthing Court Blog

A beaded chandelier adds character and charm to any dining room. It’s especially tasteful in boho chic décor, but we’re loving the texture that it adds to the farmhouse-inspired dining room designed by Worthing Court Blog.

The wooden bead detail gives the dining room a rustic and natural vibe. As with any wooden chandelier, vibrant greenery pairs nicely with it!

37. DIY Cutlery Chandelier

DIY Cutlery Chandelier
Image source: A Host of Things

This DIY cutlery chandelier designed by A Host of Things is a creative addition to the dining room. Pick up an inexpensive cutlery set from a local garage sale or even at a dollar store to create this statement light fixture that is sure to get comments galore from your dinner guests.

The A Host of Things blog walks you through every step of this DIY project, including tips for cleaning the silverware.

38. Modern Nordic Hanging Lamps

modern nordic hanging lamp
Image source: Swidany Shop

If you want your light fixture to be the focal point of your dining room, then go with a modern Nordic hanging lamp designed by Swidany Shop on Etsy.

The lampshades are created from eco-friendly glass stone and come in a variety of shapes that you can mix and match to your taste. How beautiful is the green and blue glass stone that is shown in the picture above?

39. Fireworks Chandelier

fireworks chandelier
Image source: KJLARS

This crystal fireworks chandelier is delicate, wistful, and charming. The twinkle lighting is absolutely stunning. We’re loving the crystal fireworks chandelier from KJLARS on Amazon.

This addition will add a magical, whimsical vibe to your dining room. A formal dining room would be a good fit for this style. Prepare to receive compliments from every guest who enters your home!

40. Skymningen Pendant Lamp

Skymningen pendant lamp
Image source: Ikea

The skymningen pendant lamp from Ikea has a unique shape that sets it apart. The lampshade is designed in a curved turbine shape. It provides a warm ambiance and direct lighting for your dining room.

While we like the cozy appearance of the beige version, the skymningen pendant lamp is also available in a crisp white color.

41. A Pop of Color

Pop of Color
Image source: Studio Munroe

Nothing cheers up a dining room quite like a bright mustard yellow light fixture, especially when there are splashes of the same color throughout the room.

This dining room design by Studio Munroe is fun, modern, and eclectic. It’s no wonder the design is dubbed Vivid. As you’ve seen throughout this article, a dining room light fixture with a pop of color can completely transform a room from bland to grand.