33 Stylish Kitchen Lighting Ideas (Updated For 2024)

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

No matter what room in your home you’re designing, lighting is a critical element to making your room perfect. But, when it comes to kitchens, the lighting you select is one of the most essential pieces to the puzzle. The proper lighting can make a space shine, literally, while choosing poorly can instantly put a damper on your design. 

Lighting can make a significant impact in a space, and it also provides an excellent way to elevate your style choices. Plus, not only do you want it to look fantastic, but it has to be functional as well. If your kitchen’s lighting isn’t good, it can make cooking and preparing meals challenging and frustrating. 

So, if you’re feeling left in the dark when it comes to finding the right lighting for your kitchen, don’t fret. We’ve gathered together 33 fabulous kitchen lighting ideas that will leave you feeling excited and inspired.

1. Gorgeous and Glamorous

Image source: Jverainteriors

These stunning chandeliers above the large kitchen island from Jverainteriors are true showstoppers. They look like classic crystal chandeliers in shape but are actually made from thin pieces of light-colored rope.

They’re elegant and sophisticated, elevating this farmhouse-style kitchen to a posh and stylish space while still maintaining a shabby chic and rustic vibe. Using two matching fixtures instead of one oversized piece helps bring a sense of balance and symmetry into the room as well.

2. Bold Black Fixture

Image source: Maison de Pax

This 6-light chandelier from Hinkley Lighting shines bright in this rustic kitchen from Maison de Pax. The strong steel in a buckeye bronze finish creates a bold statement in the space, with the perfect mix of both modern and industrial.

The dark color plays well against the dark open shelving and white cabinetry and walls, providing excellent contrast. The multiple bulbs are also a great way to cast ambient lighting throughout the room.

3. Use Sconces for Task Lighting

Image source: Pella Windows and Doors

When designing a kitchen, lighting is a critical element because so much goes on in the space. Sometimes, you might want a soft glow emanating throughout the room, while other times, you need something more.

Task lighting helps you tackle important jobs like food prep, washing dishes, and other kitchen duties. The brushed gold sconces that hang above the sink and countertop in this kitchen from Pella Windows and Doors provide the perfect downlighting for the job at hand.

4. A Tisket a Tasket, Make a Light from a Basket

Image source: Sugar & Cloth

If you feel like rolling up your DIY sleeves, you can create a unique light fixture for your kitchen to add your own personal sense of style to the space.

Sugar & Cloth uses a pretty basket and lamp kit to turn something simple into a hanging work of art. You can let your imagination take flight. Choose from endless styles of baskets, leave them natural, or paint them a fun color.

5. Wooden Chandelier

Image source: The Identité Collective

When you hear the word chandelier, you might instantly think of some sparkling, crystal masterpiece adorning your kitchen ceiling. But the truth is, chandeliers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes,

and styles, which means they can fit in well with a traditional space, a more modern design, or anything in between. So, if you have a more rustic room, consider a chandelier like this wooden marvel that The Identité Collective showcases in their farmhouse kitchen reveal.

6. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Image source: Lovetearsandteepees

Some of the best light you can get in a kitchen is from the sunshine. Any natural light that you can take advantage of is a win-win.

If you’re already blessed with big windows, skylights, or some combination like this kitchen from Lovetearsandteepees, then make sure to keep them uncovered so light can enter the space. If windows are hard to come by, consider adding some if your budget allows.

7. Under Cabinet Lighting

Image source: Tim Kyle Co.

A great way to incorporate task lighting in your kitchen without adding multiple fixtures is to use under-cabinet lighting, like in this example from Tim Kyle Co. Since you do a lot of prep work and cooking on your counters, having targeted lighting under the cabinets makes perfect sense.

You can have lighting installed or use LED rope lights to get a similar effect. You can also add special features, like dimmers and remotes.

8. Lights and Plants in One

Image source: Amazon

It’s always a nice touch to add some fresh greenery to a kitchen; it just instantly makes the whole space feel happier and alive. So, why not take this idea and mix it with essential kitchen lighting with these all-in-one pendant lights and planters from Amazon.

They’re the perfect way to add a unique feature to your space; plus, since the plants suspend from the lights, you don’t need to take up counter or wall space.

9. Multiple Mason Jars

Image source: Overstock

This 6-light linear pendant from Overstock brings the perfect bit of rustic charm to a country kitchen. It features mason jars as lamps with a mix of metal and wood, and the whole fixture has a bespoke feel like you could have made it yourself.

In fact, this idea is one that you could recreate with a bit of DIY effort, whether as a hanging fixture or a wall sconce.

10. Rattan Lace Pendants

Image source: Pottery Barn

If DIY isn’t your thing, not to worry. You’ve certainly got a lot of options to choose from when it comes to kitchen lighting.

These delicate rattan pendants from Pottery Barn complement the modern touches in the space and the rustic bar stools, lending a boho-chic style to this all-white kitchen. The rope cords add to the overall tone, and the woven design allows light to filter nicely throughout the space.

11. Add an Accent Color with Light Fixtures

Image source: Lantern & Scroll

No doubt, all-white kitchens are a popular choice. Perhaps it’s because they just look so clean and fresh and timeless–all good characteristics for a kitchen. But when you want to add some color, you’ve got multiple options, from linens to paint and, of course, light fixtures.

Let your lights bring the accent color into your kitchen, like these stunning turquoise lantern pendants from Lantern & Scroll. They’re eye-catching and add just the right amount of color.

12. Turn a Colander Into a Pendant Light

Image source: The Owner Builder Network

A clever way to incorporate some unique lighting into your kitchen is to use some of your everyday utensils and kitchen items to create your fixture.

For example, this DIY project from The Owner Builder Network features a regular kitchen colander, turned upside down and made into a pretty pendant light. All you need for this bright idea are a lamp kit, your favorite kitchen item of choice, and some imagination.

13. Save Head Space with Flush Mount Fixtures

Image source: Wayfair

While undoubtedly dramatic hanging chandeliers and beautiful pendants are fantastic in a kitchen, sometimes, you just don’t have space. Or, maybe you’re just really tall. Either way, you don’t have to sacrifice good lighting for headspace.

Instead, opt for a stylish, modern flush-mount fixture, like this Sputnik design from Wayfair. It includes four lights, which are perfect for illuminating the kitchen area, and it can pair well with multiple styles.

14. Mixing Light Fixtures

Image source: Setting for Four

Having just one light in your kitchen is a recipe for frustration and poorly executed recipes. As previously mentioned, it’s vital to have a mixture of lighting types, like ambient lighting, task lighting, etc.

But, that doesn’t mean all of your fixtures need to be matchy-matchy. Instead, mix up fixtures like in this kitchen from Settingforfour. It showcases some thin, black metal sconces alongside a diamond cage, gold pendant, creating a perfect combo.

15. Perfectly Placed Recessed Lights

Image source: PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting

Recessed lighting can work wonders when it comes to illuminating your space, making it easy to get the bright kitchen you desire. But, recessed lighting doesn’t have to go in a dull, plain ceiling.

In this kitchen from PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting, the recessed lights are strategically placed amidst bold, exposed wooden beams. This kitchen also does a great job mixing various light fixtures. We love the rustic candle chandeliers and task lighting throughout the space.

16. Retro Modern Flair

Image source: Overstock

If you prefer a more retro vibe in your kitchen, but you don’t want to go too old-school with the overall look, finding a good mix of old and new is for you.

This retro-inspired modern light fixture from Overstock features a matte-black finish with ten smokey globes that provide lots of light. This fixture would work equally well in a modern, futuristic kitchen or a vintage space, making it a versatile piece.

17. Copper Accents

Image source: Rejuvenation

Metal light fixtures are a great way to bring a touch of modern rusticity to your kitchen, as well as some industrial flair. Depending on what look you’re going for, you can mix metal fixtures with various elements to create completely different styles.

These amazing copper pendants from Rejuvenation make their mark in this contemporary kitchen with a distinctly urban vibe. They’re just the right touch against the white cabinets, butcher block island, and marble backsplash.

18. Industrial Pipe Light Fixture

Image source: Etsy

If you want to go all the way with the industrial look, then you know exposed pipes are a big part of the industrial design scene.

But, you can also pair pipes with elements like wood and other natural pieces to inspire a more rustic space as well. This linear pendant from Etsy features galvanized pipe and five globe-style bulbs, perfect for shining a light on your style.

19. Fun and Functional

Image source: Amazon

Stepping away from farmhouse and rustic, you can go with a more contemporary, futuristic vibe and have a little fun at the same time. These yellow LED strip lights from Amazon are dimmable and add the perfect ambient light for under-cabinets.

You can also use them along cabinet bases and even outlining the ceiling. Each strip is approximately 16 feet long, plus you can find similar lights in a variety of colors, making it easy to match your kitchen.

20. Pot Rack and Lights Combo

Image source: Amazon

Besides good lighting, another must in any kitchen is proper storage. But, what if you’re limited on space? Some of the most challenging things to store in a kitchen are often pots and pans.

A good solution is a hanging pot rack, which goes perfectly over an island. But what if you want to hang a statement light fixture there as well? Easy. Try this rustic pot-rack with a built-in four-light linear pendant from Amazon to solve both problems with one solution.

21. Geometric Chandelier

Image source: Wayfair

The slim lines of this geometric lantern-style chandelier from Wayfair keep things modern and contemporary, while the five candle-style bulbs add a more rustic touch.

The whole fixture becomes an excellent choice for either a classic modern space or a kitchen with more cottage charm. The brushed nickel finish goes great with the white kitchen, and the open design keeps things light and airy. 

22. Coastal and Modern Globe Lights

Image source: Style at Home

Classic globe-style lights have endured for ages; there’s something stylish and timeless about their simplicity. But, over the years, globe lights have undergone multiple variations and designs.

They can make a space feel more retro or take a room into the future. These dual-tone fixtures from Style at Home feature white and chrome finishes, which lend a modern coastal vibe to this kitchen, playing off the shiplap backsplash and deep navy stools.

23. Upcycled Cake Tins

Image source: Adventures of Mel

When you’re looking around your kitchen for some of your favorite things to turn into DIY light fixtures, consider some vintage cake tins, like Adventures of Mel.

They’re the perfect touch in a vintage kitchen or a more retro space, adding a playful dash of fun and whimsy to the design. Not sure if you have what you need on hand? Hit the antique stores and flea markets; you’re sure to snag some incredible treasures.

24. Cover Old Fluorescent Lights

Image source: Review Daily Life

What do you do if you’re stuck with some less-than-appealing light fixtures in your kitchen, like old, harsh fluorescents? Of course, ideally, you’d swap them out for some fantastic statement pieces, but sometimes time and budget don’t allow for such things.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with those blasts from the past. Check out this idea from Review Daily Life and use some fun fabric and curtain rods to make some more stylish light covers.

25. Use Oversized Pendants

Image source: McGee & Co.

If you’re working with an overly expansive kitchen with high ceilings, like a loft space, choosing lighting futures that are too small can not only look off-balance but won’t provide you with the light you need.

To help fill the void in such an ample space, McGee & Co. uses dramatic, oversized pendants hanging above the island. Anything smaller would get easily lost in the space, but these woven pieces stand their ground.

26. Light and Bright

Image source: Wayfair

Sometimes, you want your light fixtures to make a statement, while other times, you might prefer them to disappear into the background.

If you’d rather your lighting not draw attention away from the rest of your design, or if you’re working in a small space, opt for some clear glass fixtures, like this three-light linear pendant from Wayfair. They allow lots of light to filter through and bounce around the room while staying almost invisible.

27. A Little Teapot Light

Image source: IMPRESSIONEN

If shabby chic style is your thing, here’s an idea bursting with vintage charm from IMPRESSIONEN. Use a teapot to create a cute and quirky pendant light. The best part is, teapots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

So, no matter what palette you have going on in your kitchen, you’re sure to find one to match. Use one pendant above the sink or put multiple teapots together to create a chandelier of kettles.

28. Contemporary Lighting

Image source: In Search of Lights

For a definitive futuristic vibe in your kitchen, opt for an over-the-top contemporary light fixture, like the one in this kitchen from In Search of Lights. The simple design, wavy lines, and overall style are certainly a conversation piece.

The size is also a great match to the high ceilings in this kitchen, filling the space well while the open design keeps it from feeling too overpowering. The bright white light also pops against the blacks and grays.

29. Milk Glass Beauty

Image source: The Lamp Goods

Using vintage pieces in your kitchen can add an instant sense of charm to your space. Plus, depending on how you work the rest of the design, vintage pieces can become modern, traditional, rustic, or something else entirely.

But don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect vintage fixture for your kitchen. There are beautiful replicas available, like this metal fixture from The Lamp Goods, which features a classic milk glass shade that evokes a timeless feel.

30. Vintage Modern Mix

Image source: Pottery Barn

Bring a sense of modern, rustic beauty into your kitchen with some inspired, hand-blown glass pendants from Pottery Barn. The wavy glass and varying styles of the shades give this piece a vintage flair that would be at home in a modern farmhouse kitchen or a more contemporary space.

You can achieve a similar look by gathering three different pendants with some common characteristics and hanging them at various levels to add visual interest.

31. Use Lights Inside of Cabinets

Image source: Bauscher Construction

We’ve looked at lights under cabinets, lighting along the floor, and even lighting along the ceiling. But, there’s another place to add some ambient light in your kitchen, or just a soft glow when the rest of the lights are off.

Installing lighting inside of your cabinets not only can help you find things quickly, but when paired with glass-front cabinets, as shown here in this kitchen from Bauscher Construction, it creates a remarkable and beautiful display piece.

32. Lighting That Reflects Your Style

Image source: Real Construction Group

Lighting can work wonders in a space when used correctly. It can help you feel a certain way and can transform a room entirely. Taking advantage of reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room is one way to add a real wow factor to your kitchen.

The three matching lights in this kitchen from Real Construction Group feature an intricately cut globe shade that diffuses the light and creates a beautiful pattern on the ceiling.

33. Get Your Lighting on Track

Image source: Amazon

Track lighting offers a versatile option for shining light on multiple areas and moving the light to where you need it when you need it. It’s also a great way to add some ambient light to a space when you don’t want to brighten the whole room.

This shiny silver track lighting fixture from Amazon features 6 rotating lights on three folding arms that you can move easily to where you need light the most.