48 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Ideas For Every Style (2024)

Kitchen Island Ideas

Even if you don’t consider yourself a gourmet cook, having a fantastic kitchen is often a top priority; after all, kitchens sell houses. Plus, even in your forever home, a kitchen tends to be the central gathering place, where friends and families congregate and spend time together.

Of course, kitchens are also one of the hardest working rooms in a house, so the more workspace and storage you can have, the better. For this reason, a good kitchen island becomes a truly coveted piece. It provides extra places for cookware and other essentials while also adding additional surface area.

But, these kitchen centerpieces are anything but cookie-cutter furniture items, coming in a variety of styles and sizes, both built-in and portable. You can even convert other furniture into the perfect kitchen island for your space. So, we’ve dug deep and rounded up 48 incredible kitchen island ideas just for you.

The Best Kitchen Island Ideas This Year

1. Glossy White

Glossy White
Image source: Lucy and Company

In this beautiful white kitchen, a glossy island creates a clean and modern room design. The white color reflects the natural light within the room making the space more light and airy. The perfect example of this kitchen island style is shown in this Lucy and Company kitchen. 

2. T-Shaped

Image source: Lucy and Company

A t-shaped kitchen island provides ample space for both food prep and for seating. The size of the t-shaped island is completely up to you. If you want room for six people to sit comfortably at the kitchen bar, you will want a larger island like this one featured by Lucy and Company.

3. Black Cabinets with a White Counter

black cabinets with a white counter
Image source: Adore Magazine

As you can see in this kitchen design featured by Adore Magazine, black cabinets with a white countertop make a beautiful combination. It’s sophisticated and trendy, and is at the top of our list of favorite kitchen island ideas. We like how the natural wood barstools add contrast to the black cabinets.

4. Go Double

go double
Image source: California Home Design

If your kitchen has enough space, you could benefit from going double, with the addition of two kitchen islands! This way, you have a space solely for food prep and another kitchen island that houses a cooktop, dishwasher, or sink. California Home Design shows a kitchen that includes two islands.

5. Mid-Century Modern

mid-century modern
Image source: California Home and Design

The Mid-Century Modern design style is a popular choice. This trendy style incorporates both modern and vintage elements to create a unique design. In this Mid-Century Modern kitchen featured by California Home and Design, the kitchen island features vintage-style cabinets with a more modern style gray countertop.

6. Display Cabinets

display cabinets
Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

If you have family heirlooms or special dishes that you want to display, a kitchen island with display cabinets is an excellent way to keep them safely on display. Flynnside Out Productions places blue kitchen cabinets on the end of this island. The glass panes have wooden grilles for added style.

7. Vibrant Color

vibrant color
Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

For something a little different, but with a lot of character, you can install a kitchen island in a vibrant color. If you are looking to spice up your current kitchen, pick a fun chalk-paint color and it’s an easy project to paint and freshen up your space! Check out this vibrant kitchen island by Flynnside Out Productions.

8. Console Table

console table
Image source: Heidi Caillier Design

If you have a small kitchen but would still like to add additional food prep space, just add a small console table and you’ll be good to go! In this Heidi Caillier Design kitchen, there is a small bar height console table with painted black wooden legs and a white marble countertop.

9. Booth Style Seating

booth style seating
Image source: Jenn Feldman Designs

Comfortable seating in your kitchen can go to a whole new level when you install a kitchen island that includes booth-style seating on one side of it. In this Jenn Feldman Designs kitchen, the kitchen island has an upholstered booth complete with throw pillows! How is that for comfort?

10. Wooden Table

wooden table
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

One of the easiest ways to add a kitchen island to your existing kitchen is to just add a large wooden table to the center of the room. Depending upon the size of your kitchen, you may need to select a narrow table. This one used by Design Shop Interiors is perfect!

11. Shelves

Image source: Annie Schlechter

You can never have enough space for storage, which is why a kitchen island with shelving is such a great idea. You can use the shelves to store plates and bowls as they do in this Annie Schlechter kitchen, or you could use it to display some of your favorite decor pieces.

12. Luxurious

Image source: Fratantoni Luxury Estates, LLC.

A luxurious kitchen requires a luxurious kitchen island! If this is the case for you, you will love this woodworking masterpiece of a kitchen island that’s found in this Fratantoni Luxury Estates, LLC. kitchen. The piece has beautiful detailing and is massive in size, perfect for a large kitchen!

13. Dishwasher

Image source: Lightology

Save space in your cabinets by installing your dishwasher in the kitchen island instead of amongst the main cabinetry, as Lightology does in this kitchen design. This frees up the space where you will be doing most of your cooking, making more room for people to work simultaneously on both cooking and loading or unloading the dishwasher. 

14. Butcher Block and Marble

butcher block and marble
Image source: Digs Design Co.

Can’t decide if you want to go for an elegant style or more of a laid back and traditional style? Have no fear! You can get the best of both worlds when you make half of the kitchen island with a butcher block countertop and the other half with a marble countertop as they’ve done in this kitchen featured by Digs Design Co.

15. Farmhouse Style

farmhouse style
Image source: Clark and Co. Homes

The farmhouse style home has taken the home decor and design world by storm. There’s good reason for that because it’s absolutely beautiful! This farmhouse style kitchen features a kitchen island with black cabinetry and a white marble countertop. The wood and iron barstools are a nice touch in this kitchen featured by Clark and Co. Homes.

16. Brightly Colored Barstools

bright barstools
Image source: Chango & Co.

Even if your kitchen is designed to be neutral in color or mostly white, you can brighten up the room by adding brightly colored barstools at your kitchen island. In this Chango & Co. kitchen, the designer has chosen vibrant yellow barstools to be placed at the black and white kitchen island.

17. Concrete Countertop

Cement Countertop
Image source: Mal Corboy

In this Mal Corboy kitchen design, the island countertop is made of concrete. It’s a unique look and it is a material that will last a long time, especially in a kitchen setting. We like the look of the white cabinetry with the gray concrete countertop.

18. Black, White, and Pink

Black White Pink
Image source: Mal Corboy

If you have a somewhat eccentric style, you may want to choose a kitchen design that is completely different than the norm. Mal Corboy designed this kitchen with a black, white, and pink color scheme. The kitchen island features all three of these colors. This style may not be for everyone, but for those who like the unique, this may be it! 

19. Farmhouse Sink

farmhouse sink
Image source: Alice Lane Interior Design

Another great idea is to add a farmhouse-style sink to your kitchen island, as Alice Lane Interior Design does in this kitchen. You definitely need to have a kitchen with a coordinating design theme, but if you do, this is the perfect addition! 

20. Dark and Moody

dark and moody
Image source: Tate Interiors

A dark and moody kitchen design will be perfectly complemented by a dark and moody kitchen island! In this kitchen by Tate Interiors, the kitchen island has black cabinetry with a dark-colored countertop. The barstools are made of wood with a dark finish and lighter gray padded seats.

21. Upholstered

Image source: Hayburn Co.

This Hayburn Co. kitchen features an upholstered kitchen island. The rounded shape alone is unique and the addition of the upholstered features makes it extra unique. The overall theme in this kitchen is feminine due to the crystal chandelier and the vase of flowers, but the same concept could be installed in a more masculine kitchen.

22. Distressed

Image source: Dustin Halleck

For a vintage-inspired kitchen, a distressed kitchen island may be the way. This wooden kitchen island features painted legs with a natural finish countertop. You don’t have to worry about keeping this type of kitchen island in perfect condition because the distressing just adds character. This kitchen was featured by Dustin Halleck.

23. Concealed Dishwasher

concealed dishwasher
Image source: Three Birds Renovations

We’ve already shared the idea of installing a dishwasher within your kitchen island, but an even better idea is to install a concealed dishwasher within your kitchen island. This way, the dishwasher blends seamlessly with the rest of your cabinetry. We are also loving the gorgeous blue color of this Three Birds Renovations kitchen island.

24. Iron and Wood

Iron and Wood
Image source: Peter Dunham

In this Peter Dunham kitchen, the kitchen island is made with iron legs and a natural wood countertop. A mixture of materials in your kitchen can add character to the room. This island is a counter-height console-style fixture. The matching barstools look perfect!

25. Uniquely Shaped

uniquely shaped
Image source: VYDA Design

Whatever you choose for your kitchen island, choose whatever works best for your personal preferences and needs. If that’s a uniquely shaped kitchen island, like this one by VYDA Design, then so be it! This particular kitchen island is rounded on one side and has extra space for legroom around the bar area.

26. Tile

Image source: Nyla Free Designs

If you’re building a home, you may like the idea of having a kitchen island that is finished with tile. You can always add tile to the perimeter of your existing kitchen island, or you could add a peel and stick wallpaper with a tile pattern. The choice is yours! This one is featured by Nyla Free Designs.

27. Mixed Materials

mixed materials
Image source: Luxe Home Chicago

As we saw in the wood and iron kitchen island idea, mixed materials always add character to your kitchen. In this Luxe Home Chicago kitchen, the island is made with iron, wood, and a granite countertop. This is in addition to the stone flooring and other accents throughout the kitchen.

28. Quartzite

blue quartzite
Image source: Precision Countertops

Quartzite is a gorgeous material for countertops in your kitchen, including on your kitchen island. It pairs beautifully with the painted blue cabinets in this kitchen featured by Precision Countertops. We are also loving the barn door on the vintage-style track.

29. Floating Table

floating table
Image source: Heartly

Add extra legroom by installing a kitchen island that features a floating table. The countertop is cantilevered in such a way that it is supported by the rest of the kitchen island. There is plenty of room for the four barstools in this kitchen featured by Heartly.

30. Double Counters

double counter
Image source: Blue Tea

Blue Tea designed a kitchen island with multiple levels of countertops. In this case, there are double counters. There is a taller section for kitchen prep and a shorter wooden countertop that functions as a bar. If anything, it adds extra dimension to the kitchen.

31. Unique Pattern Marble or Stone

unique patterned marble
Image source: de.arch

You can select a unique pattern marble or other stone material for your kitchen island, like this one featured by de.arch. The black and white pattern is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It has a striking modern appearance that looks gorgeous in this kitchen design.

32. Add a Small Sink

add a small sink
Image source: Carsten Arnold Photography

Everyone can benefit from an extra sink in the kitchen, even a small sink! You can use this sink for quickly washing hands, food prep, or even preparing drinks for guests. The kitchen island in this kitchen featured by Carsten Arnold Photography has a small sink.

33. Island Range Hood

Island Range Hood
Image source: Carsten Arnold Photography

Similar to adding a dishwasher to your kitchen island, adding a stovetop is just as useful! But don’t forget the range hood. We love the style of this chimney island range hood shown in this kitchen featured by Carsten Arnold Photography

34. Attached Dining Table

attached dining table
Image source: Chairma

An attached dining room table is a convenient option for any kitchen. In this kitchen, the kitchen island has an attached table that is more like a traditional dining table than the examples we’ve seen previously. There is plenty of room for family and guests to sit and enjoy a meal! This kitchen was shared by Chairma.

35. Extra Large

extra large
Image source: Chairma

This kitchen island may be the largest one that we have seen! The extra-large size can come in handy when you need lots of space to prep food, serve food, or simply to gather for a game night with numerous friends and family members. We love the color of this kitchen island by Chairma.

36. Vintage-Inspired

vintage inspired
Image source: Ash Grove Kitchens

This Ash Grove Kitchens design features a fun, vintage-inspired kitchen island with numerous accents that we love. First, check out that vintage-style aqua-blue oven and stove! There is a bar attached to this kitchen island with 1950s style barstools. We’re loving how colorful this kitchen is.

37. Modern

Image source: Unterlandstättner Architects

Those who like a modern style that is one of a kind will appreciate this Unterlandstättner Architects kitchen island design. The wood kitchen island is carved out at the center. The angled edges are unique.

38. Sailboat Style

sailboat style
Image source: Ash Grove Kitchens

While this design may not be the right fit for every home, it’s certainly eccentric and unique! However, this sailboat-style kitchen island is perfectly crafted with open shelving and a sink. This Ash Grove Kitchens design would work best in a coastal home.

39. Slatted Wood Shelving

slatted wood shelving
Image source: Crownpoint Cabinetry

We love the look of slatted wood. Whether it’s teak wood or some other species, it’s gorgeous! This Crownpoint Cabinetry kitchen island has slatted wood shelving so you don’t have to worry about any random debris accumulating on the shelves as it tends to do on traditional shelving.

40. Intricate Detailing

intricate detailing
Image source: Crownpoint Cabinetry

The beauty is in the details, right? That’s why this Crownpoint Cabinetry kitchen island is so gorgeous. The ends of the island feature grapes carved into the wood. It’s unique and has an old-world feel. The cabinetry is certainly beautiful!

41. Stainless Steel Details

stainless steel details
Image source: Pablo Veiga

A modern-style kitchen is perfectly accented by stainless steel features. Pablo Veiga uses a kitchen island with stainless steel supports on each side of the fixture. It looks fabulous with the black cabinetry. This is a great design choice.

42. Go Purple

Image source: Impact Design Resources

For anyone who loves the color purple, why not take that preference and add it to your kitchen? In this kitchen featured by Impact Design Resources, the designer uses a deep purple color for the kitchen island cabinets. It works great as an accent with all of the white cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen.

43. Paper Towel Holder

Image source: Wayfair

Add a paper towel holder to your kitchen island. It’s a convenient feature that you will appreciate! You can even purchase a kitchen island that already has a paper towel holder attached to it, like this one sold by Wayfair.

44. DIY Kitchen Island

Image source: A Piece of Rainbow

Create a one-of-a-kind kitchen island when you build it yourself! These DIY kitchen island instructions will help you with this project. A Piece of Rainbow shares these instructions for the farmhouse DIY kitchen island shown in the photo. What a gorgeous and fun color!

45. Add a Towel Rack

Image source: Decor Pad

Similar to a paper towel holder, a towel rack can be just as handy! This kitchen featured by Decor Pad has a nautical-themed towel rack that is unique. If this isn’t your style, you can opt for a more traditional style in a stainless steel or a black finish.

46. Display Fresh Flowers

Image source: The Hyland Homestead

The kitchen island is the perfect spot to display a vase of vibrant fresh flowers. They will help your kitchen appear cheerful and fresh and can even add a sweet fragrance to the air. The yellow flowers on the kitchen island in this The Hyland Homestead design are beautiful!

47. Brass Column

Image source: Chamber Furniture

This idea is a unique one! Add a shiny brass column to one end of your kitchen island for added style. It can function as support, but it’s also a stylish accent. We like the blend of luxurious brass with the wood and iron bar stools. This kitchen was featured by Chamber Furniture.

48. Live Edge Counter

Image source: North Dogwood Co.

A live edge countertop is a one-of-a-kind piece that cannot be replicated. This style is great for kitchens with a rustic style. It adds character and is a great topic for conversation with your guests. This live edge countertop looks especially gorgeous with the painted blue cabinetry that North Dogwood Co. uses in this kitchen.