42 Of The Best Modern Kitchen Ideas With Pictures

Modern Kitchen Ideas

When we think of the modern kitchen design aesthetic, a few features immediately come to mind. We would expect to find shades of black and gray in the color scheme, a cold and sterile vibe, and the highest tech appliances and features that money can buy.

However, a modern kitchen style can go far beyond these assumed features. We’ve created a list of our favorite 42 modern kitchen ideas that highlight a variety of designs, including some with the features previously mentioned and also others with elements we never even thought of!

A modern kitchen doesn’t have to be dark and moody and it doesn’t have to stick to a certain color scheme. Your modern kitchen can be what you make of it. We recommend adding your own personality to the modern design to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen that you are going to love for many years to come.

Our Favorite List Of Modern Kitchens (Updated!)

1. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple
Image source: Adore Magazine

One of the most important concepts of a modern kitchen style is to keep it simple. As you can see in this kitchen that was featured by Adore Magazine, all extras are tucked away within the cabinets so that it appears clean and organized. Of course, there’s always room for a potted plant or vase with greenery.

2. Black and Gray

black and gray
Image source: California Home and Design

As previously mentioned, black and gray are colors that are frequently used in a modern kitchen. California Home and Design features matte black cabinetry with a gray kitchen island. There is also a gray and black dining table and chairs. We are loving the natural sunlight in this room that helps brighten it up.

3. A Kitchen with a View

kitchen with a view
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

If your home is in an ideal location, as this home featured by Design Shop Interiors is, you need to take advantage of the scenery by creating a kitchen with a view. The shape and style of the windows with black framing is a modern look.

4. Artistic

Image source: Annie Schlechter

If you like an eccentric style, you may choose to go with an artistically styled kitchen. Annie Schlechter goes above and beyond with this kitchen that looks more like a piece of art than it does a kitchen! Think outside of the box and create a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

5. Statement Lighting

statement lighting
Image source: Lightology

A statement lighting piece can add just enough flair to a modern kitchen to transform it from boring to beautiful. This Lightology Leonardelli linear pendant light fixture adds a special ambiance to the room with its tiny twinkle-style lights. This is a gorgeous statement piece!

6. Minimalist

Image source: Three Birds Renovations

As we have already mentioned, keeping it simple is the way to go with a modern-style kitchen. Minimalist style is perfect for this concept. This kitchen featured by Three Birds Renovations is both modern and minimalist with natural elements that make it appear bright and airy.

7. Black and Wood

black and wood
Image source: Chango & Co.

If the dark gray and black look is a bit too moody for you, you will love the look of black and natural wood. It is modern with a touch of traditional style. This Chango & Co. kitchen design is the perfect example of this design concept.

8. Undermount Sink

undermount sink
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick

An undermount sink eliminates the extra material that overlaps the countertop. This style of sink helps keep a minimalist appearance in a modern kitchen, like this one by Cuppett Kilpatrick. This particular kitchen is a mid-century modern style that pairs both modern style with more traditional style features.

9. Chimney Style Wall-Mount Stove Hood

chimney style wall mount stove hood
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick

The straight, clean lines of a chimney-style wall-mount stove hood make it the perfect addition to a modern-style kitchen. As you can see in this kitchen by Cuppett Kilpatrick, it complements this modern style perfectly. We are loving the white marble kitchen island and the backsplash.

10. Concealed Fridge

concealed fridge
Image source: Mal Corboy

Create a streamlined look in your modern kitchen by adding a concealed fridge. This helps the fridge blend seamlessly with the cabinets. This Mal Corboy kitchen is the epitome of a modern kitchen. With the gray and white cabinetry and clean lines throughout the entire design, it’s a gorgeous room!

11. Stainless Steel Appliances

stainless steel appliances
Image source: Mal Corboy

An alternative to the concealed fridge idea is to go with all stainless steel appliances. This is especially striking when there are other stainless steel accents throughout the kitchen. The gray backsplash, along with the dark gray cabinetry make the stainless steel accents stand out in this kitchen design by Mal Corboy.

12. Hexagon Light Fixture

hexagon light fixture
Image source: Gilmore Design Studio

As we shared earlier on in this list, statement lighting works wonderfully in a modern kitchen. If you don’t want something that makes a big statement, opt for something more simple like the hexagon light fixture in this Gilmore Design Studio kitchen. It’s stylish, yet not over the top.

13. Stainless Steel Cabinets

stainless steel cabinets
Image source: John Michael Kitchens

Stainless steel cabinets are a modern cabinetry choice. Some modern styles are cold and sterile in appearance, but this John Michael Kitchens design adds wood accents to warm it up. You can have the best of both worlds with this design idea.

14. Black, White, and Gray

Image source: NB Kitchens

Black, white, and gray may be the official colors of a modern-style kitchen. While there are many colors that are used in modern kitchens, these three seem to be the most common and also look the most modern. NB Kitchens uses all three colors to color block the cabinetry in this kitchen.

15. Matte Black Cabinets

Image source: NB Kitchens

We are loving the look of matte black cabinets, like the ones shown here by NB Kitchens. The combination of the black matte look with the natural wood look keeps this kitchen from appearing too cold and dark. We are also loving the copper finish pendant lighting in this kitchen.

16. Wine Chiller

Image source: Retreat Design

For the ultimate convenient and luxurious experience, add a wine chiller to your modern kitchen. In this Retreat Design kitchen, a tall wine chiller blends seamlessly with the matte black cabinetry. The glass door allows you to see how many bottles of wine are left.

17. Sleek Lighting

Image source: Hamiltoun

Here is another example of a matte black kitchen with a darker finish wood. The sleek lighting in this Hamiltoun kitchen looks great with the overall design. The pendant lighting is sleek and stylish with clean lines and a simple style.

18. Modern Artwork

modern artwork
Image source: Nuela Designs

Add character to your modern kitchen by adding coordinating artwork. We are loving the modern artwork hanging on the wall of this Nuela Designs kitchen. The black and white color scheme matches the overall kitchen and it’s a fun addition to the matte black cabinets and white walls.

19. Exposed Black Beams

exposed black beams
Image source: LDA Architecture & Interiors

In more traditional designs, we tend to see exposed wooden beams that are natural wood. In this modern kitchen design by LDA Architecture & Interiors, the exposed beams are a painted black and this goes perfectly with the overall style. The wood-burning fireplace is a classic piece, but this one has a more modern aesthetic.

20. Modern Boho

modern boho
Image source: Chairma

This Chairma kitchen is a completely different take on the modern style. It’s a light and airy design that features white cabinetry, natural wood accents and flooring, and stainless steel appliances. Each piece in this kitchen features straight and clean lines, which add to the modern boho style.

21. Iron and Wood Shelving

iron and wood shelving
Image source: Brain Factory

This Brain Factory kitchen design has an industrial modern style because of the wood and iron open shelving that runs along one whole wall of the room. The combination of the white cabinetry and walls with stainless steel appliances makes it look more modern.

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22. Diagonal Painted Wall

diagonal painted wall
Image source: Brain Factory

Add an accent wall in your kitchen featuring a bright and vibrant color, like this one shared by Brain Factory. This accent wall is painted diagonally with bright yellow on one side and white on the other. This matches perfectly with the dining table chairs. It’s bright and cheerful!

23. Space Age Design

Space age design
Image source: Ash Grove Kitchens

For a completely different vibe, you could design your kitchen with a space-age flair. This kitchen was designed by Ash Grove Kitchens and features bright red accents and stainless steel appliances and kitchen island seating. The overall design theme has a futuristic feel to it.

24. Clean Lines

clean lines
Image source: Dolgopiatova Design

One of the main elements of modern design is straight lines throughout the room. In this Dolgopiatova Design kitchen, the cabinets and even their handles have straight clean lines. The unique light fixture above the kitchen island and the barstools follow suit. 

25. Bright Green Cabinets

bright green cabinets
Image source: Dolgopiatova Design

The bright green cabinets in this Dolgopiatova Design kitchen are unique and beautiful. The color is a rich, emerald green and not one you typically see with kitchen cabinets. We like how the designer placed green glass accents as centerpieces on the dining table. These help pull out the green in the cabinets.

26. Modern Elegance

modern elegance
Image source: Dolgopiatova Design

The combination of both a modern style and an elegant aesthetic is one of our favorites. This Dolgopiatova Design kitchen features items with straight, clean lines as well as luxurious materials like the marble backsplash and flooring. The use of two flooring types with both marble and wood is an interesting idea.

27. State-of-the-Art

state of the art
Image source: Siemens Home UK

There are numerous ways that your modern kitchen can be state-of-the-art, but our favorite idea is to use state-of-the-art appliances and electronics. As you can see in this kitchen idea featured by Siemens Home UK, the stove hood is compact and has a modern style.

28. White Marble Kitchen Island

White Marble Kitchen Island
Image source: Yancy Gonzalez

This kitchen features black matte cabinets, but the kitchen island is manufactured out of beautiful white marble. The contrast between the two stands out. Yancy Gonzalez uses a simple design in this kitchen that is minimalist yet modern and luxurious.

29. The Perfect Storm

the perfect storm
Image source: Pablo Veiga

The best way to describe this Pablo Veiga kitchen design is “the perfect storm”. The walls and backsplash are painted with a technique and color that resembles storm clouds. We love the appearance of the paint colors. The clean lines and style of the cabinetry make it more modern. 

30. Monochrome

Image source: The Palm Co.

This modern-style kitchen features only monochrome colors ranging from black to white with gray in between. This The Palm Co. kitchen has somewhat of a masculine vibe. The color scheme is colder and more sterile than some of the other modern kitchen designs we have seen.

31. Aqua Glass Backsplash

Image source: Piqu

If you like the look of a gray modern kitchen but still want some subtle color to be included, then you will love the aqua glass backsplash in this Piqu kitchen design. The color isn’t overwhelmingly vibrant, but it still adds character to the room. You can never go wrong with a vase of fresh sunflowers for decor!

32. Navy Blue Cabinets

Image source: Piqu

Believe it or not, navy blue cabinets are a great fit for a modern-style kitchen. Much of the design style depends upon clean, straight lines and other accents throughout the room. In this Piqu kitchen design, the chimney-style stove hood is compact and modern, as is the range below it.

33. Add Plants

Image source: SieMatic Seattle

No matter what your kitchen design style is, you can’t go wrong with potted plants. Bright, lush greenery helps freshen up even the darkest of rooms. This particular SieMatic Seattle kitchen designer is somewhat dark with its use of black, gray, and dark brown colors. The plants make this room more inviting.

34. Open Air Kitchen

Image source: SieMatic Seattle

If at all possible, an open-air kitchen is the way to go. You can combine your indoor kitchen with the outdoor breeze when the weather is right. Plus, when the weather isn’t ideal, you can just close the doors. This SieMatic Seattle kitchen is the perfect example of the open-air kitchen concept.

35. Marble and Wood

Image source: Seaton Frank Wood Studio LLC

This kitchen design by Seaton Frank Wood Studio LLC is a blend of elegant and relaxed vibes. The black and white marble is luxurious while the natural wood cabinetry is more traditional and warm. This kitchen has some mid-century modern vibes to it due to the style of the cabinetry.

36. Baseboard Lighting

Image source: Adam Carter

There is something about lighting accents that make a design appear more modern. In this kitchen featured by Adam Carter, baseboard lighting adds extra lighting to this modern kitchen. Not only does it brighten up the room, but it gives it that modern flair.

37. Cabinets with No Handles

Image source: Eleven Interiors

While they might not be the most accessible, cabinets without handles have a modern appeal. The streamlined appearance of the gray cabinets in this Eleven Interiors kitchen design combined with the straight and clean lines makes it modern. A concealed fridge is also a great idea in this type of kitchen.

38. Modern Rustic

Image source: Von Sturmer

This Von Sturmer kitchen design is simply gorgeous. From the architecture down to the mixture of materials used, it has numerous features that stand out. The eye is immediately drawn to the triangular-shaped awning above the kitchen island. It’s unique and we are loving this modern rustic design.

39. A Pop of Color

Image source: Samurai Hardwood Flooring

A pop of color can completely transform a modern kitchen design. In this kitchen featured by Samurai Hardwood Flooring, a teal stripe of tile is used on the backsplash. This pop of color stands out amongst the black, white, gray, and natural wood used throughout the rest of the kitchen.

40. Geometric Kitchen Island

Image source: Burak LAFCI

The kitchen island in this design is geometric-shaped and has beautiful lighting accents along the baseboard. The black wood features diagonal lines that give the room texture. Burak LAFCI decorates this kitchen with almost all matte black, but uses lighting as an accent.

41. Modern Coastal

Image source: Winning Appliances

How gorgeous is this modern-coastal-themed kitchen design featured by Winning Appliances? The light blue color of the kitchen bar pairs nicely with the white marble and woven accents in the room. This modern style is brighter and more cheerful than some of the darker colored kitchens we have seen.

42. In Drawer Charging Station

Image source: Studio Dearborn

No modern kitchen would be complete without a built-in drawer charging station like this one featured by Studio Dearborn. No more tangled cords or misplaced chargers! You’ll always know where to find your device and its accessories when you have a designated space to keep all of them.