47 Of The Best Gray Kitchen Ideas With Pictures

Gray Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen is quite often the heart of a home, and the odds are extremely high that you spend a lot of time there. Plus, whenever you have friends or family over, the kitchen tends to be where people end up hanging out.

Kitchens have become so much more than just a place to prepare food; they’re a place for conversation, family game nights, wine tastings with friends, and anything else that floats your boat. So, besides having to be functional, it makes sense that you want your kitchen to look fantastic, too. 

Gray kitchens have become very popular for their beauty and their flexibility when it comes to working with various styles. But, with so many different options out there, how do you find the best look for your kitchen? Easy. Just sit back and scroll through this amazing list of 47 gorgeous gray kitchens to find the inspiration you need to get your design cooking.

1. Classic Gray Kitchen

Image source: Diamond Homes via Instagram

This classic gray kitchen from Diamond Homes features dark gray cabinetry, a mixed-gray tile backsplash, and gray floors. The countertops also showcase a light gloss gray, and everything works well with the stainless steel appliances throughout the space.

The soft gray on the walls and the white tray ceiling, as well as the series of upper windows, keeps everything bright and open. 

2. Add an Island

Image source: Etsy

This stunning kitchen mixes clean lines with some traditional and modern touches to create a sophisticated space. The gray kitchen island from Etsy is the perfect way to bring storage and extra workspace into your gray kitchen.

The chevron pattern on the sink and stove backsplashes blends perfectly with the long, horizontal tiles elsewhere. The beautiful countertops help marry the white tile with the gray cabinets, bringing a cohesive element into the space.

3. Checkered Floor

Image source: White Kitchen Decorations via Pinterest

White and black is a classic, but it’s important to keep things in check. This well-balanced kitchen mixes dark gray, almost-black cabinetry and a large island with white lower cabinets and white walls to make a modern kitchen that doesn’t feel too stark.

The star of the show is the white and gray checkered floor, which truly makes this kitchen from White Kitchen Decorations. It adds a softer touch to the space, keeping things inviting. 

4. Gray Freestanding Pantry

Image source: Wayfair

No matter what style you want in your kitchen, storage is an absolute must. You always need a place for table linens, extra cookware, or even spare food items.

If you’re designing an all-gray kitchen, then opting for a beautiful freestanding pantry, like this one from Wayfair, is a great way to incorporate your storage into your style. You can use it for kitchen essentials, backstock food items, or a place to store your partyware.

5. Modern Marvel

Image source: Maderuca Carpentiria via Instagram

This stunning kitchen from Maderuca Carpentiria brings a sleek contemporary style together with mid-century touches. The combination of gray and white is always a winner.

Plus, you can’t deny it looks incredible with the pops of brushed gold metallics throughout the space. The overall look is elegant and bold. The waterfall effect on the peninsula and how the counters and backsplash match, maintain a sense of openness in the room. 

6. Charcoal Stoneware

Image source: Pottery Barn

When you’re putting together your kitchen, don’t forget about all of the finishing touches, like your serving ware and dishes. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll use accessories and dishware to bring in pops of color, or will you opt for a more monochromatic look and go with various shades of gray in your space?

If you choose the latter, consider these amazing stoneware dishes from Pottery Barn; the charcoal color is the perfect complement to a gray kitchen. 

7. Butcher Block Counters

Image source: Becki Owens

A gray kitchen doesn’t mean you have to put gray everywhere. In fact, balancing out the gray with another tone or color can create a fantastic effect. Just take a look at this inviting and warm kitchen from Becki Owens.

The soft grays, marble island countertop, and stainless steel appliances work in perfect harmony with the natural wood tones, including the butcher block countertops along the wall. Using two different countertops is a great way to bring interest into the space.  

8. Gray Tile Backsplash

Image source: Lonny

There are countless options available when it comes to tile, making choosing your backsplash a big decision. This dark gray modern tile in this kitchen from Lonny is a great choice for a gray kitchen.

It especially pops against the wood tones of the floating shelves. Using a thin, white grout line helps the slim tiles pop, and overall, the tiles give the space a bit of a modern touch. 

9. Down-Home Charm

Image source: Madison Avenue Design via Instagram

This farmhouse-inspired modern kitchen from Madison Avenue Design mixes a country and a city vibe to create a sophisticated space full of classic charm. The light gray upper cabinets contrast just enough with the dark gray lower cabinets to add visual interest. 

Plus, the glass in the upper cabinets is the perfect solution if you want to maintain an open feeling without using open shelving.  It keeps things open and airy, but your things stay dust-free at the same time. 

10. Gray Brick Wall

Image source: Stone Farm via Pinterest

If you want a more rustic look in your kitchen, consider working in an exposed brick wall like Stone Farm. The natural gray tones throughout the brick play against the white cabinets, and the white and gray countertops and stainless steel appliances bring the perfect balance to the space. The upper cabinets are limited, with just a couple of shelves, so the brick wall can take center stage.

11. Weathered Gray Cabinets

Image source: Deering’s Custom Cabinets

The fun thing about design is you can do so many different things within a style. Another way to achieve a more country or rustic style in your gray kitchen is to use a weathered technique on your cabinets.

These gorgeous cabinets from Deering’s Custom Cabinets are an excellent addition to this more glamorous farmhouse design. They work well with the granite countertops and quatrefoil-tile backsplash. The farmhouse-style range hood features the same weathered look, helping keep everything balanced and beautiful. 

12. Industrial Gray Kitchen

Image source: Warehouse Home

This loft space kitchen from Warehouse Home uses dark gray cabinets, chrome and stainless steel accents, and touches of black to create an industrial urban loft space. All of the different elements in the kitchen pop off of the large exposed brick wall.

Plus, they work well with the other features in the space, including the black stairs, railing, and the exposed beams above, all of which add to the industrial edge. The gray enamel pendant lights over the island and the sleek white countertops are also excellent touches. 

13. Contemporary Charmer

Image source: Robert Mark McDonald, Realtor via Instagram

Do you love the idea of a cottage kitchen, but also adore the clean lines of a more contemporary space? This modern kitchen from Robert Mark McDonald, Realtor inspires a sense of a contemporary country cottage, thanks to its mix of sleek lines, stainless steel accents, and mixed glass and open shelving among the cabinets. 

The paneling on the island face and above the cabinets and shelving also adds to the more cottage-like feel, and the blend of gray, white, and black is classic. 

14. Modern Urban Loft

Image source: UltraCraft Cabinetry via Pinterest

If you want a hip, urban vibe in your kitchen, which is perfect for a loft-type residence, then check out this kitchen from UltraCraft Cabinetry. The gray-wash on the walls and island, the black countertops, dark cabinetry, and the stainless steel appliances all say industrial urban dream.

Plus, the oversized pendant lights hanging above the island, the wood floors, and the exposed beams give the whole space a rustic edge. 

15. Contemporary Kitchen

Image source: Style Me Pretty

Sleek, shiny, and fresh are all perfect words to describe this contemporary kitchen from Style Me Pretty. The gray on the islands and cabinets is a perfect contrast to the bright white countertops.

Plus the chrome barstools look modern and add just the right touch to this stylish kitchen. The natural light coming in from the side door bounces off of the glittering backsplash and stainless steel appliances, making the whole space feel clean and bright. 

16. Modern Farmhouse

Image source: Little & Co. via Pinterest

This simple and stylish kitchen from Little & Co. takes the farmhouse style and adds modern touches to keep everything minimal yet inviting. The cabinetry features light gray that flows together with the white countertops.

The lighting is charming and the decor is kept to a minimum, bringing in some rustic flavor with wicker baskets, wooden stools, and a few sprigs of greenery. The patterned rug helps cozy up the space, adding to the farmhouse element. 

17. Gray and Gold

Image source: BHDM Design via Instagram

Using metallic is a great way to add some pizazz and sparkle to a space, and in a gray kitchen, gold can really make a statement. In this modern kitchen from BHDM Design, gold hardware stands out proudly against high-gloss gray cabinets.

The combo is especially stunning when it’s paired with the black countertops and black, chevron tile backsplash. To keep things from getting too dark, the walls and flooring stay white. 

18. Mirrored Backsplash

Image source: TileBar

Add a touch of glam to your gray kitchen with a fun, mirrored backsplash, like this one from TileBar. This backsplash makes a real statement. The prism shape of the tiles is brilliant, and the mirrored tiles really pop against the dark grout.

It looks great with the black granite countertops and gray and glass cabinets. Plus, the mirrors help bounce light around the room, adding a dash of sparkle to the kitchen. 

19. Shaker Kitchen

Image source: Love Renovate via Pinterest

A functional and beautiful kitchen is one of the most coveted spaces in a home, and this Shaker kitchen from Love Renovate checks both of those boxes. The all-gray cabinets throughout the space not only look great but offer a ton of storage, along with a matching built-in pantry and hidden fridge.

The island stands out from the crowd thanks to its wooden shelf and butcher block countertops. Plus, the gorgeous copper pendant lights above really bring the whole style together. 

20. Transitional Kitchen

Image source: HGTV

Bridging the gap between styles is easy to do when you have inspiration like this gray farmhouse kitchen from HGTV. The weather dark gray cabinets on the bottom ground the space along with the dark wood floor.

But, the white and gray tile and white, wood ceiling keep things from feeling too heavy. The gleaming farmhouse sink and white décor sprinkled throughout also help balance out the dark gray. 

21. Cabinets That Camouflage

Image source: Miller + Miller

These classic cabinets painted a rich gray with brushed nickel hardware, are really what make this gray kitchen shine. Miller + Miller does a great job showcasing this space, from the sparkling pendants to the beautiful slab countertop on the island.

The flow in this kitchen is perfect because some of the major appliances in the space are playing hide-and-seek. The range hood and the fridge blend in seamlessly thanks to their fronts matching the rest of the cabinetry. 

22. Green and Gray

Image source: Design + Magazine via Instagram

If you want a gray kitchen but don’t know about going all-the-way gray, consider adding another color to help make a statement. Certain colors go incredible with gray, and some can really pop, while others tend to blend well, creating a more calming vibe.

That’s exactly what happens in this kitchen from Design + Magazine, which pairs soft green cabinets against medium gray tones in the backsplash wall, the counters, and the floor. 

23. Light Gray and White

Image source: Savvy Kitchens

This gray kitchen from Savvy Kitchens is almost all-white with its combination of white cabinets, soft gray walls, and a large gray island. The raised natural breakfast bar complements the floating shelves next to the window and also helps add a slight break in the ocean of white and gray.

Lots of natural light and vaulted ceilings, along with light colors throughout, give this kitchen an airy and open ambiance that keeps it pleasant and charming. 

24. Yin and Yang

Image source: The rta Store

Here’s a contemporary interpretation of a gray kitchen, using black and white throughout to create a balanced space. After all, when you mix white and black together, you get gray.

This high-contrast kitchen from The rta Store features a rich, dark stain that balances well with the white subway tile backsplash, white countertops, and let’s not miss this amazing white ceiling. It’s full of architectural interest. Plus, the hanging globe lights incorporate both colors, serving as a practical and creative way to pull everything together. 

25. Modern Black and Gray

Image source: Midcity Design Group via Pinterest

If you’re not a fan of a white and gray kitchen, then how about going with black and gray like Midcity Design Group? The black countertops and appliances blend with the dark gray cabinetry, while light gray floors and a light gray backsplash keep things from going too dark.

The glass in the upper cabinets also helps to keep things from feeling too visually heavy, while the unique light fixture adds a touch of whimsy.

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26. Minimal Masterpiece

Image source: Choeff Levy Fischman via Instagram

If you want a kitchen with lots of storage, look no further than this minimal masterpiece from Choeff Levy Fischman. The space is literally floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall cabinetry in a beautiful light gray.

No knobs or pulls keeps everything streamlined and sleek, as does the massive island with waterfall ends. The decor is also kept to a definite minimum, with just a single white flower pot complete with a lovely orchid. 

27. Gray Granite Sink

Image source: Carved Stone Creations

When you’re going for a gray kitchen, while gray walls, gray floors, and gray cabinets are all popular options, don’t forget about the fixtures in your kitchen.

From the lighting to the decor, you can go gray everywhere, including the kitchen sink. If a rustic or farmhouse style is your cup of tea, then this gray granite sink from Carved Stone Creations makes a big statement in both form and function. 

28. High Gloss Cabinets

Image source: diykitchens

Let your kitchen reflect your personal sense of style, literally, by selecting high-gloss finishes in your kitchen. Using reflective surfaces not only creates a sleek, modern look but also helps bounce light around the room.

This makes it a great choice for smaller kitchens, or if you just want a bright, open feel to your kitchen. In this example from diykitchens, the dark gray cabinets feature a high gloss that reflects all of the natural light pouring in from the huge skylight ceiling. 

29. Soothing Shades of Gray

Image source: Magnet Kitchens via Pinterest

If you want a softer, more feminine feel to your kitchen think about pairing soft gray hues with some rosy shades of pink.

This small, yet stylish, kitchen from Magnet Kitchens does just that, using light gray on all of the cabinetry and dusty rose on the paneled walls and in some of the accessories. Natural wood tones on the other side of the island help bring a sense of balance and rusticity to the space.

30. Statement Lights

Image source: Remodelaholic via Instagram

If you decide to go with a darker gray kitchen, keep things from getting too heavy and dark with some incredible lighting. Lighting is a key element in any design, and it’s even more critical in a kitchen since you’re likely doing a lot of chopping, slicing, and dicing.

In this more industrial take on the farmhouse style, Remodelaholic uses three oversized cage pendant lights in gold, paired with recessed lighting, to keep this space shining bright. 

31. Silver and Gold

Image source: Ulrich, Inc.

When you go light enough with shades of gray, you’ll get a silver-like effect. Paired with the proper finishes and lighting, this can make your kitchen shine. At least that’s how it feels in this stunner from Ulrich, Inc.

The light gray carries throughout the space and blends in seamlessly with the countertops and gorgeous backsplash. Pops of gold through the pendant lights and thoughtful accents make this kitchen a perfect study in silver and gold. 

32. Sleek and Contemporary

Image source: Dillons Kitchen & Interiors

This kitchen from Dillons Kitchen & Interiors has an undoubtedly contemporary edge to it, from the sleek, naked cabinet fronts to the modern-style stools and minimal decor. The high-gloss finishes also contribute to the overall look, giving this kitchen an almost futuristic vibe.

The contrast between light and dark cabinets is also a winner, along with the white drum pendants. And the wood floors and few bunches of fresh flowers keep things welcoming. 

33. Gray with Blue Undertones

Image source: Chervin Kitchen & Bath via Pinterest

This kitchen from Chervin Kitchen & Bath goes with a beautiful shade of gray that features blue undertones, which really stands out nicely from the white tiled wall and stainless steel appliances.

This whole setup creates the perfect bar and prep space in this kitchen, complete with open shelving that matches the cabinetry. The black hardware is also a perfect touch, pairing well with this particular blue-gray color.

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34. Concrete Counters

Image source: Integrity Concrete via Pinterest

Whether industrial, farmhouse, modern, rustic, or somewhere in between, you’d be surprised how many styles you can find that work well with concrete countertops.

Plus, these counters are durable and easy to care for, making them a super choice for a kitchen. They also work great in a gray kitchen, like this one from Integrity Concrete, looking especially posh against a white subway tile backsplash and white cabinetry. 

35. Gray Dining Set

Image source: Wayfair

If you have an eat-in kitchen then this charming, transitional wooden dining set from Wayfair is a great way to add some style to your breakfast nook or eating area.

It’s versatile when it comes to style, working well with a modern or contemporary space while being an equally good fit in a more country-inspired kitchen. If you need to seat more than four, you can find endless options for larger tables that can fit your needs. 

36. Use Yellow Accents

Image source: Bondina

This fun and contemporary kitchen from Bondina features some mid-century flair that all come together to create one stylish design. The light gray mottled wall is the perfect break between the bright yellow and dark gray cabinets that surround a wood backsplash.

Carrying the dark gray over to the other side of the room in the table helps balance out the space, and the cage-pendant light fixtures are a perfect retro touch. 

37. Mix Different Hues of Gray

Image source: diykitchens

Can’t decide on what shade of gray to go with in your kitchen? After all, there are so many to choose from (a lot more than 50). But, who says you have to pick just one or two shades of gray?

In this kitchen form diykitchens, you can find multiple hues and tones of gray, from the dark gray on the walls to the lighter gray on the cabinets. Plus the island features a gray with green undertones, while the ender piece is almost black. 

38. Gray and Glass

Image source: Maxima Kitchens & Woodwork via Instagram

If you don’t like the idea of open shelves, but you don’t want the heaviness of cabinet doors, glass is a good compromise. But sometimes, you might not want your cabinet’s interiors so easy to see; so opt for frosted glass, like in this kitchen from Maxima Kitchens & Woodwork.

It provides just the right blend of privacy with maintaining a more open feel. Plus, it looks really cool and adds a modern touch to the room. 

39. Gray with Red Touches

Image source: Trina Hodges via Pinterest

Red is a high-contrast color to gray, but when done well it can really help make a statement in your space. In this kitchen from Trina Hodges, red comes into the room through the decor. You’ll find it in the linens, small appliances, canisters, and flowers.

The rest of the space, including the cabinets and backsplash, maintains a neutral focus with shades of gray, stainless steel appliances and fixtures, and butcherblock counters. 

40. Easy Peasy Backsplash

Image source: Amazon

If you want to create a gray kitchen on a budget, then adding special touches here and there can make a big difference. For example, a tile backsplash that mixes various shades of gray can go a long way in your design, but if you don’t have the time or money to tile your whole backsplash, then fake it instead. This peel-and-stick backsplash from Amazon is the perfect way to get the look you want for less. 

41. Mix in Natural Elements

Image source: Northern Living Kitchen & Baths LTD

This amazing gray kitchen from Northern Living Kitchen & Baths LTD offers an elevated rustic vibe that transports you to a cozy wilderness retreat or comfortable chalet.

The dark gray cabinetry works in perfect harmony with the exposed brick wall and oversized natural wood beams and wood paneled ceiling and walls. Other special touches, like the tree above the stove, rustic stools, and simple accessories help complete the look. 

42. Black and Stainless Accents

Image source: Lowe’s

If going with a sleek, contemporary look doesn’t float your boat, no problem. There’s something for everyone on this list. If you want knobs and pulls on your cabinets, but want to go for a more transitional look or a modern farmhouse vibe, consider these all-black knobs and pulls from Lowe’s.

They’re an especially good match for light gray cabinets and drawers like the ones shown here and also work well if you have black appliances. 

43. Retro Vibes

Image source: Henry Kitchen & Bath

This modern gray kitchen from Henry Kitchen & Bath gives a few definite nods to the 1950s, courtesy of its pink tile backsplash and aqua walls and accents, like the stripe going up and across the ceiling and the vinyl chairs.

An interesting thing to note in this space is the open cabinets on the bottom; we’re used to seeing open cabinets on top. It helps keep the space a little more open, not to mention it makes it a lot easier to grab heavy pots and pans.

44. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Image source: Christopher Dibble via Instagram

A lot of people tend to forget about the ceiling when they design a space, leaving it all white and plain. While that certainly has its place in many rooms, if you’re willing, give your ceiling a little extra attention and create a wow factor in your kitchen.

This gorgeous metal tile ceiling in this kitchen from Christopher Dibble is the perfect cap to this stylish, rustic design. It works well with the colors and the other finishes in the space. 

45. Make a Statement with Copper

Image source: Pinterest

Mixing metals and hardware is a great way to bring a sense of modernity as well as visual interest to any design. But, in this kitchen from Pinterest, mixing up finishes reaches a whole other level with these jaw-dropping copper pendants hanging above the island.

They pick up on the copper faucet and copper pans but also work well with the stainless steel drawer pulls and black knobs. Plus copper really pops against dark gray. 

46. Show Some Sparkle

Image source: Wayfair

Want to add a little glitz and glam to your life while you cook? Kitchens are gathering places in most homes, so there’s no problem with wanting your kitchen to be a real showstopper.

These sparkling crystal teardrop pendant lights from Wayfair fill this kitchen with dazzling light, reflecting it around the room. Pairing them with a high-gloss black countertop and glittering tiles in the backsplash adds to the effect. 

47. Gray and Gleaming

Image source: Ulrich, Inc.

This bright kitchen from Ulrich, Inc. takes everything light, bright, and white and puts it all together into one design to create a dazzling kitchen. The contrasting shades of dark gray, light gray, and white are perfect complements to the silver tile backsplash and other fixtures in this space.

Everything is well thought out, including the modern bar stools and the gorgeous hanging light fixtures that reflect in the elegant stainless steel range hood.