27 Of The Best Blue Cabinet Ideas For Your Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Consider using blue kitchen cabinets during your kitchen remodel or new home construction. White, brown, and gray are a few of the most common colors for kitchen cabinets. However, new color trends are starting to emerge, including the popularity of blue.

Blue cabinets come in a wide range of shades, from soft powder blue to deep, dark blue. You can find a shade to suit your style while bringing more color to your kitchen. Blue is one of the most versatile colors. Lighter shades help create a more inviting kitchen space while darker shades can help add contrast for a bolder look.

The challenge is finding a way to incorporate blue kitchen cabinets that work well with your kitchen layout and personal tastes. To help ensure that you love your new kitchen, we have rounded up 27 of the best blue kitchen cabinet ideas.

1. Midnight Blue Cabinets For More Contrast

Midnight Blue Cabinets
Image source: Wholesale Cabinets

Midnight Blue Shaker cabinets offer a clean, minimalist look, thanks to the fully concealed door hinges and frameless design. The cabinets are available from Wholesale Cabinets and come ready to assemble. The midnight blue color of the cabinets works well with white countertops and appliances. The contrast created by mixing blue and white adds more depth.

2. Minimalist Blue Cabinets

Minimalist Blue Cabinets
Image source: Prime Cabinetry

Admiral Blue Shaker cabinets from Prime Cabinetry are part of the Bella Rain Collection. This is another set of blue kitchen cabinets featuring concealed hinges for a cleaner look. The sleek design should complement any modern kitchen design. The cabinets are also durable and available in a wide range of sizes to fit any kitchen.

3. Affordable Blue Kitchen Cabinet Sets

Affordable Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: Wellborn

If you plan on installing a kitchen island or tall cabinets, examine the options in the Galena Square Maple Kitchen collection. The maple cabinetry is affordable and durable, making it a great choice for those on a budget. It is also available in several shades of blue, including aqua, sapphire, and Bleu Java.

4. Farmhouse Kitchen With Blue Cabinets

Farmhouse Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: Dura Supreme

Update your farmhouse kitchen with hickory cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry featuring navy blue paint with a gray stain. The gray stain gives the cabinetry a weathered look and subdues the navy blue color. The cool, deep blue paint complements natural wood furniture and fixtures, especially items with a hickory wood grain.

5. Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Knobs

Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Knobs
Image source: Chairish

Coordinating blue wallpaper match these pretty cabinets in this butler’s pantry. The gold knob accents really make things pop in this kitchen! Finish it off with a premium wooden counter and you have yourself a to die for little nook in the kitchen. Check out more at Chairish.

6. Gray-Blue Cabinetry For A Neutral Look

Gray Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: RTA Cabinet Store

Gray-blue cabinetry offers a more neutral appearance that works with a wide range of styles, including modern and traditional. For example, the Florence Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets would look great in almost any setting, as they do not overpower the counters and furniture in the room.

7. Monochromatic Kitchen

Monochromatic Kitchen
Image source: Ebay

Monochromatic color palettes offer a chic appearance that looks great in well-lit kitchens. The key is finding the right color, such as a muted blue. A medium shade of blue helps bring out the features of your cabinets and counters without blanketing the entire kitchen in a harsh blue light. Check it out here!

8. Turquoise Kitchen Cabinetry

Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: 27estore

Turquoise is a shade of blue that easily brightens any room, including the kitchen. With turquoise kitchen cabinets, you can add more vibrancy to your kitchen without going too bold with your design choices. It works well with a variety of styles, including beach themes and American Southwest.

9. Powder Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

Powder Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: Lowes

Powder blue was a common color for kitchen appliances and cabinetry following World War II but gradually fell out of favor. The light blue color is subtle but helps make the kitchen space feel lighter and more open. Powder blue and other dusty blue shades also complement stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

10. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Two-tone kitchen cabinets add more visual interest to your kitchen and allow for more design options, such as a bold blue design paired with white cupboards. The lower cabinets feature deep blue colors, such as navy blue or midnight blue. The upper cabinets, counters, and backsplash are all white. More from Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

11. Blue Butler’s Pantry With Blue Cabinets

Blue Butler’s Pantry With Blue Cabinets
Image source: Omega Cabinetry

Omega Cabinetry recently demonstrated how to incorporate a butler’s pantry into blue cabinets with its bold kitchen design. The kitchen features blue cabinets and a double pantry paired with open shelving. The blue contrasts with the gold handles and natural wood shelving to create a cozy-looking kitchen.

12. Grayish Blue Cabinets With Cutout Cabinet Pulls

Grayish Blue Cabinets With Cutout Cabinet Pulls
Image source: Architectural Digest

Cabinets with cutouts instead of handles offer a clean, modern appearance. The cutouts also make the cabinets resemble the prefabricated furniture found in college dorms throughout the country. The youthful style may be the perfect choice for your first kitchen. You can also convert existing cabinets by cutting out the cutouts using a router. Read more.

13. Matte Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Matte Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: IKEA

A dull, matte blue can be used for traditional or modern kitchens. It offers an understated look, allowing the counters and fixtures to stand out. The AXSTAD kitchen series available from Ikea is a good example. It features soft lines and inset panels along with a matte blue finish.

14. Blue Kitchen With Appliance Panels

Blue Kitchen With Appliance Panels
Image source: Semi Handmade

Appliances can throw off the visual flow of the kitchen as they rarely match the cabinets and counters. Using appliance panels allows you to maintain a consistent look across the entire kitchen. You can hide dishwashers, microwaves, and even the fridge behind blue panels that match the rest of the blue kitchen cabinets. More from Semi Handmade.

15. Showcase Your Tableware With Display Cabinets

Showcase Your Tableware With Display Cabinets
Image source: Town N Country Living

Instead of plain old kitchen cabinets, consider installing one or more display cabinets with glass panels. The glass panels provide a way to showcase your favorite tableware and kitchen décor. The glass can also create a more open and spacious appearance, which is useful in smaller kitchens. More from Town N Country Living.

16. Metal Grate Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Grate Kitchen Cabinets
Image source: Decor Pad

Display cabinets often include glass panels but are available with other options, including metal grates. The metal grate allows you to peek at the interior shelves without openly displaying the contents. Blue cabinets with metal grates also provide a unique look that people with eclectic tastes may appreciate. More from Décor Pad.

17. Blue Island And White Cabinets

Blue Island And White Cabinets
Image source: BHG

Consider adding a blue kitchen island to the center of a kitchen with white cabinets. The white cabinets help the blue island remain the focal point of the kitchen, as your eyes are immediately drawn to the center of the room. You could also add a few blue accents around the kitchen, such as blue trim. More from BHG.

18. Alternating Hardware

Alternating Hardware
Image source: HGTV

Instead of using one type of handle on all cabinets, use alternating hardware to highlight the shapes of each door and drawer. For example, use small knobs on upper cabinets and pull handles on lower drawers. It breaks up the monotony of using one type of hardware, especially when remodeling a large kitchen with rows of cabinets. More from HGTV.

19. Blue Cabinets Surrounded By Wood

Blue Cabinets Surrounded By Wood
Image source: NEBS

This is one of our all-time favorites here at homedude! Absolutely loving the wooden hood over the stove and oven, plus the matching color wood on the kitchen island. Blues and wood colored tones are a match made in heaven! Find more beautiful designs like this over at NEBS.

20. Interior-Painted Cabinets

Interior-Painted Cabinets
Image source: Decor Pad

Painting the interior of a cabinet to match an accent piece can help tie the entire kitchen together. Instead of a white or wood grain interior, you can choose vibrant colors that appear elsewhere in the kitchen, such as a piece of furniture. More from Décor Pad.

21. Under Lighting

Kitchen Blue Cabinets With Lighting
Image source: Cerwood

Didn’t think you could pull off bright blue in your kitchen? Think again! This beautiful blue cabinetry featured by Cerwood is really living up to the hype. The extra added touch of lighting fixed underneath the kitchen island pulls it all together.

22. Blue Grooved Kitchen Cabinetry

Blue Grooved Kitchen Cabinetry
Image source: Blue Tea

Grooved panels help create a seamless appearance when used for a row of cabinets. These cabinets often include hidden hinges to help the cabinet doors blend. Consider using handle-less doors on the upper cabinets and simple hardware on the lower cabinets for a minimalist look. More from Blue Tea.

23. Standalone Blue Cabinets

Standalone Blue Cabinets
Image source: Wayfair

Not all kitchens require wall cabinets. If you have limited space, consider installing a standalone cabinet, such as a butler’s pantry or a tall display cabinet with lower drawers. You could also create a unified look by painting existing cabinets and furniture the same color as the standalone cabinets. More from Wayfair.

24. Two Blues

Two Blues
Image source: Sebring Design Build

Choosing more than one color in your kitchen is totally ok, even when it comes to colors like blue! Check out this gorgeous kitchen that has two lighter shades of blue (one surrounding the kitchen island and the other in the back). The different blues help create some separation in the kitchen, which is really nice in smaller kitchens. More on this design can be found at Sebring.

25. Sky-High Cabinets With A Rolling Ladder

Sky-High Cabinets With A Rolling Ladder
Image source: Decor Pad

Make use of the vertical space in taller kitchens by adding a third row of cabinets. The extra cabinets provide more storage but may be out of reach. Installing a rolling ladder, as you would find in a library, creates an interesting look while making everything easier to reach. More from Décor Pad.

26. Raised Cabinets

Raised Cabinets
Image source: RTA Wood Cabinets

Raised cabinets make your kitchen easier to clean and block less light. Crumbs do not accumulate around the kick plates. You can make your kitchen brighter and cleaner with minimal effort. The raised cabinets work best with modern and contemporary styles, including modern blue cabinets with simple hardware. More from Rta Wood Cabinets.

27. Lacquered Blue Cabinets

Image source: Houzz

Lacquered cabinets are a bold look that not everyone appreciates, but the reflective surface can help make a small kitchen appear larger. Using blue kitchen cabinets with a lacquered finish adds more energy to the room, making it a more inviting place for your guests. More from Houzz.