50 Of The Best White Kitchen Ideas That Aren’t Boring

White Kitchen Ideas

A white kitchen creates an atmosphere that is clean and bright. The white color alone makes any room appear more cheerful, especially when there is plenty of natural light to reflect off of the white color.

We have collected 50 white kitchen ideas that we know you will love. There are numerous colors that can be paired with a white design theme and we feature many of them here in this list. Whether you prefer to keep with neutrals or to use bright and bold colors, we have featured both ideas here.

No matter what your personal design style is, we are confident that you will find ideas in this list that will inspire you. From white cabinets to the perfect white paint color and from white kitchen flooring all the way to the white ceiling and everything in between! You can pick and choose which designs and styles that you like, and those that you don’t!

Top 50 Must-See White Kitchens

1. Display White Pottery

Display white pottery
Image source: Lucy and Company

A white kitchen is complete with white pottery displayed on shelving or on the countertops. You could even have a white pottery fruit bowl to hold a variety of colorful fruits. There are numerous pieces of white pottery on the gray open shelves in this kitchen featured by Lucy and Company.

2. Go All White

go all white
Image source: Lucy and Company

Another idea is to go all white in your kitchen. Everything from the cabinets, the backsplash, appliances, the walls, the ceiling, and even the flooring. While this Lucy and Company kitchen design doesn’t have white floors, the rest of the kitchen is almost all white.

3. A Modern Flair

a modern flair
Image source: Adore Magazine

A white kitchen looks especially stylish when it is designed with a modern flair, like this one that is featured by Adore Magazine. The straight, clean lines of the cabinets as well as on the black barstools make it look trendy and modern. The hanging light pendant is also a perfect modern accent.

4. Floating Shelves

floating shelves
Image source: California Home and Design

Floating shelves are a great addition to any kitchen, especially small ones. In a white kitchen, you can install white floating shelves on white walls for a seamless appearance. In this kitchen featured by California Home and Design, various black and white accent pieces are displayed on the white floating shelves.

5. White Pendant Lighting

white pendant lighting
Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

White pendant lighting makes a white kitchen look cohesive and complete. The woven white pendant light shades in this kitchen add texture to the room. White is a bright color that looks especially bright in a room with plenty of natural lighting, like this kitchen by Flynnside Out Productions has.

6. Gold Hardware

gold hardware
Image source: Heidi Caillier Design

A modern white kitchen is perfectly accented by gold hardware. In this Heidi Caillier Design kitchen, the gold hardware is used on the concealed fridge, the cabinets, the faucet, and all of the light fixtures in the room, including the two pendant lights above the kitchen island.

7. White Marble Backsplash

white marble backsplash
Image source: Jenn Feldman Designs

A white marble backsplash gives the kitchen an elegant and luxurious look. It has just enough of the color gray to give it a contrast of color. In this Jenn Feldman Designs kitchen, there are white cabinets with gold hardware, which we mentioned in the previous item on this list.

8. Benjamin Moore Simply White

benjamin moore simply white
Image source: Studio McGee

You may think that choosing a white paint color will be simple, but there are numerous shades of white to choose from. We recommend using Benjamin Moore’s Simply White color, which is shown here in this Studio McGee kitchen design. It is a classic color that pairs nicely with any color.

9. Concealed Fridge

concealed fridge
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

Your white kitchen will look best if you can either install a concealed fridge or use white appliances. However, we prefer the look of a concealed fridge because it makes the room look much more put together. You can see an example in this kitchen design by Design Shop Interiors.

10. Subway Tile

subway tile
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Subway tile is a popular choice for both kitchens and baths. There are quite a few choices when it comes to this style. You can choose to go with white grouting, or go with darker grouting like is shown in this Annie Schlechter kitchen design. There are also various sizes of the tile.

11. Luxurious

Image source: Fratantoni Luxury Estates, LLC.

Using all whites and neutral colors creates a look that is luxurious. In this Fratantoni Luxury Estates, LLC. kitchen, the light colors look extravagant and elegant. Combining white, taupe, gray, and tan keeps the room looking bright while also creating a luxurious atmosphere.

12. Lacquered Cabinets

Lacquered Cabinets
Image source: Britto Charette

Lacquered cabinets are glossy and reflect light to make the space seem brighter. In this Britto Charette kitchen design, there are large windows adjacent to the cabinets. You can see how the light is reflected from the cabinets making the space brighter.

13. Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceiling
Image source: Digs Design Co.

A shiplap ceiling is a unique way to add texture to your kitchen. We typically see shiplap applied on walls, but it looks just as beautiful on the ceiling. You could even use white wood paneling to achieve a similar look. This kitchen was featured by Digs Design Co.

14. Black Countertops

black countertops
Image source: Digs Design Co.

Black countertops in a white kitchen contrast nicely. It is a traditional farmhouse look that is stylish and trendy. In this kitchen featured by Digs Design Co., there are white cabinets and walls with black countertops, chairs, and a pendant light fixture. The overall look is beautiful!

15. French Farmhouse

french farmhouse
Image source: Clark and Co. Homes

Speaking of the farmhouse style, white is a great color for the French farmhouse-style kitchen like this one from Clark and Co. Homes. This style is elegant and laid back at the same time. It’s a beautiful design! The natural wood accents look great with the white cabinetry.

16. Zillage Tile

zillage tile
Image source: Chango & Co.

We love the look of zillage tile. It gives any room character and adds texture to the overall style. White zillage tile is especially gorgeous, which you can see in this kitchen featured by Chango & Co. Each tile is unique, which adds to the effect.

17. Add Plants

Add Plants
Image source: Chango & Co.

Plants are an excellent addition to any room or space, and a white kitchen is no exception. In fact, the plain white appearance of the kitchen is brightened by the vibrant greenery of the plants. Whether you choose plants that have flowers or are just greenery, they will surely brighten the room. This Chango & Co. kitchen is a great example.

18. White with Blue Backsplash

white with blue backsplash
Image source: Kyle J. Caldwell

The white cabinets in this Kyle J. Caldwell kitchen look spectacular paired with the blue backsplash. Plus, the blue dining chairs help tie the colors together in this kitchen. The style of the wood and steel barstools goes perfectly with the overall design.

19. Colorful Appliances

colorful appliances
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick

A fun way to add color and character to a white kitchen is to install brightly colored appliances. In this Cuppett Kilpatrick kitchen, a bright blue oven is installed amongst white cabinets. The white cabinets make the blue color stand out more than it would otherwise.

20. All White with Gray Island

all white with gray island
Image source: Mal Corboy

This Mal Corboy kitchen is all white with a gray kitchen island. The gray color of the island provides some contrast in the room. This room is white from floor to ceiling, with the exception of the island and the runner rug.

21. Luxurious Barstools

luxurious barstools
Image source: Alice Lane Interior Design

Make your white kitchen more elegant by adding luxurious barstools to your kitchen island. In this Alice Lane Interior Design kitchen, plush white barstools look like a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy a meal. Upholstered barstools look especially luxurious in a white kitchen design.

22. Stainless Steel Pendant Lighting

stainless steel pendant lighting
Image source: Gilmore Design Studio

While we have seen how beautiful gold hardware can be in a white kitchen, stainless steel hardware can be just as gorgeous. It seems to pair well with white in keeping the overall look light and airy. Gilmore Design Studio uses stainless steel pendant lighting in this kitchen and it looks great.

23. A Pop of Color

a pop of color
Image source: Gilmore Design Studio

The great thing about white is that any color will complement it well. You can easily add a pop of color to a white kitchen by adding an accent item or two. This makes it easy to change up your decor. In this Gilmore Design Studio kitchen, they use blue and white barstools to add a pop of color and character.

24. Natural Light

natural light
Image source: Three Birds Renovations

As we have seen in kitchens already mentioned in this list, natural light helps brighten up a room and is especially effective in a white kitchen. As you can see in this Three Birds Renovations kitchen, the light reflects off of the white color in the room making it even brighter.

25. A Copper Stove Hood

A copper stove hood
Image source: Three Birds Renovations

Copper stove hoods are unique and give any kitchen added character and style. Three Birds Renovations uses a detailed copper stove hood in this white kitchen and it looks beautiful. This particular stove hood has a scalloped edge and hammered appearance to it.

26. Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles
Image source: Rita Chan Interiors

Clay tiles are a great way to add texture and character to a white kitchen. Rita Chan Interiors uses clay tiles in this kitchen design and the overall appearance gives it a distressed and natural look. We are also loving the floating shelves that display pottery and wine glasses.

27. Penthouse Kitchen

Penthouse Kitchen
Image source: Elle Decor

Go for a penthouse kitchen look with a white kitchen like this one featured by Elle Decor. All of the surfaces in this kitchen are white, as are the cabinets, walls, and even the doors. The addition of the white flowering plant in a white pot is gorgeous.

28. Black Backsplash

Black backsplash
Image source: Douglas Friedman

The black backsplash looks striking in this kitchen with white cabinetry and a kitchen island. The white cabinets stand out even more because they do not feature any handles or hardware to break their seamless appearance. This kitchen by Douglas Friedman has a modern vibe to it.

29. Add Taupe

add taupe
Image source: VYDA Designs

Taupe is a unique color that isn’t often paired with white in a kitchen, but it looks great in this VYDA Designs kitchen. The color has a softer contrast than the traditional white and black. We are also loving the white marble kitchen island and countertop.

30. White Barn Door

white barn door
Image source: VYDA Design

Depending upon the style of your kitchen and home, a white barn door may be a great addition. In this VYDA Design kitchen, there is a white barn door that slides on a black track. It adds character to this kitchen, as do the stainless steel barstools at the kitchen island.

31. Cottage Style

cottage style
Image source: Veranda

This Veranda kitchen design has a cottage style to it that we love. You can pair white cabinetry with wooden countertops to achieve this style. The painted white wood paneling on the walls is a nice touch. Overall, this is a classic design that creates a cozy atmosphere.

32. A Vibrant Kitchen Island

a vibrant kitchen island
Image source: Luxe Home Chicago

How fun is the vibrant green kitchen island in this white kitchen? It pairs perfectly with the blue, green, and white tile backsplash. This Luxe Home Chicago kitchen is bright, cheerful, and stylish. We are also loving the gold hardware on the cabinets.

33. Color Block Cabinets

color block cabinets
Image source: Nyla Free Designs

If you prefer a design that is unique and eccentric, you will love the idea of having color block cabinets. In this Nyla Free Designs kitchen, there is a section of blue cabinets as well as a section of white cabinets, which creates the color block effect. You could use any colors that you wish!

34. White Plastic Storage Bins

white plastic storage bins
Image source: dom_s_koshkami

For a storage option in your white kitchen, you can’t go wrong with plastic white tubs. Dom_s_koshkami shows these plastic white tubs being used within a cabinet for storage. These work great for keeping items separated and organized. You can find similar ones at The Container Store.

35. Fresh White Flowers

fresh white flowers
Image source: White Haus Collection

Fresh white flowers in a glass vase look especially beautiful in a white kitchen. In this White Haus Collection kitchen, white hydrangeas are displayed in a clear glass vase near the sink on the kitchen island. Flowers give any kitchen a feminine look.

36. Scandinavian

Image source: Lea Design Studio

White is a fabulous color to use if you want to design your kitchen with a Scandinavian inspired style. Lea Design Studio uses white cabinets, white marble for a kitchen island, and matches woven pendant lighting with the chairs at the dining table. The entire design is cohesive and artfully put together.

37. Gray and White Penny Tiles

Image source: NB Kitchens

Gray and white penny tile is also a beautiful backsplash idea for a kitchen. You can see this type of tile backsplash shown by NB Kitchens in this photo. It pairs nicely with white cabinetry and black hardware for the faucet. It is perfect for a farmhouse-inspired kitchen design.

38. Matte White Cabinets

Image source: Retreat Design

The matte white cabinets used in this kitchen by Retreat Design give the room a modern appeal. There is plenty of cabinet space in this kitchen, but the overall design is minimalist. The great thing about having so much cabinet space is that you can tuck everything inside a cabinet and still maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

39. Coastal Vibes

Image source: Orange Moon Interiors

White is also the perfect fit for kitchens with a coastal theme, like this one from Orange Moon Interiors. We like the variety of materials used in this kitchen, from the white ceramic tiles to the white wooden barstools, painted white iron light fixtures, and more. White looks gorgeous with blues and greens too.

40. Scallop Mosaic Tile

Image source: Orange Moon Interiors

Another idea for a white kitchen with a coastal theme is to add scallop mosaic tiles to the backsplash. The colors used in this Orange Moon Interiors are beautiful. Various shades of sea-green and blue pair nicely with the woven accents and light fixtures.

41. Mixed Materials

Image source: Alair Homes

Alair Homes uses a variety of materials in this kitchen design. The white clay tiles have a distressed appearance that also adds texture to the room. Further down along the wall, there are bricks in various shades of gray. There are also white cabinets and a black stove hood that you can see the wood grain on. Plus, the light fixtures are made of iron. 

42. Natural Elements

natural elements
Image source: GW Architect

Add natural elements to an all-white kitchen to make the room appear less cold. In this GW Architect kitchen design, there are numerous natural wood accents throughout the room as well as flowers in a vase and another vase with greenery on the counter.

43. Add a Runner

add a runner
Image source: Eve Gianni Art + Design

While white may not be the best choice for a runner rug in your kitchen, it may work out if you don’t have children to spill on it! However, you can apply this same concept in your kitchen with any color of rug that you prefer. This particular kitchen was designed by Eve Gianni Art + Design.

44. Windows and Doors with Black Frames

windows and doors with black frames
Image source: Katie Monkhouse Interiors

If your kitchen is mostly white in color, we recommend having doors and windows with black frames. The black makes the windows and doors stand out more and adds dimension to the room. You can see this style in this Katie Monkhouse Interiors kitchen design.

45. Greenhouse Inspired

greenhouse inspired
Image source: Blue Tea

Natural light is great for uplifting your mood and creating a cheerful space. In this kitchen featured by Blue Tea, part of the kitchen has a greenhouse design where both the walls and the windows are made of glass. Talk about sunshine galore! We are loving this idea.

46. White Exposed Beams

white exposed beams
Image source: LDA Architecture & Interiors

We typically see exposed natural wooden beams in a home, which is why we like this take on the concept. Paint the wooden beams white for a new look! Don’t worry about covering the wood completely because the distressed look adds character to the room. This kitchen was featured by LDA Architecture & Interiors.

47. Cottage Style Window Grilles

cottage style window grilles
Image source: LDA Architecture & Interiors

Cottage-style window grilles are another great way to add additional white accents to the room, plus they add style and character. You can see an example of this design style in this kitchen featured by LDA Architecture & Interiors. We are also loving the white farmhouse-style sink below the windows.

48. Chevron Tile

chevron tile
Image source: LDA Architecture & Interiors

The tile applied in a chevron pattern in this LDA Architecture & Interiors kitchen design looks beautiful. It adds texture to the room and pairs nicely with the natural wood floating shelves on the wall. We are also loving the bright red pot with the green plant on the shelf.

49. Kitchen Island with a Range Hood

island with range hood
Image source: Carsten Arnold Photography

This white kitchen features an all-white kitchen island with a built-in oven range and a chimney-style range hood. This idea is modern and convenient. We are also loving the glass globe pendant lighting in this kitchen featured by Carsten Arnold Photography.

50. Rustic Elegance

rustic elegance
Image source: Chairma Design Group

We tend to think of white kitchens as looking clean and polished in style, but Chairma Design Group uses a rustic elegant design in this kitchen. The light-colored stone kitchen island with the white countertop is rustic yet elegant. The tiles on the backsplash look gorgeous paired with the vintage-style black stove hood.