49 Beautiful Blue Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Blue Bedroom Ideas

The classic blue color has made its way into interior decorating and style. In fact, it was Pantone’s color of the year in 2020! But there is so much more to blue than just the classic blue hue. There are navy blues, peacock blues, stone blues, and even grays with blue undertones. There are numerous ways to incorporate the color blue into your decor.

We’ve compiled a list of 49 ways that you can use the color blue in your bedroom décor. This color can be used across a variety of styles, from boho to glam, and Art Deco to modern. There are many colors that complement blue well, and we share those in this article too. We are sure that you will find ideas that you can put your own spin on to make it your own! Now you’ll just need to choose which shade of blue to use.

1. Moody Blue Vibes

Moody Blue Vibes
Image source: Victoria Waters Design

This bedroom designed by Victoria Waters Design has moody blues vibes! The various shades of blue throughout the room are smokey and subtle. The walls are gray with blue undertones, which the blues on the bedding help pull out nicely. From the walls to the velvety bedding, to the metallic chandelier, and to the fuzzy carpeting, this room has a lot of texture!

2. DIY French Blue Dresser

DIY french blue dresser
Image source: Blesser House

This DIY project involves something old and something blue to make something new! Here is a weekend DIY project for a French blue dresser. Simply find an old dresser at a garage sale, or use your current dresser, and paint it French blue for a beautiful new look. The distressed look that Blesser House uses in this project is beautiful.

3. Art Deco

Art Deco
Image source: In Two Homes

Bring back the 1920s and 1930s with this art-deco-styled bedroom. The blue wall color is simply gorgeous and we love how the curtains seem to blend with the wall. The tufted, velvet, pink upholstered bedframe looks unexpectedly wonderful against the various blue hues throughout the room. This bedroom, designed by In Two Homes, looks like a place we’d love to relax!

4. Sherwin-Williams Naval

Sherwin-Williams Naval
Image source: Real Simple

If you’re looking for the perfect navy blue paint color, we suggest Sherwin-Williams’ Naval color. It looks especially beautiful paired with white, like what’s shown in this room that was featured by Real Simple. It was actually Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2020! According to them, “naval is where the glamour of Art Deco meets the serenity of a yoga studio.”

5. Upholstered Platform Bed

upholstered platform bed
Image source: Wayfair

This vibrant blue upholstered platform bed would look good in any bedroom with blue decor. The striking blue color is bold enough that it can stand alone as the only blue item in the room, or it pairs well with blue painted walls and other accents. This particular upholstered platform bed is available on Wayfair.

6. Color Block Walls

color block walls
Image source: Lark Interiors

This bedroom features blue and white color block walls. Blue and white pair perfectly and having the upper half of the wall white keeps the room light and airy. We’re loving how Lark Interiors used the blue and white striped area rug in this room with the blue and white color block walls. 

7. Pattern Mixing

Pattern Mixing
Image source: Andrew Howard Interior Design

When styled well, mixing patterns adds character to any room. In this room designed by Andrew Howard Interior Design, a variety of patterns in various blue hues are combined to create this beautiful look. We love the blue and white patterned and upholstered bed frame and how it adds to the pattern mixing. An easy way to create this look is by adding throw pillows.

8. Watercolor Stripes

Watercolor Stripes
Image source: Lucy and Company

This bedroom has some major ocean vibes going on. The blue and white watercolor striped walls bring the beautiful ocean blues right into the bedroom. Lucy and Company uses the painted wall as the colorful focal point and the plain white bedding and furniture are all that’s needed to complete the look. The addition of the accent pillows with ocean prints finishes the room off nicely.

9. Navy Blue Lampshade

Navy Blue Lampshade
Image source: Laura Ashley

The Laura Ashley navy blue linen lampshade in this photo gives the room texture. A simple way to add more blue to a bedroom design is to add a lampshade such as this one. This one looks great on the clear glass lamp base. This particular room has a nice blend of patterns too, from the floral curtains to the striped accent chair.

10. Dark Blue and Grey

dark blue grey
Image source: Fab Mood

How about a bedroom that gives off spa vibes? This bedroom, featured by Fab Mood, artfully combines dark blue and gray to create this lovely space. From the dark blue walls, to the navy blue headboard, and to the bedding in various hues of blues and gray, this bedroom looks like a comfortable spot to relax!

11. Blue Jewel Mirror

Blue Jewel Mirror
Image source: LONNY

What a beautiful blue jewel mirror! The octagon shape looks great against the patterned white and blue wallpaper. This mirror could be hung vertically like it is in the photo, or it could be hung in a more horizontal position. While the mirror is from Bungalow 5, this design was featured by LONNY

12. Accent Chair

Accent Chair
Image source: Perigold

No room is complete without an accent chair! You can finish out your blue bedroom with this Sydney 32” wide-down-cushion armchair from Perigold. This print is also available on a wingback chair if that’s more your style. Blue and white go wonderfully together, making this the perfect addition to a bedroom. Plus, how gorgeous is that navy blue dresser behind this chair? 

13. Statement Art

Statement Art
Image source: HORCHOW

You could get lost in this blue painting featured by HORCHOW. From afar, it gives off a sparkly look but up close you can see that it isn’t sparkly but shows tiny flecks of various shades of blue. It has a lot of texture and would look great as an addition to a blue bedroom or for an accent piece to a neutral-colored room.

14. DIY Navy Blue Dresser

DIY Navy Blue Dresser
Image source: Sand and Sisal

Take your old dresser and make it into something new with this DIY navy blue dresser makeover project. You could also find an inexpensive dresser on Facebook Marketplace, a thrift store, or a garage sale. Simply add a coat or two of navy blue paint and new hardware, and you’ll have a stylish new navy blue dresser like this one featured by Sand and Sisal.

15. Boho Glam

Boho Glam
Image source: Cintrine Living

Combine two styles to create a style of your own like this boho glam bedroom featured by Citrine Living. There’s no question about it, a navy-blue accent wall can completely transform a room. We like how they have used nature-inspired elements like the wooden bed frame, along with golden glamorous accents throughout the room. It truly is boho glam!

16. Nailhead Grasscloth Table

nailhead grasscloth table
Image source: The Entertaining House

Here’s is another beautiful room decorated with blue and white decor. The addition of the blue nailhead grasscloth table is exactly what this spot needs. This unique piece is featured by The Entertaining House. The golden nailheads and the gold accents on the lamp, the flower pot, and the ottomans give this an overall glam look.

17. Light Parisian Blue

Light Parisian Blue
Image source: Apartment Therapy

Here is another great paint color suggestion for a blue bedroom! In this bedroom, Apartment Therapy uses a light Parisian blue for the accent wall. The side table in the same color looks great in this design. The addition of navy blue and white throughout the room gives it dimension and character.

18. Tufted Bench

Tufted Bench
Image source: EMFURN

Add a tufted bench for an additional comfortable place to relax. The velvet material is stain resistant and it has sturdy gold legs. This particular tufted bench is available at EMFURN and would look perfect in a glamorous bedroom with other gold accents. This blue tufted bench helps bring out the blue colors in the painting that’s hung above it.

19. Blue File Cabinet Desk

Blue File Cabinet Desk
Image source: Lark Interiors

This bedroom design features a blue file cabinet-style desk that is unique and perfect for a child. The addition of the bright red chair makes this room an ideal place for a young boy or teen to study and do homework. We love how both look against the white and blue color block wall. This room was styled by Lark Interiors.

20. Vivid Blue Rug

vivid blue rug
Image source: O'Hara Interiors

Even though this room is decorated in neutrals such as gray, white, and brown, the vivid blue rug is an excellent accent to brighten up this space! The diagonal placement of the rug is different, but it works great in this room by O’Hara Interiors. Without this bright blue rug, the room would be pretty bland!

21. Floral Wallpaper

floral wallpaper
Image source: Lucy and Company

The style choice by Lucy and Company of using floral wallpaper gives off retro vibes. The color combination of the sky blue background with gray, yellow, and darker blue flowers is vibrant and cheerful. Since this wallpaper print is so busy, the rest of the room decor can be simple and neutral. The accents of gold on the headboard, accent pillows, and the table legs make this room glamorous.

22. Abstract Artwork

abstract artwork
Image source: Louise Stapleton Interiors

Abstract art that includes any shade of blue looks spectacular in a bedroom with blue decor. This artwork pairs nicely with the vibrant blue bed frames and headboards which expand across the width of the wall. As always, the blue and white color choice is pretty! Louise Stapleton Interiors did an excellent job on this bedroom.

23. Cinderella Theme

cinderella theme
Image source: kelseymichelle85

Bring Cinderella blue into a bedroom with a princess theme. The bed frame and side table used by kelseymichelle85 is adorable and would be perfect in a little girl’s room. The use of the cinderella blue and pastel pink throughout the room makes the room magical. Any little girl would feel like a princess with this fairytale-style bedroom.

24. All Out Blue

all out blue
Image source: Alisa Bloom

If you really want to go all-out blue, you could paint the walls a glossy blue, apply patterned wallpaper to the ceiling, and decorate the room with blue accents. Alisa Bloom uses a white area rug and bedding in this room, but you could certainly use a blue rug and blue bedding!

25. Dark Blue Accent Wall

dark blue accent wall
Image source: Phillip Harrison

An accent wall is a great place to use a dark blue paint color if you don’t want the entire room to be dark. Since the rest of the room is white, the dark blue color of the accent wall is offset.  Phillip Harrison’s design is simply gorgeous. We’re loving the upholstered headboard!

26. Varied Blue Hues

varied blue hues
Image source: The New Design Project

Decorating the bedroom with varied hues of blue gives it a unique look. The darker blue wall makes the light colors of blue within the painting on the wall stand out more. There is just enough color difference between the bedding, accent pillow, and curtains to give the room some contrast. The New Design Project got the style right on this one!

27. Blue and White Chandelier

blue and white chandelier
Image source: Cuckoo 4 Design

We are big fans of anything with the ombre look, even more so when it involves the white and blue ombre look. That’s why we want to highlight the blue and white chandelier that Cuckoo 4 Design uses in this blue-hued bedroom design. The dark blue walls and the white ceiling make this blue ombre chandelier work well in this room.

28. Monogram Accent Pillow

Monogram Accent Pillow
Image source: Kara Cox Interiors

Bring a bit of the south into your style with a monogrammed accent pillow like the one shown here by Kara Cox Interiors. This light blue bedroom style is simple yet elegant. The only thing we would do differently in this room is use matching bedside tables to make the room more symmetrical. 

29. Dragonfly Art

dragonfly art
Image source: Driftwood Interiors

Bring a whimsical element of nature into your style with a cobalt blue dragonfly watercolor print by Driftwood Interiors on Etsy. You don’t have to worry about the dragonfly being harmed to create this piece of art because this is simply a painting, but it sure looks like the real thing! Hang up one, or hang up two for a different look.

30. Navy Ottoman

navy ottoman
Image source: Wayfair

Add a navy blue rectangle ottoman with gold legs to finish your bedroom out with a glamorous look. While the straight, clean lines and design evoke modern luxury, the fabric used is classic. A navy blue rectangle ottoman can be placed at the end of the bed, or next to a wall as an accent piece. Get this at Wayfair.

31. Ombre Curtains

Ombre Curtains
Image source: Amazon

These blue ombre curtains would look spectacular in the same room with the ombre chandelier that we talked about earlier in this list. The linen gradient print adds texture to the room. Another great thing about these blue ombre curtains is that they are machine washable! These beauties are available through the Central Park Store on Amazon.

32. Blue Tile

blue tile
Image source: Vision Interiors Group

It’s not often that you see tile used in a bedroom, but it certainly looks beautiful in this bedroom! The varied blue colors of the tile make this accent wall unique. You can achieve Vision Interiors Group’s look by using real tile, finding a 3D wallpaper, or using peel and stick tiles. Choose whatever works with your budget!

33. Beautiful Blue Lamp

Beautiful Blue Lamp
Image source: Jamie Nesbitt-Weber Interior Design

While most of this bedroom is white, the accents of navy blue trim on the pillows and the taupe-colored accent pillow give the room dimension. Jamie Nesbitt-Weber Interior Design’s use of the bright blue lamp is beautiful and brings out the blue color in the ocean artwork above the bed. It’s amazing what a simple accent piece, like a beautiful blue lamp, can do!

34. Blue and Coral

blue and coral
Image source: The Good Home Interiors and Design

This bedroom gives off a cottage-style coastal vibe with its use of light blue walls, and various shades of blue paired with coral. The Good Home Interiors and Design uses a bright color with navy blue to create a striking look with intense contrast between the two colors. Coral is our favorite color to use with navy blue.

35. Timeless Modern

timeless modern
Image source: Design by Christina Perry

Choosing just the right design elements to create a style that is both modern and timeless isn’t as easy as you might think! However, Design by Christina Perry chose just the right pieces to make it work in this bedroom. The clean lines of the bed frame, side table, and even the lampshade give this room a modern touch, while the bedding keeps it classic.

36. Monochromatic

Image source: Architectural Digest

We shared an all-out blue room earlier on in this list, but now let’s talk about a monochromatic blue bedroom. This room certainly is all-out blue but in a very different way! The ceiling, walls, carpeting, bedding, accent chairs, and trim is all one color of blue, which provides a novel and regal look that was featured on Architectural Digest.

37. Blue Plaid

blue plaid
Image source: Decor Pad

There is something about navy blue and white plaid that reminds us of summertime in the countryside. Decor Pad uses navy blues and white in both plaid and floral prints along with pale pink bedding to pull off this pretty look. Plus, the side table is a beautiful addition to this room. 

38. Patterned Blue Wallpaper

patterned blue wallpaper
Image source: walpaperlist.com

Patterned blue wallpaper on an accent wall in a blue-themed bedroom provides great contrast in the room. These days, you can find just about any print or pattern of wallpaper that your heart might desire. The wallpaper featured by walpaperlist.com has a fun half-circle print. When you are working with a busy pattern, you will want to tone down the rest of the room.

39. Fluffy Blue Throw Blanket

fluffy blue throw blanket
Image source: PB Teen

Take an afternoon nap in style beneath this soft and fluffy blue throw blanket from PB Teen. This bedroom is simple, modern, and white, but the fluffy blue throw blanket is the perfect accent to add just a bit of subtle color and texture to the room.

40. Glam

Image source: DecorGold

Live the glamorous life with this glam bedroom style that is featured by DecorGold. The overall look of this bedroom is both light, airy and elegant. It looks like a peaceful spot to sleep! The color choices are somewhat feminine, but not so much that it’s overdone. This would be the perfect bedroom for a couple!

41. Blue Wooden Clock

Blue Wooden Clock
Image source: The Painted Farm Clockery

The Painted Farm Clockery’s blue wooden clock is a different new look to the traditional farmhouse clock. This clock would look great in any farmhouse-inspired bedroom and will add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral decor style. Add a navy blue rug or navy blue bedding to complete this look!

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42. Blue Rainbow Macrame

blue rainbow macrame
Image source: Shells and Bells Gifts

Who says rainbows can’t be all blue hues? Shells and Bells Gifts has a new take on the multi-colored rainbow and we’re loving it. This blue-colored macrame rainbow would look beautiful hung up on the wall in a bedroom with blue bedding or other blue accents. This particular rainbow has somewhat of an ombre effect. 

43. Powder Blue Locker Storage

Powder Blue Locker Storage
Image source: Smug House Co.

This powder blue locker storage would be a great addition to a child’s, teen’s, or college student’s bedroom. Keep your child’s toys tucked away out of sight in it, your teen’s clutter contained in it, and college students can store their books and other essentials in this storage system from Smug House Co.

44. Color Block Curtains

Color Block Curtains
Image source: Louise Stapleton Interiors

We’ve shown color block walls, but using curtains to create the color block look isn’t something we’ve seen before. There’s no rule saying that all of the curtains in a room need to match, so why not try something different like Louise Stapleton Interiors does in this bedroom? The silver curtain and the white curtain on each side of the bright blue curtain balance out the color.

45. Blue Glass Vase

blue glass vase
Image source: IKEA

When it comes to accent pieces, every bedroom needs some greenery. The visual appearance of blue glass is always attractive, which makes it the perfect option for a vase to hold fresh flowers or greenery like IKEA does in this photo. Whether the flowers or greenery are real is up to you!

46. Eclectic

Image source: Absolutely Beautiful Things

An eclectic style that incorporates bright colors with various shades of blue, such as this one by Absolutely Beautiful Things, is always bright and cheerful. There are numerous elements that incorporate blue in this style, from the vibrant blue upholstered headboard to the blue and white patterned wallpaper, light blue lampshade, accent pillows with blue, and the pottery on the bedside table. 

47. Cottage Style

Cottage Style
Image source: JS Interiors

We’re loving the distressed blue barn door headboard shown in this bedroom. While you may be able to purchase a headboard like the one that JS Interiors uses here, if you live in a rural area you may be able to take old barn doors off of a farmer’s hands. Or if the price is too steep, you can make your own!

48. Drizzle Ceiling

Drizzle Ceiling
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

Oftentimes, when we think of decorating we think of the walls and floor but completely forget about the fact that the ceiling could be painted too. The blue used on this bedroom ceiling is Sherwin-Williams Drizzle. It would be best to stick with lighter shades of blue on the ceiling so that the room isn’t darkened too much. 

49. Fuzzy Pillow Covers

fuzzy pillow covers
Image source: Phantoscope Store

An easy way to add texture to a room is by adding fuzzy pillow covers to your accent pillows, such as the ones shown here from the Phantoscope Store on Amazon. If you don’t have accent pillows, you can usually find inexpensive ones in the clearance section. They might be ugly, but you’ll be covering them with these beauties!