55 Of The Most Stunning Black Bedroom Ideas

Black Bedroom Ideas

The search for stylish and unique room ideas is often full of frustration. Between sifting through guidebooks and trying to decide which looks you like the best, the process is very time-consuming. For an easy, yet rare room theme, consider styling your room around the color black.

Black is a very powerful color. It symbolizes mysticism, strength, and elegance. However, many people tend to stray away from the color black in their rooms because of how it clashes with other designs. Black takes over the entire room, so making a well-rounded room can seem impossible.

Thankfully, there are ways to beautifully incorporate the color black into your bedroom. Either use it tastefully or go all out. The best part about this color is it’s gender-neutral and works perfectly for anybody of any age.

Scroll through the list of our top 55 black bedroom ideas below for ideas and inspiration!

1. Stone Textured Black Wall

Image source: PROjECT

Instead of painting your wall black, add something special to your room with stone walls. This bedroom by PROjECT creates the illusion of natural stone by texturing the wall and painting over it. Textured walls create more dimension in your room and perfectly balances out the dark black color.

2. Black Stained Wood Walls

Image source: Bright Green Door

Not all black rooms are centered around wall paint. Bright Green Door uses an innovative technique of wood paneling. To achieve this look, they stained their wood and arranged each panel to create a perfect aligned peak. Black wood paneling is a great choice for any person looking to create an elevated rustic look.

3. Monochrome Walls and Ceiling

Image source: Rowlands Associates

Don’t shy away from the color black. Go all out like Rowlands Associates does with this room. By painting your walls and ceiling the same black tone, it creates a seamless and uniform atmosphere. People often fear that painting their walls and ceiling monochromatically it will close off the room. This room shows you can create a unique room with this style!

4. Black and Rose Pink Room

Image source: Pretty Little Details

Not all black rooms need to be plain. Add a pop of color like Pretty Little Details did in this black and rose pink room. This is perfect for adding a little feminine flare to a powerful black room. Whether you want to use this theme for your teenager or for yourself, the design is ageless.

5. Black Wooden Panel Walls

Image source: Studio DIY Design

Create an accent wall in your black room by using paneling. Studio DIY Design uses black stained square wood panels surrounded by a grid-like system to elongate the bedroom. Finish the room off with pictures and furniture that suit your style. Perfect for any age!

6. Nature Centered Black Bedroom

Image source: Stephen Tsymbaliuk

The color black doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use this color tastefully like Stephen Tsymbaliuk does. With a huge window that lets light in, paired with tasteful green accents, this nature inspired bedroom uses black colors seamlessly. Instead of focusing on walls of black, this room shows that any style can incorporate dark shades.

7. Black Stone Statement Wall

Image source: Stephen Tsymbaliuk

If you’re looking to bring your outdoor environment inside, this stone wall by Stephen Tsymbaliuk is perfect. The black stone is a unique way to incorporate the dark color into your bedroom without it being too overwhelming and bold. This black look is best for the nature lover or modern enthusiast.

8. Wooden Bookshelf Accent

Image source: Yusuf Nabi

Do you love to read? If your nightstand is cluttered with the newest releases, this black bedroom featured by Yusuf Nabi is sure to inspire you. With a natural wood color, it perfectly complements the black wall behind it. This way, you’re never out of arm’s reach from your favorite book.

9. Tranquil Black Bedroom

Image source: Valeria Mahu

People often think that the color black in a bedroom signifies negative energy. However, this room by Valeria Mahu is a perfect counterbalance for darkness. This black room is full of tranquil green plants. The greenery of life stands out beautifully against a dark wall making it a desirable design for all.

10. Bold Statement Carpet

Image source: Miranda Schroeder

When you have a dark colored room like with Miranda Schroeder’s black walls, it can seem overdone if there isn’t an offsetting feature. This room boasts a red patterned rug to distract the eye from the dark walls. A carpet also provides comfort and increases the likeableness of a bedroom. You can’t go wrong with a cozy rug!

11. Inverted Black Bedroom

Image source: Fashion Lush

Sometimes, black walls may seem too overwhelming. If you still want a black bedroom, consider using black statement pieces with contrasting white walls. Fashion Lush uses fashionable black accents including a ceiling fan, plush blanket, and dark black bedframe. The contrasting colors creates a high-end design that’s suitable for any adult.

12. Black Refined Boho Room

Image source: Bigger Than The Three of Us

Black bedroom walls can get quite distracting and take the focus off of the room itself. Bigger Than The Three Of Us avoids this by using light brown and tan colored features to lighten up the room. The combination of neutral tones from the bed frame, pillows, and floor bring out the beautiful black hue of the rest of the room.

13. Floral Ceiling Art

Image source: Judith Balis Interiors

We often forget that the walls aren’t the only canvas of a room. The ceiling can be decorated too, like in this Judith Balis Interiors bedroom. With black walls, the ceiling is painted with a floral pattern. This creates a very feminine and unique bedroom that you’ll love falling asleep staring up at every night. Ceiling pattern options are endless!

14. Art Inspired Black Bedroom

Image source: Brahim Halawani

If you’re going to paint your room black, go all out with dark features like Brahim Halawani does with this room. Inspired by two large creative paintings, this black room allows the art to be the center of attention. Because there are mostly black colors in the room, the pop of white on the paintings naturally bring the eyes to them. Any artist would love showcasing their art in this black room.

15. Two-Toned Black and Beige Bedroom

Image source: Pretty Olive

Just because you want a black room doesn’t mean it has to be all based around darkness. This room by Pretty Olive modestly uses the color black to give a unique feel to the room. By splitting the wall in half and painting the top a lighter beige color with the bottom a dark black, a contrast is created. This elongates the look of the walls and makes the room seem more spacious.

16. Black Picture Frame Mural Wall

Image source: Cassie Bustamante

Whenever you want to draw attention to something, contrast is key. By putting something bright on top of something dark, like the pictures on this black wall in Cassie Bustamante’s room, it will always stand out. If you love your pictures, bring focus to them by painting your walls black.

17. High Fashion Black Accents

Image source: Blondie In The City

Black rooms don’t have to have black walls – they simply need to use an abundance of the color in the room. This room by Blondie In The City uses white with highly fashionable black accents to stand out. Her plush, cozy bed and blanket, as well as the Chanel paintings, are perfect for anybody who loves fashion.

18. Black and White Children’s Room

Image source: The Mom Edit

Black rooms aren’t just for adults. The Mom Edit uses a dark black accent wall to highlight her children’s room. The wall, combined with the black and white patterned carpet, creates a unique bedroom for a mature kid. Make all of your child’s friends jealous with this posh and stylish black room.

19. Black Zentangle Bedroom

Image source: Zo Sammie Enzo

For more artistic and spiritual individuals, this zentangle bedroom is perfect. Zo Sammie Enzo highlights her tan cloth colored zentangle above a black bed. By using a black theme, the tan color of the patterned zentangle is perfectly highlighted. This room can be recreated with any lighter colored accent piece, too!

20. Cozy Modern Black Bedroom

Image source: Dear Lillie Studio

You can use dark and black colors without compromising your room’s comfort. Dear Lillie Studio painted the walls of this room black but maintained its cozy feel through the use of a modern bed, wispy curtains, and a beautiful rug. Recreate this room’s vibe with black walls and lighter accent pieces.

21. Black and Gold Branch Wallpaper

Image source: Monica Wants It

While most people tend to paint their walls black, it’s not the only option. As seen by Monia Wants It, you can use wallpaper to cover your walls a black color, too. This particular wallpaper has gold branches on it which add a sense of lightness and elegance to the room. No matter what type of black wallpaper you choose, make it match your style.

22. Rustic Black Bedroom

Image source: Like To Know

The color black doesn’t have to signify seriousness. Like To Know uses black walls to highlight her rustic and farmhouse bedroom. By pairing the dark walls with a light-colored wood bench and bright white sheets, it creates a calming oasis. If you’re looking to open up your bedroom, this theme is a great inspiration!

23. Black Room With Statement Headboard

Image source: Swoon Worthy

Black rooms are best for creating statements. But why just make one statement when you can make two? Swoon Worthy uses black walls and a bright yellow headboard to create a bright and bold living space. By adding a statement headboard, you draw attention to the comfiest part of your room.

24. Comfy Black Boho Bedroom

Image source: Curious Egg

The purpose of a bedroom is to provide comfort and tranquility. Curious Egg combines both of these seamlessly with her use of black walls and cozy boho blankets. The black walls introduce a feeling of power, and the tan accents perfectly balance this out. Black boho bedrooms are a great choice for those looking for uniqueness.

25. Contemporary Black and White Room

Image source: Bobby Berk

Because the color black can be overwhelming if overdone, keeping it as an accent wall is a good option. In this room, Bobby Berk introduces black on one wall and pulls the color into various contemporary accents around the room. A black and white painting finishes the bedroom off flawlessly.

26. Black Bedroom With Wraparound Bed Frame

Image source: Devon Grace Interiors

Nothing screams power more than a statement bed does. This room by Devon Grace Interiors uses a black wraparound bed frame to draw attention to the main attraction of the room. It almost blends in with the dark black walls of the bedroom, but it stands out just enough for notice. Paired with white accents and dreamy curtains, you can’t go wrong with this inspiration.

27. Colorful Black Bedroom

Image source: Swoon Worthy

Everything of the same color may be too much for some people to enjoy. In this Swoon Worthy room, the black color is balanced effortlessly with pops of color. From a rainbow painting to a light blue blanket, there’s always a new shade to look at. This room is both modern and artistic!

28. Black Bedroom For Small Spaces

Image source: Design Milk

Small rooms can be difficult to work with. It’s easy to overwhelm them, especially with such a dark color like black. Design Milk flips this idea on its head by painting the whole room black. With the addition of a mirrored armoire and bright pink crocheted blanket, this room looks more spacious than it truly is.

29. Antique Black Bedroom

Image source: Farrow Ball

Modern styles not your thing? This antique black panel room by Farrow Ball is sure to inspire you. By using black walls, you can easily bring out other features of a room. In this case, antique paintings and furniture are highlighted. Perfect for the history lover!

30. Accent Chandelier For Black Bedroom

Image source: VWart Club

The problem with a fully black room is lighting. It can be difficult to get the proper bright lights to reflect because of how the color absorbs light. To easily brighten up the room, take VWart Club’s room as inspiration. An all-black room paired with a statement chandelier and white blankets will make any bedroom pop.

31. Black Bedroom for Men

Image source: BHDM Design

The color black is often considered manly. It’s dark and mysterious. This BHDM Design bedroom takes this idea and runs with it. The black and white hues match those of a high-quality suit which happens to be pictured and framed as well. Any businessman or professional is sure to love this room inspiration!

32. Pitch Black Bedroom

Image source: The Girl With The Green Sofa

Some shades of black are darker than others. In this room by The Girl With The Green Sofa, you can see some of the darkest shades. They create a sense of mystery, especially when combined with the regal feel of this powerful bed. If you’re looking for a room that will make a statement and show confidence, this is a great choice!

33. Bright and Dreamy Black Bedroom

Image source: House of Valentina

Black colors can feel dark and gloomy if not highlighted properly. House of Valentina lets just the right amount of light in to make this bedroom beautiful. The black accent wall is a great feature to provide a darker contrast. With translucent curtains and a white chandelier, there’s no darkness in this room!

34. Contrasting Colored Furniture

Image source: A Crafted Passion

When you paint your walls black, you always need an extra something to stand out in your room. Otherwise, the color will become too overpowering. This room by A Crafted Passion utilizes contrasting colored furniture, in this case white, to help the eye draw away from the walls themselves. Additionally, a geometric wall shelf is a great artistic touch!

35. Feminine Black Bedroom

Image source: In Love With

Black is often wrongfully associated with men. Show off your feminine strength by mixing dark black walls with beautiful floral patterns like In Love With does. The pink and white tones will pop against the flat black panels and dark nightstands. Nobody will ever underestimate you with this bedroom!

36. Artistic Dark Black Bedroom

Image source: My Scandinavian Home

If the goal of your bedroom is for it to be monochromatic, take advice from My Scandinavian Home. Her use of black furniture make it look as though there isn’t actually furniture there. This not only opens up the room, but it allows focus to shift on the more important features – like the beautiful art piece hanging on the wall.

37. Black Bedroom With Black Closet Doors

Image source: Dear Lillie Studio

When painting a room, people often forget about their doors! Dear Lillie Studio didn’t forget about her closets, though. By painting these black as well, instead of leaving them white like most doors, the style is perfectly incorporated throughout the whole room. Remember to paint or style your doors so they don’t wrongfully stand out!

38. Plant-Filled Black Room

Image source: The Nord Room

Perfect for any current or aspiring plant parent, this black room amazingly highlights the greenery of life. The Nord Room introduces a sense of calmness while using black colors to ground the bedroom. This design is perfect for those with large windows that will allow your plant babies to thrive.

39. Black Chalkboard Walls

Image source: Cecelia Moyer Blog

The purpose of redesigning a bedroom is to suit your style. What better way to show off your creativity than with chalkboard walls like this Cecelia Moyer Blog room? She incorporated black chalkboard walls into her children’s’ room – this way, they can draw and style it how they want to. Personality is key!

40. Trendy Black Nursery

Image source: Project Nursery

Black rooms can work perfectly for babies, too! Take Project Nursery’s idea when it comes to designing your new baby’s one-of-a-kind nursery. With a black statement wall and dark features, the cohesive theme is sure to stand out. Not only will your baby love it, but you won’t mind waking up with your child at night and seeing this beautiful room!

41. Unique Cozy Black Bedroom

Image source: u/imkarlandthisweird on Reddit

Two of the boldest colors are black and red. This room by u/imkarlandthisweird on Reddit uses both of these shades synchronously. The black painted walls make the room feel empowered, and the red hues add a sense of excitement. You’ll never find another room exactly like this unique one!

42. Black Room With Redbud Branches

Image source: Dear Lillie Studio

It’s easy for a black room to feel dreary. Dear Lillie Studio eliminates this feeling by incorporating live rosebud branches atop her dresser. This, when paired with the bright light let in through white curtains, makes the bedroom feel alive and peaceful. Don’t let your black walls drag you down – add a pop of color!

43. Beautiful Modern Black Bedroom

Image source: Meghan Basinger

Incorporating black walls into a room when you’re going for a contemporary vibe can be tough. If this is your goal, follow Meghan Basinger’s idea by letting accents do the talking. Your walls shouldn’t be the center of attention – your added features should be. With a chandelier, bright bedding, and light carpet, this black bedroom sure is beautiful.

44. Black Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom

Image source: Blesser House

Are you a country girl at heart? Do you want your bedroom to stand out? This room by Blesser House combines both of these together. Not only do you get a peaceful farmhouse feel from the wooden bed posts, but the black panel wall creates the perfect contrast. This way, you don’t have to choose between two styles you love.

45. Black Padded Bedroom Wall

Image source: Buyer Select

While many people tend to gravitate towards wood, paint, or wallpaper walls, this room by Buyer Select is different. It uses padded leather black panels to create a comfortable, cushioned look. The sheen material lets light bounce off the walls instead of absorbing it all. This way, your black room will never be too dark!

46. Gold Chandelier Accents

Image source: The House Of Silver Lining

You can never go wrong with statement lighting, especially in a black room. The House Of Silver Lining incorporates beautiful gold chandeliers that hang from a high bedroom ceiling. By using a gold color, attention is drawn away from your dark walls and to these statement pieces, thus creating a well-rounded room.

47. Black Room With Emerald Accents

Image source: Addison's Wonderland

Finding colors that match well with black isn’t always simple. Addison’s Wonderland’s use of emerald green against a series of black walls is extremely innovative. It adds even more royal flare than plain black walls do. If you’re looking for a room that nobody else will have, this bedroom is the one to recreate.

48. Black Hardwood Floors

Image source: Taryn Whiteaker

While many people think of their walls being black in a black bedroom, that’s not the only option! For a unique black bedroom, use Taryn Whiteaker’s idea and incorporate black stained wood flooring instead. The dark color will hide messes and stand out against a lighter wall and bedding. Finish off the look with a black bed frame and furniture!

49. Abstract Framed Art Accents

Image source: Murphy Deesign

Black walls perfectly highlight light colored pictures and paintings. Murphy Design shows us how any artist can show off their art by framing their work along a dark black wall. Pair it with white furniture and green plants to bring out the artistic peacefulness of your room.

50. Black Memory Wall

Image source: Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Do you have memories you don’t want to forget? Frame them for everyone to see in your bedroom like Bigger Than The Three Of Us does. Photographs hang perfectly against a black bedroom wall because it acts as a backdrop for your stories. Print out your favorite pictures, frame them with a gold or colored frame, and watch your memories unfold before your eyes.

51. Black Master Bedroom Doors

Image source: Home Bunch

If you feel too overwhelmed by making bold changes, start small by painting your master bedroom doors black like Home Bunch did. This will give you an accent point to look at while in your room and allow you think about other steps you can take to transform your room further. In the meantime, add black accents to your beds, furniture, and walls wherever possible!

52. Peaceful Black Bedroom

Image source: Studio McGee

Black rooms don’t always have to be all black. By painting a singular wall black like Studio McGee does, you can introduce an authoritative vibe in your bedroom without being too demanding. With white ceilings, light floors and carpets, and tan wood accents, you can maintain a calming oasis.

53. Black Patterned Stained Wood Wall

Image source: Design Shop Interiors

Take your stained wood walls one step further by creating a zigzag pattern the panels. By lining up the stained wood this way, like Design Shop Interiors does, you subtly draw attention to the background of your room. Finish off the space with your favorite accent pieces like abstract floral art and gold trim lamps.

54. Backlit Black Wall

Image source: Vyacheslav Koretsky

If you’re looking to create a unique black bedroom, consider replicating this bedroom look by Vyacheslav Koretsky. This room was created by placing LED lights behind spaced out panels of black wood. This produces the illusion that natural light is creeping through the cracks in your walls which highlights the room beautifully. Pair your backlit wall with light colored floors for added depth.

55. Black and Brick Bedroom

Image source: Marra Group

Two of the boldest patterns for a bedroom are black and brick. The Marra Group incorporates both styles perfectly to create a modern relaxing bedroom nook. With this room, instead of the black wall being the accent wall, it’s the brick. Recreate this bedroom and finish it off with comfy couches and stand-out furniture.