20 Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Expensive

make home look expensive

Craving a home that feels sophisticated and luxurious? You don’t need a designer budget to achieve that high-end feel. With a few strategic choices and some creative thinking, you can transform your home into a cozy space that feels expensive and refined.

From the understated charm of crown molding to the plush comfort of high-quality textiles, our list is designed to enhance your interiors’ visual appeal while adding value and character. These ideas cater to various styles and preferences, ensuring you’ll find inspiration to elevate your decor.

Pick and choose from these 20 creative ideas to elevate your space and make it feel undeniably posh.

1. Play With Scale

large lamp next to armchair - make home look expensive with scale
Photo Credit: Essential Home

Juxtapose different scales for a visually interesting look. Place a large floor table next to an armchair, install a floor-to-ceiling display rack on a blank wall, or display a single oversized artwork as a focal point. This unexpected play with scale creates a dynamic and engaging space.

2. Incorporate Crown Molding 

crown molding -  make home look expensive
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Crown molding has a way of making a room look complete; it brings the ceiling and the walls together, giving them an elegant appearance. Without this finishing touch, rooms can look cheap or unfinished. Opt for wider trim styles in materials like plaster or wood for a truly luxurious feel. If your budget is tight, consider painting the molding the same color as your walls but in a semi-gloss finish to create a subtle but impactful contrast.

3. Add Wall Treatments

wainscoting - make home look expensive
Photo Credit: AbstractHouse.com

Architectural details like wainscoting or paneling, and baseboards can add instant character to your home and a custom-built appearance. These features can be surprisingly affordable and achievable, even for the novice DIYer, thanks to a wealth of step-by-step tutorials available on home decor websites and YouTube.

4. Create Statement Ceilings

statement ceilings - make home look expensive
Photo Credit: DelightFULL

Don’t neglect the ceiling, often considered the fifth wall. Adding a bold paint color, wood beams, or even wallpaper can transform a room from the top down. This draws the eye upward and creates a sense of grandeur and surprise, contributing to a more luxurious atmosphere.

5. Build In When You Can

alcove built in
Photo Credit: Vicky @number5.renovation/Instagram

Built-in shelving and cabinetry not only maximize your space by fitting into the nooks and crannies of your home but also add a custom and high-end feel to any room. They provide a seamless look that free-standing furniture rarely achieves and can be designed to match the specific style and needs of your home. Whether it’s a bookcase that spans an entire wall, a window seat with hidden storage, or a bespoke entertainment center, built-ins are a smart investment that can elevate the functionality and appeal of your living space.

6. Layered Lighting

layered lighting
Photo Credit: Covet House

Lighting sets the mood and creates a sense of ambiance in a room. While a single harsh overhead light might be functional, it can leave a space feeling sterile and uninviting. Layering your lighting with a combination of recessed lighting and statement pieces like pendant lamps or sconces creates a more inviting and luxurious feel. Recessed lighting provides general illumination, while statement pieces like chandeliers or sconces add focused light and visual interest. This allows you to adjust the lighting depending on the activity and desired atmosphere, creating a more sophisticated and inviting space.

7. Go Moody

moody paint color for room
Photo Credit: Covet House

Bold, deep, dramatic colors often can feel more luxurious than plain, neutral hues. A room painted in a deep, rich plum or inky blue can create a sophisticated and luxurious feel. Balance the darkness with lighter furniture and pops of metallic accents for a touch of glamour.

8. Mix And Match Textures

mix of textures
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Incorporating a variety of textures adds depth and dimension to a room, making it feel more visually interesting and expensive. Think about combining smooth surfaces like leather ottomans with plush velvet throws, or a crisp linen sofa with a chunky knit blanket. This interplay of textures creates a layered and inviting space that feels more thoughtfully designed.

9. Blend Old And New

living room with vintage finds
Photo Credit: serezniy/Depositphotos

Combine modern pieces with a curated collection of vintage finds for a fresh and unexpected look. For example, pair a vintage Persian rug with a sleek chrome coffee table or a mid-century modern lamp with a plush velvet armchair.

10. Add Drama With A Statement Wall

wallpaper for bathroom
Photo Credit: North & Nether

While a full room of bold wallpaper can be overwhelming, using it strategically on an accent wall can add a touch of drama and sophistication. Opt for a subtle metallic sheen for a touch of glam, or choose a classic damask pattern for timeless elegance. This creates a focal point in the room and adds a layer of visual interest without overwhelming the space.

11. Lush Greenery

living room with plants
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Lush greenery adds a touch of life and vibrancy to a space. Houseplants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and light requirements, so there’s a perfect option for every room. For a low-maintenance approach, consider succulents or snake plants. A strategically placed fiddle leaf fig or monstera plant can add a touch of the tropics. Alternatively, create a terrarium for a beautiful, conversation-starting, unique centerpiece. However, unhealthy or dying plants can have the opposite of a posh effect. If you’re not a natural with plants, don’t despair. There are plenty of other ways to bring a touch of the expensive into your home.

12. Open Up With Mirrors

mirrors reflect light
Photo Credit: Essential Home

Strategically placed mirrors can create the illusion of a larger and more open space, adding a sense of grandeur. Lean a large mirror against a wall opposite a window to reflect light and create depth. In smaller rooms, consider placing mirrors behind furniture or on narrow walls to add a sense of spaciousness. Mirrors add a touch of luxury and can be functional, providing a quick way to check your outfit before heading out.

13. Go Large With Art

large scale wall art
Photo Credit: Caffe Latte Home

An oversized piece of art can command attention and set the tone in a small space. Try a black-and-white photo in a minimalist space, or add color with a vibrant abstract piece. Play with the layout and experiment with different sizes and arrangements to create a visually interesting display. This approach can make your home feel more intentional and give the impression of a higher-end space.

14. Accessorize With Intention

living room with coffee table books and vase
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While accessories can add personality to a space, overcrowding can have the opposite effect. Instead, focus on a few well-chosen pieces that elevate the look and feel of the room. This could be a sculptural vase in a unique material, a vintage globe that adds a touch of history and conversation potential, or a stack of beautiful coffee table books on a topic you find fascinating. The key is choosing pieces with a story to tell and reflect your personality. Arranging them in vignettes on side tables, console tables, or bookshelves adds visual interest and a touch of curated luxury.

15. Declutter And Clean

declutter regularly
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A clean and organized space instantly feels more expensive and put-together. Clutter creates a sense of chaos and can overwhelm the senses. Invest in storage solutions like baskets, ottomans with hidden compartments, or stylish shelving to keep clutter at bay. Declutter regularly and get rid of anything that is broken, unused, or no longer brings you joy. This will not only make your space feel more luxurious but will also improve your sense of peace and well-being.

16. Quality Hardware Makes A Difference

woman opening kitchen drawer, brass handles
Photo Credit: serezniy/Depositphotos

Replacing old, outdated cabinet hardware with sleek knobs and pulls in a high-quality finish can dramatically improve the look and feel of your cabinets and drawers. Opt for hardware in brass, nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze for a touch of sophistication. This seemingly small detail adds a polished look and elevates the overall feel of your kitchen or bathroom.

17. Ground The Space

anchor furniture with a rug
Photo Credit: Covet House

A high-quality area rug in a timeless pattern is an investment piece that can truly transform a room. The right rug can ground furniture, define a space, and add a touch of color and pattern. Choose a neutral rug in a classic pattern like a Persian or Moroccan design for versatility, or opt for a bolder geometric pattern for a more modern look.

18. Breathe New Life

dining room with upholstered dining chairs
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Instead of replacing a tired old chair or a dated dresser, consider giving it a new lease on life. Reupholstering an old chair in a luxurious fabric like velvet or linen can transform it into a statement piece. You can also paint a vintage dresser in a fresh color or add new hardware for a personalized touch with a high-end feel. Upcycling not only saves you money but also allows you to create unique pieces that tell a story and reflect your style.

19. Drape With Drama

modern living room with sofa and table and high quality curtains
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Ditch the blinds and opt for floor-to-ceiling drapes in a luxurious fabric like velvet or linen. Drapes add a touch of drama and sophistication to a room, framing windows and creating a sense of elegance. Choose a neutral color for versatility or a bold pattern for a more dramatic statement. Install them as high as possible to draw the eye upwards to create an illusion of height.

20. Decorate Over Time

Chest drawer on flea market in Italy
Photo Credit: Zetor2010/Depositphotos

Instead of the quick solution of buying full sets of furniture, curate your space with unique pieces that you collect over time. This can include vintage finds, designer pieces, items you handpick from a yard sale, or accessories you buy during your travels. These items often come with a story and craftsmanship that add character and a luxe feel to your home.