30 Of The Best Farmhouse Office Ideas For Your Home

Farmhouse Home Office Ideas

If you work from home, you probably spend a lot of time in your home office — that is… if you have one! Oftentimes, the home office is one of the last places that we decorate. Why not make it a comfortable room with that farmhouse charm that you love?

The farmhouse design blends comfort with practicality, both in the aesthetic and in the materials that are used. Think wood finishes mixed with painted surfaces, a neutral color scheme, and a mix of both vintage and modern elements that give it a personality of its own. It’s the perfect décor for a home office.

You really can’t go wrong when you’re decorating in the farmhouse style because pretty much anything goes! It’s this eclectic mixture of elements that come together for a cohesive look. Make the environment where you spend a lot of your time a comfortable space with a relaxing atmosphere that inspires you to do your best work. We’ve curated some of our favorite ideas for the perfect farmhouse-inspired office!

Get Inspired By These 30 Farmhouse Office Ideas

1. Rustic Home Command Center

Home Command Center
Image source: Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

One feature that we highly recommend for your home office is a command center. You can make it strictly about work, or make it a blend of all of the essential things to remember regarding both your family life and your work life.

We love the DIY rustic style home command center from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow. Nothing says farmhouse quite like chalkboards, distressed wood, and feed-sack-inspired décor. This home command center will keep your life organized.

Keep it near your desk area so that it’s always front and center so you can keep the important things in sight.

2. Chandeliers

Image source: The Blue Hue House

Adding a chandelier is the perfect addition to farmhouse décor. Depending upon your style, you can choose a chandelier that is a chic farmhouse style, modern, rustic, traditional, or industrial, like the one from The Blue Hue House.

The chandelier gives the room personality. Using various materials, textures, and colors in your décor will create a unique and inspirational aesthetic. The perfect chandelier will offer the function of ideal lighting and the one-of-a-kind character that every room needs.

3. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves
Image source: Honeybear Lane

Floating shelves that are made of distressed or reclaimed wood make a beautiful addition to the farmhouse-inspired home office. Use the shelves for their functionality by storing office supplies or books on them.

You can also fill the shelves with décor that speaks to you, statement art with your favorite quotes, or implement a natural element by adding plants. Even better, add fake plants so that you don’t forget to water them!

We love the design of the floating shelves that Honeybear Lane has in her own home office.

4. Add Color that Pops

Add Color That Pops
Image source: Kim Power Style

If you want a cheerful aesthetic, choose a color (or a few) that pops! We love the liberty blue color and patterns that Kim Power Style uses in her home office that’s decorated with a coastal farmhouse look.

If you add décor elements in a color that pops, you can switch out these pieces with changing seasons, holidays, or whenever inspiration hits! It’s a great way to change up a room without having to do any significant remodeling or spend a fortune.

5. The Cloffice

Image source: House of Six Tenth

If you don’t have a designated room in your home for your office, you can convert an extra closet space into your office. This is also a great idea if you’re living in a small home and need to make the most use of every inch of space.

Home on Six Tenth refers to this cozy space as a “cloffice.” Get it? It’s a blend of the words closet and office. Clever, right? We think so too! All you need is a small desk, a chair, and a few extra décor items to top it off.

6. Shiplap Walls

Image source: Southern Made Simple

Whether the entire office is covered in shiplap or if you choose one wall to feature shiplap, it gives the room texture and farmhouse-vibes. We like the idea of having a shiplap wall directly behind the desk area, like Southern Made Simple shows.

If any part of your job requires zoom meetings or going live on social media, you will appreciate this shiplap background! If you don’t want to spend the money for shiplap, there are plenty of guides that show you how to use a sharpie to draw lines on a white wall so that it looks just like shiplap.

7. Add a Comfortable Sitting Chair

Sitting Chair
Image source: Worthing Court Blog

All home offices need a comfortable sitting chair. If you’re a parent, this makes a cozy spot for your little ones to hang out while you work. Plus, you can easily switch from your desk to the chair and work via your laptop in comfort and style.

Worthing Court Blog has two blue-gray sitting chairs, and it makes her office extra homey. Just add a soft blanket and a pretty throw pillow, and you’re good to go!

8. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers
Image source: Stone Gable Blog

Keep colorful fresh flowers in your office for that French-farmhouse-inspired office. Stone Gable Blog keeps brightly colored flowers in a textured white vase on her desk.

Even if you live in an urban area, you can pick up wildflowers at the grocery store and appreciate the appearance of freshly picked wildflowers without having to trek across the prairie to pick them. Enjoy the sweet fragrance as you chase your dreams while working the daily grind.

9. Ball Jars for Storage

Image source: All That Rustic and More

What’s better than old-fashioned Ball jars for a farmhouse-themed home office when it comes to storing pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies? The All That Rustic and More shop on Etsy offers these cute painted Ball jar sets in various colors, including white, ivory, teal, pink, and rose gold, just to name a few!

If you’re the crafty type, this is an easy project. Just grab some Ball jars at the store or at a garage sale and paint them whatever color you want to!

10. Add a Letter Board

Image source: MAINEVENT Store

Letter boards are a fun way to show your personality. We love the felt letter boards that are surrounded by a rustic wood frame and are sold at the MAINEVENT Store on Amazon.

You can add a letter board with a black background or choose a fun color that matches your décor. One of this letter board’s best features is that it comes with script text, cursive words, and even corner holders to hold photos of your friends and loved ones.

11. Mix and Match Styles

Farmhouse Industrial Chic
Image source: Four Generations One Roof

There’s something magical about a room decorated with a perfectly curated mix of styles. The Four Generations One Roof Blog gets it right with their farmhouse, industrial-chic style home office. We love the bright colors, florals, and feminine designs juxtaposed with the richly colored distressed wood, metal baskets, and iron accents.

The office is filled with natural light, cheerful colors, and has a comfortable atmosphere that would inspire anyone. You may want to continue spending time in this office even after work!

12. Convenient Coffee Bar

Image source: Sunday with Susie

Make your life convenient by installing a coffee bar in your home office. We love the DIY coffee bar table designed by Sunday with Susie. All you need is a single-cup Keurig and to invest in some mugs with inspiring quotes or anything with the perfect farmhouse look that you love. We also love Rae Dunn!

Keep the caffeine close by so you can brew up a cup of joe whenever you want. You’ll no longer need those expensive mid-day trips to the coffee shop!

13. Farmhouse Clock

Image source: Overstock.com

A large, white clock with black numbers is essential for any room with farmhouse décor. Keep track of the time in style, and you’ll never accidentally work past closing time. We love the chic farmhouse clock shown here on the Overstock website.

The black and white colors go with everything, no matter your color scheme. A farmhouse clock looks incredibly trendy as part of a gallery wall full of décor that sets the room’s mood.

14. Gallery Wall

Image source: The Turquoise Home

A gallery wall is a method of displaying photos of those whom you love, quotes that inspire you, art that speaks to you, and anything else that you wish. This eclectic farmhouse gallery wall by The Turquoise Home blog is nicely curated with a mixture of elements, greenery, distressed décor, photos, and inspirational quotes.

There is a cohesive theme in color and style, adding a rustic farmhouse touch to the nature-inspired décor. It shows just the right amount of personality and character.

15. Add a Faux Olive Tree

faux olive tree
Image source: West Elm

Every farmhouse-inspired home office needs plenty of nature-inspired elements, such as this faux olive tree and large white fluted planter set by West Elm.

We love the simple, minimalist style of this set. Whether it’s a tree, small ferns, a cactus or succulents, or a bouquet of colorful flowers, these natural elements tie everything together.

And if they’re faux plants, you won’t have to worry about having someone come water your plants when you’re on that much-deserved vacation.

16. Neutral Office Chair

Office Chair
Image source: Wayfair

You deserve a soft and comfortable office chair, especially if you’re sitting in it for over eight hours per day! Invest in an office chair that will help your posture and look stylish in your office at the same time.

We recommend going with a neutral color office chair so that you can easily switch up the color of the décor in the room without any worries that the color of the chair will clash with the décor. We love this linen chair from Wayfair.

17. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting industrial desk lamp
Image source: Urban Industrial Craft

A desk lamp is a perfect opportunity to choose a piece that adds a lot of character to the room. Whether it be a brightly colored lamp base, a creative shape, a lamp made from a vintage coffee can, or even a hand-made, industrial-style Thomas-Edison-inspired lamp like this one from the Urban Industrial Craft store on Etsy, just go with whatever speaks to your heart.

But in true farmhouse fashion, it needs to be functional, practical, and stylish, so make sure it provides the right amount of lighting that you will need for your workspace.

18. Farmhouse X Desk

Farmhouse X Desk
Image source: Huckleberry Ridge Furniture

The desk may be the most important piece of furniture in a home office, so make sure you choose one that you love. We believe simplicity is one of the primary design features of farmhouse style.

For that reason, we love the handmade Farmhouse X Desk designed by Huckleberry Ridge Furniture. It has a clean and simple design that combines chic, painted white with a rustic wood finish. Get a couple of storage bins for the two shelves for extra organization and storage space.

19. Wire Baskets with Chalkboard Labels

wire baskets
Image source: Walmart

Nobody likes clutter, and you certainly don’t want it to take up any space in your office! The organization plan is key to the aesthetic of any room. We love the look of wire baskets, but not so much the cluttered look when you can see everything that’s inside of them.

That’s why we love these Better Homes & Gardens wire baskets with chalkboard labels from Walmart. These baskets are lined with a removable fabric lining, so you get the look of wire baskets with a clutter-free appearance.

20. Chunky Knit Blanket

Image source: Vanella Handmade

If you live in an old farmhouse, you’ll definitely need a soft, warm blanket to keep warm on those cold days. But even if you just have that farmhouse vibe in your apartment in the city, you’ll want a blanket handy. The great part about working from home is being able to have the comforts of home while working.

Take advantage of it! This chunky knit blanket from the Vanella Handmade shop on Etsy is one of our favorites. When it’s not in use, it adds to your farmhouse décor when you drape it neatly on an old wooden ladder.

21. Customized Acrylic Dry Erase Board

acrylic dry erase board
Image source: Circle and Square Decor

An acrylic dry-erase board calendar is a sustainable alternative to a paper calendar. Make it even more fun with dry-erase markers in a variety of colors. Keep your work-life organized or even all of your family’s activities written out on this board so that you never lose sight of what’s coming up next.

This customized dry-erase board by Circle and Square Decor is not only stylish, but it has space for both a calendar and lists! Reuse this calendar month after month and year after year.

22. A Desk for Two

desk for two
Image source: Fielderson Home

When it comes to a home office, you’re often not the only family member working there. This is where a desk built for two people comes in handy! The simple style of this Fielderson Home desk for two is perfect for any farmhouse-themed office.

Make it a homework station, or share the space with your kiddo while you work. You can get your work done while he or she has some fun crafting or enjoys drawing time.

23. Vintage Number Sign

vintage number sign
Image source: PCB Home

We’re obsessed with the vintage number signs designed by Liz Marie at PCB Home. These signs can be placed artfully on a shelf or can be hung as part of a gallery wall. This unique piece showcases a distressed, vintage typeface that gives the room a sense of timelessness.

When it comes to accent pieces to give your room a character of its own, these vintage number signs are top-notch! Put three of them together and showcase your area code for a little regional flair.

24. Barn Doors

barn doors
Image source: Dunlap Design Co.

Swap out traditional doors for barn doors for a cohesive look that stays true to your farmhouse-inspired style. If you’re lucky, you may run across vintage barn doors with original black steel hardware at an estate sale or farm auction.

But if you’re not near the countryside, you can order everything you need online, or you could even build them yourself! We’re head over heels for the Smart Standard barn doors that Dunlap Design Co. uses for her home office.

25. Add Texture, Patterns, and a Color Scheme

color pattern texture
Image source: J. Miles Design

If you look closely at the French farmhouse-themed office designed by J. Miles Design, you will notice the expertly curated selection of patterns and textures.

The leopard office chair, the cowhide rug, a boho-inspired chandelier, shiplap walls, abstract art splattered with metallic gold, and the traditional painted and distressed furniture pair nicely together to give the office a fun, elegant, farmhouse chic décor.

Pattern mixing is a fun way to add personality to your office. However, sticking to a neutral color scheme ties it all together as the masterpiece that it is.

26. Buffalo Check

buffalo check
Image source: Fiddle Leaf Interiors

At least one buffalo check accent piece belongs in every farmhouse-inspired room. This buffalo check rug that Fiddle Leaf Interiors chose for her home office is a gorgeous piece that makes the office warm, cozy, and inviting.

Also, notice the mixture of textures and patterns that she uses so artfully, as we talked about in our last idea. The buffalo check pattern is an excellent place to start when adding textures and patterns to a farmhouse-style room.

27. Desk Organizer

desk organizer
Image source: Blu Monaco Store

Keeping your desk area organized will help you have a clear and focused mind so that you can do your best work. This rustic, farmhouse-style mail sorter by the Blu Monaco Store is the perfect addition to your desk to keep everything looking put together.

Use it as a mail sorter or simply as a desk organizer to keep pens nearby, hold a few file folders, stamps, a pair of scissors, extra envelopes, and whatever tools and supplies you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

28. DIY Industrial Printer Cart

DIY Industrial Printer Cart
Image source: Simply Designing

This DIY industrial printer cart by the Simply Designing blog is the perfect piece for a farmhouse office. It’s a simple yet functional design that minimizes clutter and maximizes space. Store your printer and paper goods on the three-shelf unit and enjoy the convenient, mobile aspect of a rolling cart.

Add a faux fern or other farmhouse-style knick-knacks, and you’ll be all set. Farmhouse styles are the best DIY projects because any imperfections in your work add character to the piece, as long as it’s functional!

29. DIY Metal File Cabinet Makeover

DIY file cabinet makeover
Image source: The Rusted Boxwood

Who knew that an ugly old file cabinet could be transformed into a beautiful farmhouse feature! According to The Rustic Boxwood, all it takes is a coat or two of white chalk paint and some of your time. These days, most things are paperless, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of a file cabinet.

Repurpose the file cabinet for storage and organization. Keep clutter off of your shelves by placing items inside of the file cabinet, so they are out of sight and out of mind but still there if you need them!

30. Farm Animal Prints

farm animal prints
Image source: Kirkland's

How adorable are these farm animal prints from Kirkland’s? We love the artistic touches to these prints that make the colors pop and just bring a smile to your face. This set of three canvases includes a cow, a pig, and a sheep.

You could also commission your favorite artist to paint farm animals in the color scheme you’ve chosen for your office space. It doesn’t get any more farmhouse than images of farm animals gracing your walls!