44 Bright Yellow Bedroom Ideas That’ll Make You Smile

Yellow Bedroom Ideas

There is no doubt about it; yellow is a cheerful color that will brighten any room. How bright you want the room to be is up to you. You can paint every wall yellow, style the room with all yellow decor, install yellow carpet, hang a yellow light fixture, and make the bed with yellow bedding. If that’s a bit much for you, you can always choose a single yellow accent that will give any room just the right amount of brightness.

The truth is, there are so many ways to incorporate yellow into your bedroom design. In fact, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 44 ways to get the creative process started! Whether you decide to copy these designs entirely or use them as inspiration to create something completely your own, we hope that you find these ideas for yellow bedrooms useful.

1. Bright Yellow Color Block Wall

colorblock wall
Image source: oh joy!

Bright yellow that is expertly paired with bright pinks, oranges, blues, and white create a cheerful decor that radiates like sunshine. This gorgeous bedroom design by oh joy! is the perfect example.

The color block wall has just the right amount of yellow and white to artfully accent the room. The oh joy! blog recommends using neutral-colored furniture against the brightly colored yellow wall.

2. Pastel Color Block Wall

pastel color block
Image source: Habitat by Resene

Another take on the color block wall uses pastel yellow and pink, separated by a narrow white stripe. This statement wall is a colorful accent to a child’s bedroom or study area.

It gives off calming, positive, and cheerful vibes that are ideal for these spaces. Habitat by Resene decorated this space beautifully. We love the pastel rainbow-colored accents throughout the room.

3. Textured Gray with Yellow Color Block Walls

textured gray with yellow
Image source: Roomdsign

This bedroom may be small, but the use of texture and splashes of yellow make it feel open and inviting. Whether you use a gray wallpaper with a textured surface or simply use a painting technique to add texture to the wall, it makes a big difference in the room.

We love the gray textured wall next to the bright yellow color block stripe by Roomdsign.

4. Tiger Yellow Bedding

Tiger Yellow Bedding
Image source: Dunelm

This is the most adorable tiger yellow bedding set! Dunelm uses a neutral green color for the walls, which makes this golden-yellow duvet cover set really pop.

The framed print with yellow and other yellow accent items in the room brings it all together for a cohesive look that isn’t overwhelming. This set is perfect for a child’s bedroom.

5. The Lion King Themed Bedroom

Lion King Themed Bedroom
Image source: Swift Direct Blinds

To continue with our jungle animal theme, let’s take a look at this gorgeously decorated The Lion King themed bedroom with mustard yellow walls. Without the yellow walls, this design would be bland- it’s just what this room needs!

This room is featured by Swift Direct Blinds, which is a company that added The Lion King themed blinds that add so much pattern and texture to the room.

6. Modern Style

Modern Style
Image source: The Tot

Pretty black polka dots and yellow are a lovely combination in this modern-style bedroom. The yellow on the bottom half of the wall next to the black polka dots on white provide contrast without taking away from either; they complement each other well.

The mustard yellow hanging light pendant and the yellow sheet are the perfect additions to this room styled by The Tot.

7. Helicopter Light

helicopter light
Image source: Litfad

You can find a lot of unique accents in yellow. The room doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly yellow with yellow walls, yellow décor, and yellow furnishings. Accents of yellow throughout the room look unique without being over-the-top.

This helicopter hanging lamp by Litfad is a great example of using yellow accent décor. This room décor is ideal for aircraft-loving children!

8. Yellow Accents

yellow accents
Image source: Get Brainy Box

This room showcases another creative way of using yellow accent pieces to brighten up a room. With yellow, a little bit goes a long way! Yellow, black, and white complement each other so well, especially when mixed with various geometric shapes.

The pattern mixing game in this one is strong. We love this idea from Get Brainy Box!

9. Yellow Dresser

yellow dresser
Image source: Studio Sven

This bright yellow dresser is just one of many creative and unique ideas in this nursery. Studio Sven combines numerous patterns, textures, and colors in this whimsically decorated room.

The bright yellow dresser gives the eye a focal point and brings the eclectic decor together. There are just enough touches of yellow throughout the room to make it cohesive.

10. Yellow Ceiling

yellow ceiling
Image source: Amy Lau Design

Oftentimes, we don’t think about painting the ceiling any other color except white. However, seeing this room design by Amy Lau Design makes us want to reconsider. Painting the ceiling yellow brings character to the room.

The yellow ceiling pairs nicely with the yellow bedsheets on the bunk beds. The use of orange, navy blue, and white in addition to the yellow balances out all of the colors.

11. Honeycomb Yellow Shelves

Honeycomb Yellow Shelves
Image source: Crate&kids

Even if the rest of the bedroom is decorated in other colors, a pop of yellow brightens up the room in a dramatic way. This honeycomb yellow hexagon shelf by Crate&kids gives contrast to the overall room design. These shelves have somewhat of a science-themed vibe, but that also depends on the decor in the room.

12. DIY Yellow Paper Flowers

DIY yellow flowers
Image source: Mr. Kate

These DIY giant paper flowers are a beautiful addition to this bedroom décor. Yellow is certainly the focus of this bedroom, with the yellow flowers placed on a yellow wall.

The flowers do give the otherwise flat yellow wall some much-needed texture. The instructions from Mr. Kate walk you through how to make your own paper flowers.

13. Yellow Bedding

Yellow Bedding
Image source: Dunelm

This design from Dunelm is simple yet oh-so striking. The all yellow, waffle-knit duvet cover and pillowcases look incredibly vibrant next to the black wall behind the bed.

This on-trend mustard-colored duvet cover adds a modern touch to the bedroom. Since it’s a duvet cover, you can switch it out with another color if you get tired of the yellow look.

14. Lemon Decor

lemon decor
Image source: Joyfully Green

Adding a lemon print removable peel and stick wallpaper to the bedroom walls adds a vintage vibe to the room. With the lemon print wallpaper paired with a yellow quilt thrown on the bed and bright greenery throughout, the space becomes cheerful and bright.

While her blog may be titled Joyfully Green, we think this guest room makeover is joyfully yellow!

15. Bumblebees

bumble bees
Image source: Marks and Spencer

Bring some countryside charm into your home with some bumblebee bedroom décor. This gorgeous bedroom was styled by Marks and Spencer, which is the company that makes the bumblebee pillows that are shown.

The yellow is very subtle in this bedroom décor, but it’s beautifully done. The yellow-colored pillows on the bed make the yellow bedding really pop.

16. DIY Chippy Farmhouse Dresser

painted yellow furniture
Image source: A Ray of Sunlight

A less expensive option to purchasing brand new furniture is to paint a vintage piece. This DIY painted chippy farmhouse dresser by A Ray of Sunlight is painted in a beautiful mustard color and is distressed to give the piece more character and charm.

Find a dresser at a local garage sale, on Facebook marketplace, or at an estate sale and transform it into something beautiful.

17. Yellow Throw Blanket

yellow throw blanket
Image source: Polyflor_home

Go with neutral colors or colors that coordinate well with yellow, and simply add a yellow throw blanket. It’s a subtle accent that can transform the bedroom and adds a ray of sunshine.

The white, blue, and yellow look by polyflors_home is the perfect example. The only yellow in the room, other than the throw blanket, is a vase on the windowsill.

18. Yellow Gingham

yellow gingham
Image source: emma_ainscough

Nothing says country farmhouse quite like a beautiful gingham print! Yellow and white gingham isn’t something you see every day. This gingham pillow shown in the photo above is a unique addition to the bedroom.

This room was artfully-styled by Emma Ainscough, but you could go even further by hanging yellow gingham curtains, bedding, or even an accent chair.

19. Yellow Pillow

yellow pillow
Image source: nettlefoldhome

As mentioned before, a little bit of a yellow hue goes a long way. Placing a single yellow pillow on a neutral-colored bed gives the room a focal point without being too over-the-top with yellow throughout the entire room.

It takes an otherwise dark room and brightens it up just enough to give it a cheerful vibe. This idea is from Nettlefold Home.

20. Yellow Lamp

Yellow Lamp
Image source: etchdesigngroup

Similar to how a strategically placed yellow pillow can brighten up a room, a yellow lamp on a bedside table has the same effect. Etch Design Group has chosen a textured yellow lamp with a plain white shade and it adds just enough color and character to the room.

The navy blue wall in the background makes the yellow lamp even more stunning.

21. Painted Sunshine

painted sunshine
Image source: pahlavan_design

Reserve one wall in a bedroom for an accent wall. Pahlavan Design painted a big, bright-yellow sun behind a mountain landscape and it’s absolutely adorable!

The addition of the yellow pendant light brings it all together. While this room uses neutral whites and grays with the yellow, you could go for another look by using a navy blue in place of the gray throughout the room.

22. Scalloped Designs

scalloped designs
Image source: lollyrocket_mich

We’re used to walls being painted with straight, clean lines. This is what makes the scalloped yellow design on the walls by Lollyrocket_mich a special touch.

The lovely blue cabinet against the yellow and white walls gives the room a summertime vibe that we love. It’s like a blue sky with white clouds and sunshine!

23. Meadow Mural

Meadow Mural
Image source: Wallsaucecom

Wake up to views of wildflowers in a meadow. This bedroom design looks like a serene place to get your sleep. The beautiful artwork looks more complicated to achieve than it actually is.

This design is a peel and stick decal available from Wallsaucecom. The overall aesthetic of this room is gorgeous. We’re loving the woven baskets and natural-lumber-inspired bed frame.

24. Yellow Storage Bench

Yellow Storage Bin
Image source: beautifullysimpleliving

Let the sunshine pour in your room through the windows as you take a seat on the yellow storage bench which can double as a window seat.

Or, simply use it to store extra blankets, purses, or other treasures. Beautifully Simple Living uses this yellow storage bench like a piece of accent furniture and placed a beautiful wooden tray with flowers on top.

25. Yellow Wingback Chair

yellow wingback chair
Image source: STRUCTUBE

A yellow wingback accent chair is the perfect addition to a bedroom with a mid-century modern design, like the one shown here by Structube.

As with many of the yellow ideas we’ve provided, this simple accent chair acts as a focal point in the room since it’s the only item that’s yellow in color. It takes this bedroom from boring to bright!

26. Yellow Window Trim

yellow window trim
Image source: Lay Baby Lay

Paint the trim around your windows and baseboards yellow! Painted yellow trim reminds us of Norwegian architecture. This area rug, yellow accent chairs, and patterned walls complete the overall look.

You’d think that bright yellow painted trim would look obnoxious, but Lay Baby Lay has achieved a tastefully-designed technique in this children’s room.

27. Yellow Framed Mirror

Yellow Framed Mirror
Image source: NRattanInteriors

If you’re not brave enough to paint your window trim and baseboards yellow, that’s ok! You can just hang a bright yellow rattan wicker framed mirror on the wall instead.

You can achieve this vintage boho look with the help of NRattanInteriors on Etsy. In fact, you can find coordinating pieces like chairs and bedframes!

28. Yellow Door

yellow door
Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Say goodbye to a boring natural wood or a painted white door, and give a cheerful hello to a bright-yellow door. This may be enough yellow for the entire room, morphing the door into an accent piece with utility.

Check out the mustard-yellow hue that A Beautiful Mess used in this room. Now you just have to pick which hue you prefer!

29. Yellow Curtains

yellow curtains
Image source: Digs Digs

These solid yellow curtains accent the multiple patterns within this bedroom. Apparently, yellow pairs very nicely with tropical leaf decor! This bedroom design by Digs Digs will make you feel like you’re living in the tropics.

While this style may be more appropriate for homes in Florida or California, why not bring a little sunshine to your room no matter where you live?

30. Pastel Stripes

Pastel Stripes
Image source: Stylist's Own Blog

The pastel pink and yellow stripes in this room designed by Stylist’s Own Blog borders on an ombre look. It’s simply beautiful! With the room decorated in all pastels, it makes the room colorful yet peaceful.

This look could be achieved without pastels, but we really love how these painted walls look!

31. Tri-Color Bedroom

Tri-color bedroom
Image source: The Home Depot

The stylist stuck to a strict three-color rule when designing this room, but it’s striking! The yellow accents throughout the room seem to color match perfectly with each other.

The white, teal, and yellow color choice is a good one! The room has an artsy vibe yet is still reserved with its straight, clean lines. This design can be found at The Home Depot.

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32. Construction Truck Bed

construction truck bed
Image source: HammerTree

This yellow construction truck bed is every little boy’s dream! The bucket at the front doubles as a bookcase where you can store books, stuffed animals, and toys.

We always love a piece that has a utilitarian purpose yet also doubles as artwork. Hammer Tree did an excellent job with this design and they sell the plans for this bed.

33. Sunflower Tapestry

Sunflower Tapestry
Image source: Tapestry Girls

This sunflower mural next to the neutral-colored bed with yellow accent pillows and a throw blanket gives a wild and free vibe.

The pillows appear to be various shades of mustard yellow color, and it works well with the various shades of mustard yellow shown on the sunflower tapestry. You can find this sunflower tapestry with Tapestry Girls.

34. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

twinkle twinkle little star
Image source: Michael's

Your little one will have the sweetest of dreams in this twinkle, twinkle, little star themed bedroom or nursery. The little yellow stars placed across the gray wall make the room magical and peaceful.

This dreamy design was shared by Michael’s and we are loving it! The gray, white, and pastel yellow looks beautiful.

35. ‘You are my Sunshine’ Neon Light

you are my sunshine neon light
Image source: Sketch&Etch

Teenagers will fall head over heels with this ‘you are my sunshine’ neon sign designed by Sketch&Etch. The yellow, white, and orange neon lights pair nicely with the orange, mustard, and shades of green throw pillows in this vintage boho-styled bedroom.

The addition of the rattan wicker chair tops it all off for the perfect look!

36. Pineapple Decor

pineapple decor
Image source: Macy's

Could this Dream Factory pineapple bed set be any happier? The bright yellow pineapples wearing hot pink, heart-shaped sunglasses are simply sweet!

The pattern mixing of both sides of the comforter and the sheets set makes this set from Macy’s cheerful and fun. Pineapple art is always a suitable décor piece for almost any room!

37. Stenciled Wall

stenciled wall
Image source: Young House Love

The pattern of the stenciled yellow walls gives this colorful room texture. The options are endless when it comes to stenciling your walls, that is, if you have the patience for more intricate designs that require a careful hand and time.

In this design by Young House Love, the coral headboard, sky-blue bedside table, lime green glass lamp, and splashes of teal look superb against the stenciled yellow wall.

38. Yellow Collage Wall

yellow collage wall
Image source: Urban Outfitters

Various prints, photos, and inspirational quotes coordinated with a yellow hue are striking in this bedroom. You can find a yellow collage wall kit at Urban Outfitters, or simply design your own if you have a printer. A mixture of patterns makes this simple decor idea a creative feature in the room.

39. DIY Honeycomb Wall

diy honeycomb wall
Image source: Vintage Revivals

Calling all do-it-yourselfers! This honeycomb wall adds a pop of color and character to this bedroom designed by Vintage Revivals. The various shades of yellow, orange, and pink applied in ombre honeycomb rows give color and texture to this artfully-decorated bedroom. The overall look is vintage with a modern flair and it is achieved beautifully.

40. Yellow Barn Door

yellow barn door
Image source: Tracery Interiors

Barn doors are all of the rage in farmhouse-inspired homes. But have you ever seen a bright-yellow barn door? It’s a new take on this traditional theme that gives this design a creative and unique look.

The modern-style stainless steel hardware used on the yellow barn doors by Tracery Interiors makes it even less of a farmhouse style and so this look can be included in pretty much any décor.

Check out more farmhouse related bedroom ideas here!

41. Yellow and White Striped Closet

yellow and white striped closet
Image source: Lovely Indeed

Get your painter’s tape ready if you’re going to attempt these yellow and white striped closet doors. We’d call it chevron, but with a slight offset in lines.

With such a bold design and bright colors, it certainly provides contrast in the room. This bedroom designed by Lovely Indeed is a winner!

42. Yellow Canopy Bed

yellow canopy bed
Image source: Decor Pad

The yellow velour canopy bed with wallpaper that looks like confetti makes this room feel like a party! It’s cheerful, vibrant, and unique. This room was styled by Decor Pad.

Because of the brightness of the yellow canopy bed, and the pattern of the wallpaper, the clean, white bedding looks fantastic.

43. Stitched Linen Curtains

stitched linen curtains
Image source: Anthropologie

We love the way the sunshine filters through these mustard yellow, stretched linen curtains by Anthropologie. The design choice of using an area rug, furniture, and wall-art in muted colors makes these vibrant curtains work in this room. The stretched linen look is sure to add texture to the room too!

44. Whimsical

Image source: BethanyThisLittleEstate

Whimsical designs are some of our favorites. The solid yellow blanket at the end of the bed, and the yellow and white striped pillow complement the floral pattern on the walls nicely.

The chandelier and bedframe style give this room a chic and stylish vibe. Bethany at This Little Estate styled this room and we love it!