18 Chic And Savvy Bedroom Storage Ideas To Use Right Away

Bedroom storage ideas

Our bedrooms are sanctuaries. They’re where we unwind after a long day, curl up with a captivating read, or lose ourselves in a favorite show. But clutter can quickly transform this haven into a chaotic mess. Imagine nightstands drowning under a sea of books or a dresser overflowing with beauty products. We’ve all been there.

To help you reclaim your peaceful retreat, we’ve compiled a list of practical storage ideas for the bedroom. Get ready to organize your bedroom into a tranquil retreat.

1. Opt For A Headboard With Storage

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Maximize your storage and style with a multi-functional headboard. A headboard with storage cubbies is ideal for displaying favorite books or tucking away nighttime essentials. It acts as both a headboard and nightstand, freeing up precious floor space in a bedroom. Plus, for a touch of extra functionality, consider drilling discreet holes to manage phone charger cords or a reading lamp.

2. Double Up A Nightstand As A Dressing Table

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Make your furniture do double duty as a dressing table and a nightstand. Add a glamorous mirror above the chest and fill the drawers with your makeup organizers.

3. Curtain Up For A Walk-in Closet

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The old adage to divide and conquer still rings true. Divide the room into zones for sleep, dressing up, or work. Transform the zone at the back of your bed into storage. Floor-to-ceiling curtains act as a stylish room divider, creating a dedicated walk-in closet space behind them. Customize the space with freestanding clothing racks, shelves, or chest of drawers. Allow 2 ½ to 3 feet for comfortable movement between the curtain and storage section. This solution is particularly brilliant for long, narrow rooms where traditional built-in closets might feel cramped.

4. Create A Border Of Books

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If you’re a book junky, you likely spend a lot of time reading in bed, and you probably have a bunch of books. Instead of letting your hardcovers and paperbacks pile up on top of dressers, nightstands, and the floor, give them the display space they deserve. Install wall shelves high up to create a functional and beautiful border of books.

5. Give Your Devices Dedicated Storage

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In today’s technologically driven world, some of the other things many of us store in our bedrooms are all of our gizmos and gadgets. Of course, this also means we need a place for all the cords that go with them.

Keeping all of these items out in the open can become a real eyesore, not to mention a hassle, whenever you’re trying to charge your phone or tablet. Instead, corral all those cords inside a drawer using a power strip. Or hack it to make an invisible wireless charger.

6. Hide Things In A Bed Skirt

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Now you see it, now you don’t. A storage bed skirt is great for items like slippers, remotes, and books. Place them all in the convenient pockets, then hide them away with a long-hanging bedspread or a separate, traditional bed skirt. This solution also becomes a perfect answer for rooms that don’t allow space for a nightstand, enabling you to keep nighttime essentials within easy reach.

7. Use The Back Of The Door

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The back of the door is prime real estate. Use an over-the-door organizer to maximize vertical storage. Store your hair dryer, curling tongs, combs, and hair styling products in the pouches, and hang the organizer on your bathroom door. The easy-hanging hooks also make installation a breeze—no drilling or damage to your door is required.

8. Try A Storage Bed

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A storage bed is a great way to organize your bedroom without taking up additional floor space. The best part is that these beds come in many different styles nowadays; you’re sure to find one that suits your aesthetic and room design.

9. Rethink Your Closet Space

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One of the best ways to keep your bedroom uncluttered is to maximize the storage you have. The first place to look is your bedroom closet. Start by decluttering and revamping your closet to match your clothing habits. Does your wardrobe have too many hanging rails, yet you find yourself folding clothes anyway? Consider replacing some rails with drawers to optimize space for folded items. Modular storage chests are perfect for customizing your existing closet and making it work for you.

10. Let Jewelry Doubles As Wall Art

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If you’re obsessed with jewelry, then you know it can get out of hand real quick if you don’t have an excellent way to organize it. Necklaces can be incredibly daunting, becoming a tangled mess if you try to hide them away in a jewelry box or inside a drawer.

So, turn your jewelry into wall art with a statement display piece. You can easily find these at popular online marketplaces, or if you’re feeling creative, you can make your own jewelry organizer.

11. Use A Dresser As A Nightstand

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If you have space in your bedroom, opt for more substantial nightstands on either side of the bed. Turning old dressers into matching bedside tables is a great way to add storage. Besides that, you still get a much-needed place next to the bed for things like a clock, books, or reading glasses. In the drawers, you can keep extra clothes and other items.

12. Hang Floating Shelves

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Using floating shelves to display items is a great way to keep the tops of your dresser and other furniture uncluttered. The floating design provides a sleek, clean look with no visible brackets or hardware.

13. Turn Tall Bookcases Into Shoe Storage

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It wouldn’t be a proper list of storage ideas without at least one IKEA hack, right? You can create many things from IKEA BILLY bookcases, including a built-in shoe display like this one from IKEA Hackers.

So whether you put them in a closet or out in the open, these bookshelves become the perfect backdrop for the ultimate shoe collection. Plus, with adjustable shelves, you can even show off tall boots.

14. Use Tall Ladder Shelves as Bedside Tables

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Going vertical is a great way to add extra storage without increasing your room’s footprint. Another great way to get the most from any space is to make your furniture work double duty.

So, take a cue from this idea and use ladder-style bookshelves as your bedside tables. You still get the surface space you need for bedside essentials but bonus storage below and above. And the open ladder design keeps things light.

15. Make Use Of Space Under the Bed

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If you don’t want to trade your bed in for a storage bed, that’s okay. There are plenty of options for under-the-bed storage that can help you maximize your organizational power.

But, if you’re working with a tight budget, you might not want to buy fancy baskets and containers. No problem. You can create budget-friendly bins for under the bed with some basic plastic bins, a few wheels, and some elbow grease.

16. Categorize With Baskets

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Turn your storage into eclectic and efficient decor by using a collection of baskets to store various items. Assorted baskets perched atop a high shelf become the perfect place to store items you don’t need to access often.

It’s great for things like spare sheet sets, off-season clothing, or bathroom overflow items.

17. Hang A Shelf Above The Door

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When you look for it, you can always find opportunities to create additional storage, often in unconventional places. A shelf mounted above the doorway makes the perfect place to display some pretty potted plants.

It’s a great way to add personality to your space and showcase special items like pictures or books. Then, you can keep lower surfaces free for things you need to access more often. 

18. Make It A Storage Bench

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It’s a popular design choice to have a bench at the foot of the bed, offering a great place to sit and kick off your shoes. Bedroom benches come in various shapes and designs.

But you can also use them as a place to stow away excess items. A tufted storage bench offers ample space to store pillows, blankets, and the like while giving you a comfy place to rest for a spell.

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