29 Colorful Bedroom Paint Ideas For 2023

Bedroom Paint Ideas

Are you tired of living in a home with boring white walls? Then you’ve come to the right place to find bedroom paint ideas! There is so much more to design than plain white walls, although even those can be the perfect accent in the right setting.

We have collected 29 bedroom paint ideas that include every color of the rainbow and everything in between! Some even have every color of the rainbow featured in one room. Whether you prefer neutral colors or bright and bold colors, we have ideas that you are sure to love.

Plus, you can combine colors to paint a wall mural or simply a pattern in various colors. These artistic elements give the bedroom plenty of character. So get your painter’s tape and paintbrush ready to go! Soon you’ll be able to choose the color that will work best in your room and it’ll be time to get to work painting!

1. Blue

Image source: Britto Charette

There are so many shades of blue that the options for the look and style of your bedroom will be endless! Britto Charette uses a brighter blue color on the top half of the wall in this bedroom while the lower half is covered by a large teal velvet upholstered headboard. 

The trim details added to the wall give this bedroom more dimension and texture. We’re also loving the gold accents paired with the blue.

2. Burgundy

Image source: Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore Paints burgundy color is a deep and rich color that pairs nicely with navy blue accents. The color is similar to deep red wine and has an elegant feel to it, but that can be affected by the decor used in the room.

Rich colors like this always look great next to painted white trim. You can choose to use the burgundy color for an accent wall or for every wall like is done in this room.

3. Orange

Image source: Annie Hall Interiors

This shade of orange paint borders on a coral color and it’s vibrant and beautiful. Annie Hall Interiors uses this color on an accent wall. It’s a very bold and bright color, so we suggest using it as an accent color rather than painting all of the walls the same color.

The large white frame on the orange wall gives it the contrast that it needs. The entire look pairs nicely with the white and orange printed comforter.

4. Black and White

Black and White
Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

To create an atmosphere in your bedroom that’s dark and conducive to sleeping, consider using black paint for the walls. To brighten it up just a bit, you can paint all of the trim white. 

In this bedroom designed by Flynnside Out Productions, the designer uses black paint for the walls and white paint for the trim. The black and white buffalo check print comforter is the perfect addition to this bedroom color scheme!

5. Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

A mustard color adds warmth to a room as well as character. It’s a unique color that isn’t used frequently for a wall color. We like how the designer in this Sherwin-Williams bedroom uses mustard yellow on the lower portion of the wall and white on the top. This way, it isn’t too overbearing. 

In this bedroom, the pink and coral colors are surprising complements to the mustard color. Many colors pair nicely with mustard, especially navy blue or black.

Source: Sherwin-Williams

6. Rainbow

Image source: Kristin Dion Design

How beautiful is this rainbow-painted wall by Kristin Dion Design? The colors that she uses to paint these stripes are pastels with a soft and sweet vibe to them that is perfect for a little girl’s room.

Painting with all of the colors of the rainbow makes it easy to decorate the room since all colors are acceptable. It is good to stick with similar shades of color for a cohesive look.

7. Light Pink

light pink
Image source: Stephen Kent Johnson

Light pink is the perfect feminine color for a bedroom. In this Stephen Kent Johnson design, a light pink color is used to paint the walls with trim pieces added for dimension and texture. 

The teal vase with bright bed flowers provides a nice contrast to the pink color. This bedroom has a mid-century modern appeal to it that we’re loving. It looks like a comfortable place to lay down and take an afternoon nap.

8. Emerald Green

emerald green
Image source: Lindye Galloway Interiors

Emerald green is a unique and beautiful color to use either as an accent wall or for all of the walls in the bedroom. It’s a color that we don’t see often enough!

This bedroom design by Lindye Galloway Interiors features mid-century modern style furniture that’s simple yet stylish. While the rest of the room is decorated with neutral colors, the bright emerald green wall gives the room the touch of color and character that it needs.

9. Neutrals

Image source: Sherwin-Williams

Neutral paint colors are always a good choice. These colors make it easier to change out the decor in the room without worrying about colors clashing. This bedroom features Sherwin-Williams Neutral Ground color. It’s a good alternative to white and gives the room warmth. 

There are many neutral colors that you can go with, whether they be shades of white, tan, or even gray. One of our favorite neutral colors is greige, a blend between grey and beige.

10. Multi-Color Stripes

multi-color stripes
Image source: Burritos and Bubbly

Add character to your bedroom design by painting multi-color stripes on the wall. You can paint the entire room with stripes, an accent wall, or just keep the stripes to a small section of a wall as Burritos and Bubbly does in this bedroom.

Just make sure you have your painter’s tape handy to keep the lines of the stripes straight! You can choose whatever colors you wish, just so they don’t clash. The navy blue, orange, coral, and light blues are beautiful in this room!

11. Iceberg Blue

iceberg blue
Image source: Resene Colour

In this bedroom design, Resene Colour uses multiple shades of blue to achieve this iceberg blue look. The lower third of the wall features a deeper blue while the top is closer to light blue. The iceberg mural itself is painted with white and various shades of blue.

We like how the designer has painted the nightstand colors to correspond with the wall colors. The top drawer matches the upper portion of the wall while the lower two drawers match the lower section.

12. Deep Red

deep red
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Red is known as being the color of passion, so what better place to paint the walls red than in your bedroom. In fact, Annie Schlechter uses various shades of red throughout this entire room including the bedding, headboard, and table lamps.

You don’t have to go all-out red like this, but a simple red accent wall can transform your room. If an entire wall of red is too much for you, you could consider a single red stripe across the walls.

13. Light Gray

light gray
Image source: Britany Simon Design House

Light gray is another wonderful neutral color that gives a room design a tranquil feel. It’s a calming color that is perfect for a bedroom.

Britany Simon Design House uses a light gray on the walls of this bedroom. The color looks great paired with the deep gray upholstered bed fitted with black and white bedding. Plus, the gray color looks gorgeous when there is white trim in the room.

14. Color Block

color block
Image source: Brabbu

If you can’t settle on a color, you could create a color block effect by using a variety of colors in either square or rectangular shapes. In this bedroom featured by Brabbu, the designer uses at least five different colors to color block the walls and ceiling. 

This room proves that you don’t have to keep the ceiling a boring white color. You can extend the look of the walls by painting the ceiling the same color.

15. Brush Stroke Stripes

brush stroke stripes
Image source: Chango & Co.

Brushstroke stripes don’t have to be perfect in any way. What makes them so beautiful is the imperfection of the brush strokes. Chango & Co. uses navy blue brush strokes in this kid’s bedroom.

While you can stick with just one color for the stripes, you could also use a variety of colors or even a rainbow pattern. The navy blue and white stripes are seriously gorgeous though!

16. Lilac

Image source: Jessica Delaney Photography

Lilac is the perfect color for a little girl’s or tween’s bedroom. It’s a delicate and feminine color but can be spiced up by adding vibrant accents throughout the room.

In this room featured by Jessica Delaney Photography, the designer has used lilac walls with a gorgeous floral accent wall. The aqua-colored bedframe and shelf help brighten up the room and give it a fun vibe.

17. Olive Green

olive green
Image source: Alice Lane Interior Design

If you have a child who loves dinosaurs but you don’t want his or her bedroom to appear cartoonish, you will love this idea that uses olive green paint for the walls. This dinosaur-themed bedroom looks classy and sophisticated.

Alice Lane Interior Design uses vintage elements in the design such as the wrought-iron bedframe and oriental rug. The large dinosaur print gives the room character and matches well with the olive green walls.

18. Geometric Accent Wall

Geometric accent wall
Image source: Graham & Brown

Use a darker shade and a lighter shade of the same color to paint a geometric accent wall like this one featured by Graham & Brown. You can use any colors that you prefer. The colors pictured are Spiced Mulberry and Epoch from Graham & Brown.

The secret to painting geometric shapes on the wall is to use a tape measure, pencil, and painter’s tape to create the design before painting. You can even use this method to paint mountain scenery on the wall!

19. Brown

Image source: Behr

Brown is another color that could be considered neutral. In this bedroom featured by Behr, they paint the walls of this minimal style bedroom with a shade of brown named Arrowhead, and the trim is painted with a shade of off-white named Antique White. 

The neutral-colored bedding is the perfect complement to both the Arrowhead paint and the Antique White trim.

Typically, we don’t see black and brown used together but the contrast between the black bed frame and the brown wall looks great.

20. Indigo Blue

indigo blue
Image source: Jason Frank Rothenberg

The deep indigo blue color is absolutely gorgeous for a bedroom. Plus, blue is a color that brings about feelings of calmness or serenity. So if you’re looking to design a bedroom that’s peaceful, you may want to consider indigo blue.

We love how various shades of blue are used in this bedroom designed by Jason Frank Rothenberg. The deep purple is a nice complement to this color. The lighter-colored ottomans at the end of the bed and the throw pillows on the bed help lighten up the area.

21. Teal

Image source: House Beautiful

This bedroom features a room decorated with neutral colors but is brightened up by the teal-colored accent wall behind the bed. The teal color pairs nicely with the white accents. It’s a simple look that is perfect for a bedroom. 

House Beautiful describes this bedroom as the “perfect place to end a long weekend” and we couldn’t agree more! It looks like a calm and serene place to get a good night’s sleep.

22. Bright Pink

bright pink
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

If you’re someone who loves bright and bold colors, you will love the idea of having bright pink walls like are shown in this Sherwin-Williams room. The official name of this shade of pink by Sherwin-Williams is Exuberant Pink (SW 840).

Exuberant is the perfect word to describe this cheerful color. It would pair nicely with a black and white color scheme, but there are so many possibilities!

23. Deep Purple

deep purple
Image source: Elle Decor

Purple is often associated with royalty and you will certainly feel like royalty sleeping in a bedroom with a deep purple accent wall, as long as the décor in the room is classy and stylish. 

This bedroom featured by Elle Decor is located in a home on the Adriatic coast. The owners love to travel and you can see this by looking at this bedroom style. There are numerous textiles used from different countries.

24. Navy Blue

navy blue
Image source: IKEA

Navy blue is becoming increasingly popular for interior decor and design. In this IKEA bedroom, the navy blue walls are the perfect complement to the lighter navy blue bedspread. 

White is a great color to pair with navy blue. It creates a beautiful contrast between the light and dark colors. You can see these colors used both in the bedding and in framed art propped up against the wall in this bedroom.

25. White

Image source: Andy Ryan Photographer

We often think of the color white as being plain and boring, but sometimes it’s the perfect wall color for a bedroom with colorful decor. Andy Ryan Photographer captures this gorgeous bedroom with white walls, a deep green headboard, and a dark blue comforter. 

The design is simple yet elegant with the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The white walls help keep this room bright and stylish.

26. Landscape Inspired Mural

Landscape Mural
Image source: Resene Colour

We talked about using geometric shapes to paint a mountain scene wall mural, but there are other landscapes that you can capture in a mural. Resene Colour uses curved lines to paint a landscape-inspired mural in this bedroom.

Earthy tones are used to paint the landscape including Resene Colour’s Antidote, Sorrell Brown, and Lone Ranger. The blue used is called Zulu. We are loving the laid-back feel of this bedroom style and the colors used.

27. Dark Teal

dark teal
Image source: Adore Magazine

Numerous jewel tones are used throughout this bedroom, including the dark teal wall, ruby red throw blanket, and mustard-yellow accent pillow. The result is a classy, warm, and sophisticated look.

The large print of a horse helps brighten up the room and provides contrast to the dark teal wall. Adore Magazine describes this style as moody contemporary and we couldn’t agree more! This room style would be perfect for a couple because it’s a blend of feminine and masculine styles.

28. Herringbone Wall Stencil

herringbone wall stencil
Image source: Royal Design Studio

If you have the patience for it, you can use a wall stencil to create some fantastic designs and patterns like this herringbone wall stencil from Royal Design Studio. You can use this stencil for an accent wall or even for the entire bedroom. 

The exciting part is that you get to choose whichever colors you prefer! We like the idea of using a combination of colors for this design. You could even choose rainbow colors!

29. Dual Colors

dual colors
Image source: West Elm

Do your kids share a room but can’t agree on a design theme? Let them both have the style that they wish on their side of the room! In this West Elm bedroom, the designer uses two different paint colors on an accent wall that is split straight down the middle.

Just make sure that the colors that you choose complement each other or are in similar shades. While it will give the appearance of two separate rooms, if they are similar in hue it will give it an overall cohesive look.